Chicken Chick

16300 Crenshaw Blvd #101, Torrance
(424) 396-3438

Recent Reviews

Phebe Ogami

Excellent food service and atmosphere keeps us coming back time after time. Just plain delicious chicken!

Fernando Mata

Great food & great service. Thank you!

Sofia Farhadi

It's very good restaurants 😊

Grace Loundou

Wow! The juicy chicken here seriously lives up to its name! Was surprised at how moist and juicy it was, paired with how flavorful it was. Staff were nice, they do get very busy though! Prices are a little higher than I expected, given what you get. Will be back to try more of the menu!

Tony L

Our neighbor recommended this place to us. It's a total hidden gem for takeout. Reasonably priced and the chicken koobideh is amazing.

Araceli Rodriguez

Cherry Rice is the best! If you eat in you get warm pita with butter. Their yogurt is the best tasting stuff ever. I love love love eating in or ordering online

Ike Miura

Excellent food nice and cozy place

Golareh Rodgers

Everything above, quality food, good prices, good portions, and great friendly service

Allenn Obrien

This is one of my favorite places to stop for lunch when I'm craving Persian. I always get the Koobideh, I actually prefer it over Bandar's version. Great place for lunch at a reasonable price, I have not been here for dinner.

Stephen Moore

Delicious, affordable and authentic Persian food with great service. Highly recommended !

yousef abushanab

Nice place, good people delicious food

Meghan Ryan

Excellent hummus and Persian tea comes with a little mint leaf!

Asher Ecker

The absolute best chicken. SO JUICY!!!

farbod pirshirazi

Super delicious foood and great service

Jo Dee

The food is good and it is very reasonably priced. The house doogh was too salty though, and the service was extremely slow. She may have been short staffed. But we had tickets for a musical at El Camino College..And we were constantly trying to get her attention. And were ignored forever.

Chabelita's Truck Parts Delivery J.

Great and delicious food. The garlic dip is amazingly good! It has not letting me down!!

Kevin C.

Have you ever tasted god's chicken? Because it's made here. Order the juicy chicken because I'm pretty sure the chef here is from another planet.

Lesley A.

Super friendly staff and delicious food. Eat in or deliver for ease of dining. Chicken is to die for! Hummus is on point! Yum yum yum

Sana A.

Delicious juicy koobideh. Have never had anything like it! Great service as well, definitely check it out!

Amir Saz

Certainly one of the best tasting foods I have ever experienced. Highly recommend it.

R Morris

I got the koobideh combination and it was fantastic! The homemade lemon dressing on my salad was wonderful!

Mohamed Ali

Great food, nice service

Celine B.

It was my first time ordering from here. OMG it is the best Persian food in South Bay. Great delivery service I'm so happy they delivered to my house. I ordered the yogurt, Persian and garden salad, beef Shish kabob, juicy chicken and koobideh combination. The salads are super fresh (good looking garden salad) and the food was so awesome and delicious. I will definitely order again I'm so glad I stumbled upon this restaurant on yelp. My family really enjoyed the food.

Cierra B.

Lackluster service. Almost gave me the wrong food. Never apologized, however they waited hand and foot on the only party in the restaurant. Tried a new place, won't be back again. for the record i'm not one of thoAndse ppl who love to leave bad reviews. I just like expect decent customer service. UPDATE: Got home and the Pita was EXTREMELY hard! There are much better places to find Mediterranean food. This ain't it. And for 18 bucks all i got was chicken, rice, hummus, hard ass pita and shitty service.

Mai H.

Best Persian food we know about. So healthy and cannot go wrong. We were first introduced to them when a friend catered a birthday party at the park. It was a hit and we were hooked. With rice with the goji berries is so yummy. The chicken hasn't been dry yet. The veggies are fresh and well grilled.

Zeal H.

Absolutely in love with the grilled chicken and veggie kabob with yellow rice and bayberries. Its is extraordinarily delectable.

Farshad FS

It was awsome. Cozy restaurant, friendly staff, delicous food. One of the best persian cusine I've ever had. Thanks to the mangement of the restaurant Mr. Shirazi.

Yena K.

My favorite place!!! The Juicy Chicken is the BEST!!! I can eat this food day and night!!! I am upset that I found this restaurant so late!! When I live most of life here in Torrance!!! I love it and love it I go here at least once a week!!

Mary B.

Ordered delivery from Amazon. Filet mignon was tender. Chicken and beef koobideh were delicious. Portions for meat were generous. Definitely recommend. Added the cherry rice to the plates. While the cherry rice was good, it wasn't worth the additional $1.50 - just a few cherries added to the rice.

