Chicken Chick

16300 Crenshaw Blvd #101, Torrance
(424) 396-3438

Recent Reviews

Ilett T.

Order a chicken wrap and got a chicken sandwich, chicken chick websites is fault advertise I got lamb shank, instead of a lamb skewer this was for my husband sixth birthday and he loves this place, I will never go there again,and the customer service is bad

Christopher R.

Definitely not coming again !!!! Very small quantity of meat for a very high price! Has no taste. Been to many Persian spots and this was the worst unfortunately, I'm not even the type of person to leave a review...

Helene H.

I really want to love the nearby restaurant Chicken Chick. Sadly, I just can't. What I loved was their quick delivery and ease of ordering on the app. What I didn't love was the lack of flavor in their recipes. The beef Kubideh was dry and bland and the Mast-o-Chiar was made with dried herbs and runny low fat yogurt. I was so disappointed that they didn't send the traditional flat bread, butter, onions and sumac. It just isn't the delicious and comforting food that creates warmth and caring. When I called and asked about the sumac and garnishes I was NOT met with an understanding Persian individual and instead it was a woman who clearly didn't understand what I was talking about. There are two other restaurants about 10 minutes farther away that have much better food made with fresh ingredients. Seaside Palace is good if you want to be welcomed in a dining room (with belly dancing on the weekend) and be treated to Mast-o-Khiar with fresh dill and crunchy cucumber along with moist, fresh kubideh. Fanoos Grill is ideally for take out and has delicious Tadiq with the accompanying stews. Their other dishes are also delicious family recipes. I'll keep an on reviews and hopefully Chicken Chick will step up her game.

Ray P.

Best Mediterranean/Iranian Halal food I have ever tried. The seasoning was perfect. Every fight was full of flavor and joy. Grilled tomatoes and jalapeños wereSo delicious. I would definitely recommend all my friends to try this place out. My go to dish is the Beef koobideh and grill chicken kebab plate. Happy Camper every time!! Yumm Yumm :)

Ashley H.

Sooooooo delicious! And really good prices. They have family meals that would be perfect for meal prep as well! Great flavors!

Vinele G.

Our favorite local Persian spot. We live nearby so we'll walk over and eat there or take out. My favorites are the chicken and beef koobideh, and my husband loves the chicken soltani with greek salad. They are super friendly and the food is always spot on and consistent.

Erika I.

Good chicken, but overpriced for what it is. The plates were all rice with 1 chicken tender for the spicy juicy chicken plate and the juicy chicken plate. Seemed a bit of a rip off to pay +$13 for all rice and half a tomato... Will not be coming here again.

Ron O.

Another place I've literally driven by a thousand times or more and thought to myself, "Gotta try that place." Well, last nite finally did (free delivery w/in 5 mile radius) and DAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN, so glad I did! The juicy chicken lived up to it's name - so juicy, tender, and proper flavor. To cast the net, ordered the Koobideh combo. The ground chicken had a bit more flavor than the beef, but both were equally righteous. Got the Persian salad (add a buck to your order) and it was fresh & tangy! Bonus was the Tadig - love me some crispy rice! It was accompanied by Ghormeh Sabzi, an herb stew, and they did a very respectable job. My standard is Elena's and CC is up there. Quality is key here. Really like that nothing was dry, which is an issue at most Mediterranean establishments. Kinda missed the pita, tho. And, onions (maybe radishes or pickled veggies, too). I have my sights set on the Lubia Polo and the lamb shank. And, of course, the remainder of the menu. Plan is to utilize the lunch menu, as the price and deal is an "offer I can't refuse!"

Hamed H.

Great food and top quality ingredients. I tried multiple times and always satisfied. Consistent with fresh top quality ingredients, just came yo LA for a week and been here for dinner 4 times. Back again after few months and still top quality food.

Nai Q.

The furniture is updated and way cute! The staff is friendly, informative, helpful and honest! Including the workers and the owners! PARTIALLY HALAL MENU! The Beef Sheesh Kabob and Beef Barq is NOT HALAL. Just ask the friendly staff what is and isn't halal to double check. The food was delicious! The *beef kabob* is juicy and flavorful, the *chicken breast* is tasty, well cooked! The*beef kabob sandwich* was surprisingly good! The bread is soft and really makes all the difference! This place is clean, the parking lot usually has a spot or two! I'll be back for sure!

Rose H.

O my GOSH! The BEST Persian food everrrrrr!!!!! It was so clean and crisp inside. The service was also amazing. Cute and classy joint. Thai place became one of my favs on the first visit! The chicken was so moist. The beef Kababs are the best I've ever had!

Diana C.

Came here with my family and it was so delicious. This was able to feed the 5 of us and the cost is not bad at all. We waited for a little while to be seated since the space is quite small, but other than that is was very good

Alex C.

Today we order several dishes from Chicken Chick. We had the spicy juicy chicken combo, koobideh kabob combo, falafel, Persian salad, lentil soup and baghalava. The food was delivered early, it was hot and delicious. The food was fresh and so flavorful. I think the lentil soup was probably one of the best lentil soups that I've had from any Persian or Mediterranean restaurants. The Falafel was fantastic as well. The combinations came with basmati rice. Chicken Chick is a great new addition to the Southbay and we will be ordering again soon! This review was for a delivery so I haven't been to the restaurant yet.

Dave L.

Best Mediteranian place I've ever had!!! And I've eaten at tons of em. I just moved to the area and it's very close to me. The chicken is so tender I cut it with a spoon. Hummus is amazing! Huge portion of perfectly grilled veggies! The salad was nice and light and the dressing tasted great, not overly acidic. The only thing was the pita bread was a little hard, it didn't have that fresh out of the oven texture. I just moved to the area and it's very close to me. I'll definitely be eating here 2-3 times a week! Mediterranean food is a great option for dinner. because it's always well priced healthy and taste great.

