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Jennifer D.

This place has definitely gone downhill since COVID. The gyro was cold and not as flavorful. I wanted to give this place a shot but I will not be returning. The place at Del Amo mall is a bit more pricey but you get what you pay for. Would not recommend.

Cali M.

I have been going to Chicken Dijon for 15 years. If I was to estimate how many times I've ordered it would be easily over 500+ times as I order sometimes weekly. I LOVED the house salad. However, the past few years I have noticed the quality of the food has not been great. I did get food poisoning roughly 7 years ago and despite being incredibly sick I continued to order from them. Most recently, I ordered the house salad as usual with an extra garlic sauce cup on the side. Half way though eating my salad I noticed there were bugs in my salad crawling around. I instantly called Chicken Dijon and there response was "sometimes that happens" and offered for me to come pick up another salad or a refund could be placed on my account. I told the girl I was "too bugged out" and couldn't imagine getting another salad. I informed her I would be in within the next 2 weeks to collect the refund. The women kindly informed me that was fine as the refund was on my account. Forward 2 weeks later I went into the restaurant to collect the refund ($20). The woman at the desk informed me there was no refund on my account and said I would have to speak with the manager. I agreed and he came out to speak with me. I was asked to see my receipt in which I didn't have. I offered to show him pictures of the bugs and provided the day and time in which I picked up the food and when I called. He wanted to know exactly how much the order was. I asked him to just ring up a house salad and an extra garlic sauce but that wasn't an option apparently. I ended up having to show him my online bank statement to prove the $20 purchase. Insane right? Well here are the photos of the bugs I found in my salad.


Fried chicken is great. The meat is tenderlicious!

Cristina R.

I used to order the house salad on a regular basis until I moved out of town. I recently moved back and decided to introduce my other half to one of my local favorites. The salads were as delicious as I remembered them, but there was one big issue...the utter lack of chicken. When you spend $30 on 2 salads at the very least they should have a decent portion of protein. I was thoroughly disappointed at the 5 shreds of chicken hidden throughout my delicious bed of lettuce and rice. I would have complained but by the time I was home, I was too ravenous to return and wait for a new order. Aside from the quality of the food, service was great...friendly, quick, and efficient.

Terry McCleary

So polite and helpful! Even brought my order out to me!

S. Ramsay

Highly recommend their House Salad. It is extremely hearty, tasty, and loaded with chicken. Order extra dressing and extra garlic sauce!

Stephen Barlock

On Thursday night both myself and my girl ordered the Caesar Salad and added the chicken to go with it. Both of us had heard of Chicken Dijon and had heard nothing negative about it from mutual friends. We ordered online and picked up our order no more than 30 minutes after ordering. Within 10 minutes of picking up our food we were home and ready to eat. Both of us were disappointed with what we saw when opening the containers. The lettuce in both of our salads were limp and weighed down with tons of oil from the salad dressing. It was so saturated that oil leaked and pooled on the kitchen counter from the time we started eating and finished what we could eat. After a long day, neither of us were willing to go back to complain and decided instead we would not eat at Chicken Dijon in the future. Making a salad is one of the easiest things to prepare and yet someone really got it wrong. I am not looking for any considerations from Chicken Dijon. Just giving an honest review.

James B.

The staff here is very friendly! Like nice enough for me to take the time to write a review. Also the food was great! First time here but will be back. Try it if you're in the area.

Ricky B.

My go to for a quick healthy lunch. The Veggie special with chicken is five star without bread Call ahead to place your order and it will be ready when you arrive. Employee Martha was very kind and attentive on the phone and made sure my order was prepared correctly.

Casandra Boles

Amazing. Got the spicy sweet Thai salad with gyro meat. LOVED it. So fresh! ?

Pete D

Been coming here for years. Unfortunately, I've moved out of the area, but go back when I'm in the area once or twice a year.

Muhammed A.

Awesome food and awesome service! The spicy chicken is addicting I come here atleast once a month on my lunch break

Emely G.

I went in today & What can i sayyyyy, This spot is one of my favorite places to get Chicken and rice! The skewers?!? MY FAVORITE! Not to mention The staff is super friendly each time i come in, the place is always clean and ready for me to enjoy ! 10/10 recommend stopping by for lunch or picking up dinner for the family!

abdulSalam abutalib

Don’t try their Flafel , it’s the worst I have ever had

Cristina T.

Chicken Cesar Wrap & Chinese Chicken Salad were both so delicious and fresh. We also had the Peach Lemonade as well super bright and refreshing. Excellent service. Definitely will be back!

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Chicken Dijon - Mediterranean Catering & Delivery

3556 Torrance Blvd #B, Torrance, CA 90503
(310) 540-1499