Steve L.

Chicken Chick is a Torrance gem. This small but excellent Persian restaurant is in a small strip mall. I wanted to give it 5 Stars, the food is worthy but the service drags it down. First the good. The juicy chicken is as advertised. Juicy, flavorful and definitely the specialty here. The plate comes with 1 kabob, which is enough for me, an ample portion of rice, and a side sald. The rice is excellent, pro tip, when they bring out the pita and butter, take a slab of butter and sit on it to soften while you wait for your rice. Then mix it in the rice for added flavor. The salad is nicely seasoned and a perfect complement to the plate. The hummus is a must. I'm not big on hummus but I always get it. Great flavor and texture with a bit of tang from the lemon juice. I only wish the pitas were home made. My buddy was in town and had the koobidah combo. Chicken and beef. Koobidah (sp?) is ground chicken or beef put in a kabob. Juicy and full of flavor. Now the bad. The service. Outside of Marlene, no one seems very friendly. No greeting, they dont check on you, I felt like I should call to ask for a water refill. If they could work on the front of the house, this place would be slammed. As it stands they seem to get a lot of delivery orders.

Sarah A.

This place is the BOMB!! Admittedly I've never actually been or eaten there but I've uber eats-ed them at least 3 times in the past month and every single time the food is phenomenal. I have no idea what magic they use to make their koobideh so flavorful and JUICY but gattdayum is it good!! I always order the koobideh combo of chicken and beef and I can never decide which one I like more. I'm not eating starches at the moment so I get it with their salad which comes with the most refreshing lemony dressing. The tartness of the dressing perfectly complements the meat. I also LOVE their garlic sauce. It's thinner than what you get at other restaurants but it's more flavorful and I could pour it on a leather shoe and eat it up. I also order their Persian Eggplant which is my FAVORITE. I don't even eat it with pita, I just eat it with my meat and salad and omfg it's just so delicious. The Persian Eggplant is sautéed eggplant mixed with Persian yogurt and topped with sautéed garlic, mint, kasha whey. I HIGHLY recommend ordering it. I really need to branch out and order other things but my koobidehs have been so good I just can't seem to order anything else! Love love love this restaurant, a new fav in the South Bay!

Desire D.

Small little hole in the wall place in sketchy area. Very limited menu although this eatery is Iranian they don't serve numerous common dishes such as white fish, adas polo, etc... Gave this place multiple tries nevertheless the poultry and beef at this place consistently have weird flavoring/taste although prices are reasonable the food has a lot of room for improvement.

Marbella W.

I love this place, I had a very yummy soup and the combo plate with both beef and chicken. The server/host was very attentive. Definitely recommend this spot!

Adel M.

One of my favorite Persian food . The food so delicious customer service high satisfaction I love this place

Jose B.

In a nutshell: Food is great! Service has a lot to be desired!! Marlene is the exception, She is great!! After been regulars for years and they know who we are, they refuse to take an order for dine in because of we were in a time crunch. Our typical bill ranges from $50 to $75. They have no gratitude for their clients.

John Jiao

The food itself is decent, but it is *way* more expensive than what I would expect for what we got. My fiance and I ordered two takeout orders -- the chicken and rice and the meat platter (can't remember the exact names), and they both cost in the 10-15 dollar range. What we ended up getting was a styrofoam container with a bunch of rice, one "stick" of meat each (apologies, I don't know the exact name), some salad, and a bit of hummus and pita. For nearly fifteen dollars??


Dined in for lunch. This small restaurant has a nice cosy setting. Their spicy juicy chicken with basmati rice is really good.

Tan S

Best place to get Persian / middle east food. Specially kabob & rice is awesome. Must try place in Torrance Redendo Beach road.

Beatriz P.

Grate food A small place but very delicious and fantastic service always amazing time waiting totally worth it my favorite beef kebab and falafel salad... thank you Elham and the green eye!!

Nancy N.

Picked up lunch from this place and it was a huge hit with the group! I got the chicken kabobs and the juicy chicken. You pay just a $1 more to get rice AND a salad. Their basmalti rice was good! Salad was good, but the dressing was a bit too much on the tart/sour side for my husband's liking. So I think next time I"m gong to skip the salad and just get the rice. The owner(?)/young lady behind the register, I didn't get her name, was very sweet, promised me that it should be around 20 minutes, she was done around 15. I'm going to have to come back and order again because I forgot to take photos! But get these things if you've never been here before. Chicken Kabobs : 5/5 Juicy Chicken: 5/5 Order the Cherry Rice if you want to try something different!! I really liked it! Will be back!! Cheers!