27672 Jefferson Ave, Temecula
(951) 587-6151

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Cindy Thompson

Friendly, quick and professional service. Large order was filled perfectly and correctly. Food was cooked right and was delicious. Great team at this location.

nikki ho

Wendy here is good. I ordered chili and my husband had a 2 for 5. His chicken sandwich tasted good. Fries was a little salty but overall, service was good and so was the food.

David Meza

Even tho this location is always crowded the food is always fresh and cooked as it should thank you Wendy's! :)


Very slow drive-thru. Very slow counter service too! After 5 minutes, the cashier (Alondra) slowly came out from the back office. She didn't know how to enter "free baconator" coupons or print the receipt. Cook burns everything. “Baconator” is very salty because of the salty sausage, salty bacon and salty cheese. Sausage was burnt. Fried egg was over-cooked.Wendy’s app is incredibly clunky, useless and clumsy. It takes a long time to place an order on their app because of all the screens, options and key clicks.For example, the app already has the restaurant’s address. Yet, it still requires you to turn on the “locator”.

J Johnson

It's okay. No lines as the path to in n out is there as well. Better than a long wait

Miçhele Remington

#2 the Baconator, large! Perfect for my son!! Ling line, however, service was fast, friendly and reasonably priced!! We will go back!!

B Marshall

The food was fresh and hot. And the staff were very friendly. Great experience. ?

Shad Spendlove

Burgers were kinda small, but over all good quality

Eric Gutierrez

Can't here what there saying in the drive thru & they don't have there special's desplaid where you can see them when deciding what to order.

Leanne LaForge

If you want burgers and fries Wendy's is a good fast option. The food was flavorful and hot. The service was pretty fast consideringthelong long line. Not sure if they're open for in person dining as it seems like just the drive-through was open. Prices are definitely higher than they were pre covid for sure. Quality was still good though. A lot of places have gone downhill with quality but this location was good. The frosty was creamy and delicious. Fries cooked perfectly and burgers and chicken nuggets are on the menu They offer salads, chili, kids meals and potatoes covered in chili or sour cream. Bacon burgers and original Wendy's burgers.

Elizabeth Pratt

This Wendy's is next to my office so I end up here at least a few times a month. I like to surprise my kids and bring home some Frostys. Since Covid the service has become faster and more efficient. The staff is always friendly and helpful. There is some new people and they are nicer than before Covid when they were slower and not as helpful.

Richard Papini

Me and my twin brother Been coming here for the past couple months after getting burnt out in del taco breakfast. After we started coming here we got hooked. Customer service is great and food is excellent. Thank you team for always having us fed and ready to start the day ??

Marina Tolles

I love love ? there chocolate frosty, it's the best.

Audrey Delgado

Moved quick. Thanks.

Shane Lee

Always fresh and very good . Love it when a burger comes fresh off the grill . One of the few left that acually comes out hot !

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