Chicken Dijon

3556 Torrance Blvd #B, Torrance
(310) 540-1499

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Libra Washington

Food is delicious and service is fast. You get a large portion for the price too!

Manal G.

Everything we have gotten from here has been terrible. We ordered three different plates and all of them have had hair in them. Half of the chicken skewers we got were burnt and dry while the steak skewers we got were undercooked. Everything else was bland and had no flavor.

Mark H.

In response to Joey from Chicken Dijon, your language is rather defensive, juvenile and disrespectful. Even less mature is your personal attack on customer for pointing out your failure to deliver a quality menu. Perhaps when you're more mature, you'll know better. And word of caution, don't ever attempt to point out the features of Mediterranean cuisine to someone with a Mediterranean heritage.

Micki Lofton

Always great. Only a 4 because my salad came with croutons instead of pita strips and we went over it several times.

M E.

Fattoush salad was awful. I didn't taste much dressing, just oil & seasoning...not much parsley, or lemon juice, huge chunks of radish & green onions. I ordered this salad, because I wanted veggies, but not a good choice just as it is...may b it needs protein. Kinda expensive for mostly lettuce salad. Pita & side of sauce was good.

Clara Rhodes

Ordered catering for my company anniversary party. The quality of food and service was amazing. Very happy to find this place. Heavily recommend you to try it once.

Steve N.

Chicken Dijon is a can't miss when it comes to healthy, hearty and satisfying Mediterranean style meals. Whether you're in the mood for a chicken dish, skewers, salad, a wrap, or a falafel plate... they aim to please. To make things easier, they've only allowed for delivery or takeout since COVID lockdowns have prevented dining in. To be honest, I prefer this method because they've always been timely and efficient with my orders.

In terms of recommendations, their menu has a great selection of options. You honestly can't go wrong with most of the choices here. I usually enjoy their Gyro Sandwich with a Green Salad, but if I'm hungry... I'll order the 1/4 Chicken with Fries or Hummus. If you're ordering for the family, they have some great family deals to choose from as well.

Their portions are pretty huge, so you're definitely getting your money's worth. I'm a regular here, and I can say without a doubt that Chicken Dijon never disappoints!

Kevin Martinez

Great food. Especially the chicken cesar sandwich

T Young

Pretty consistent. Always good. Food packs a lot of flavor. 1/2 chicken and 2 sides very filling. Good hummus. Good spicy lemon sauce. Avocado wontons were great. Great value and satisfying.

Eagle Zanotto kimura

I like eating there, but the portion keeps getting reduced and the price going up, i paid 14,49 for chicken, rice and a bit of salad. I can get double the amount of food for 10,99 at flame broiler...

sylvia armijo

I placed an order an hour ago and called twice and our order still hasnt arrived. this is not good service. never had to wait this long.

Walter Q.

stop going to that place in torrance because the last two times the potato salad was spoiled and they still sold it to me, lousy quality control

Guadalupe Camacho

I ordered a 1/4 checken plate with a lemonade for 15.33 i got an extremely sweet lemonade, ONE chicken breast a tiny bit of rice and tiny bit of salad. The chicken was tasteless, fatty, and hard. I would have MUCH preferred to go to chicken maison in torrance as well!! I called to let the restaurant know bcz why would they give you one piece right, well the staff was very laxed abt it obviously no cuatomer sevice exists in this poo restaurant!! NOT SUPRISED DONT BUY FOOD HERE, GO TO CHICKEN MAISON ITS THE BEST CHICKEN YOU’LL EVER HAD

Stevo O.

I first became of Chicken Dijon in El Segundo, which tasted fresh and clean.  With that memory, I came to the Torrance location with that memory and to my fortune, it is just as good and welcoming.  The chicken is cooked on a a rotating platform and would be great if small potatoes could be cooked in the same style, soaking up the juices of the chicken.  On this particular occasion, I chose the traditional gyro, which is cooked the same was middle eastern foods are cooked, and tastes pretty close to the foods I've become familiar with.  To say it is authentic would be difficult, as I've never experienced the foods cooked in the middle east, and may be way off tradition.  Until I have the opportunity to field test a true gyro, I'll be satisfied having Chicken Dijon instead...

Joana S.

I love the CD house salad. It's always been my go-to there and has not disappointed thus far

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