Elie Z.

Food was very delicious! And I loved my lemonade too. I had shish kebab with rice and ate all plate because I couldn't stop eating. Parking was available on a plaza.

Eve W.

So happy I found this place. We were at a dance competition across the street. I ordered online and my son picked up. Quick service. I had ground beef kabob with cherry rice. It was delicious. I also got a side of falafel. I highly recommend the falafel. Kids got the chicken with rice and they loved it too. We will be back next time we are in the area.

Fallen Embers

I highly recommend the spicy juicy chicken with half rice and half salad, the flavors are impressive!

Darlene D.

I love this place! I got the juicy chicken combo with koobideh! Loved it so much and Persian salad on the side. The falafel was also amazing. One order is definitely plenty and enough for two people out there skinny girls haha.

Lillian A.

I order food to be delivered to our clinic because we only get 30 minute lunch. I pay extra tip to the driver for this service. The driver was very rude and started yelling at me because she did not want to come inside the store. I tried to tell her the reason and inform her the instructions say inside store but shE would not let me speak. I refuse to pay for a service and then be yelled at. Yelp and Grub hub please remind your drivers they are a delivery service and rely on customers for the job. Very very poor customer service.

Bilal Sattar

Exceeded my expectations. The food here is some of the best Persian food I've tried. Will be coming back often!

Rose C.

This place is great. The food is good but the variety of items on a plate may need some work. They have good grilled Serrano but it is not on the menu. The menu also has wraps which is pictured as such but they really do not have wraps because it is really a sandwich on a baguette. That is very deceiving as well as the pictures. I wish the pictures would be more accurate and show a baguette sandwich instead so you know what you are really getting.

Amy C.

First of all, this place is super cute inside! It's perfect for a lunch date, casual meeting or nice lunch. I've only had the garden salad, which is no big deal, and hummus plate. If you're trying to be extra healthY and want to have 0 carbs, the garden salad is a generous portion of greens! The hummus plate is very delicious. Comes with pita bread. My order was ready when I arrived and the lady who rung me up was very nice and welcoming! I will definitely be coming back for some protein since I hear good things!

Angela W.

Classic Persian with tasty shish kabobs, koobideh, and barg. Their juicy chicken though lives up to its name. They also have family combination platters that also come with salad basmati rice and roast tomatoes. Small seating area but we didn't have to wait to be seated. They have a hefty amount of Uber eats/Postmates orders so they were fairly busy when we went. But this is a go to for us for Persian food in the area.

Samantha V.

My fiancé is persian, so I've grown to love persian food. I must say I always order the kashk e badamjoon (eggplant dip) and their koobideh combo with both chicken and beef. My absolute favorite!! Extremely juicy and tender. My favorite South Bay place!! Hope you enjoy it as much as we do! I always bring new friends here :) Merci!!

Mai Herres

Best Persian food we know about. So healthy and cannot go wrong.

Marvin Luna

Great service & delicious food.

Esther K.

So so good. Chicken is always juicy and flavorful. My husband and I always order the chicken barg and either juicy chicken or chicken koobideh. All so good. The best part is... Their rice! They have seriously the best tasting, most addictive rice ever. I can eat it without anything else, it's that good. Now, I've tried their falafel, which I'm not a huge fan of. But their hummus is pretty good.

alan tomita

Juicy chicken, hummus, egg plant dip, kebab, sandwiches. All were great. Going to work thru the rest of the menu. They have a lamb and fallafel on the menu i got to try.

aavonda alofaituli

They have really great healthy food and it's so delicious I keep coming back they should give me a bonus I was bringing people every time I come like honor me with the free meal smile that will make me happy even more and a nice full tummy LOL

Patrice Krysztofiak

Very good persian food. Stick with the house recommandations, they are the best things on the menu. Beef sandwich not too good for my taste, sauce tasted like mac donalds, maybe the locals like it.

Cinthya Valadez

Really good prices and delicious Persian food!!!! Omg I really love this place!!!!


Great kabobs. Ask for garlic sauce.

Cynthia Valdez

Really good prices and delicious Persian food!!!! Omg I really love this place!!!!

Teresa K.

LOVE this place!!! Growing up, my friends parents made THE yummiest Persian food. I stumbled onto this place and it brought back memories of how delicious the food was. HUGE bonus points for being a requested place by my kids too. Items my family has ordered and enjoyed: kaboodie combo w/ basmati rice, yogurt dip, hummus, juicy chicken and mushroom and barely soup. So many other delicious sounding items to try! Thank you for keeping our location as part of your delivery zone! Seriously! It's a great option for our kid approved family meal.

Alex W.

Cute little Persian-Greek restaurant! It's not to big but has a nice welcoming decoration. Food is excellent, portions are generous!!! We are so glad we found this restaurant.

raul jimenez

Great food. Juicy chicken was amazing and so moist. Very filling and awesome service.

Armen B.

Excellent food and service. One of the best, if not the best, tasting chicken, koobideh and rice ANYWHERE! Service is friendly and prompt. Highly recommended

jose aguillon

First time coming here and food is amazing. Never had this kind of food and it’s freakin delicious. Highly recommend this restaurant

Gregg Wietstock

Authentic Persian food. It is quaint, cozy and clean. The family run, small dining cafe is pleasant and the food is very good.

William Pournamdari

Very good Persian kabob. If you go here get the Beef Koobideh.