Chicken Dijon

3556 Torrance Blvd #8977, Torrance
(310) 540-1499

Recent Reviews

Elizabeth A.

The appetizer platter is perfect for any party! Ky guests were so happy! Love it! Fast delivery with door dash!

Kimberly C.

My rating is based on the customer service I received from the owner, Joe, after a fiasco on my Father's Day order. Joe was incredibly attentive and addressed the situation in an extremely professional manner. That impressed me so much! I will definitely return to the Torrance location since he restored my faith in their business practices. I have always loved their food with fresh ingredients. It would have been a bummer to have had to stop doing business there. I am looking forward to using the gift certificate Joe sent to me (very promptly, I might add) that covers the amount from my previous order. Thank you, Joe!

Christy McAbee Lopez

I havent eaten here in a long time and unfortunately I don't think I will again. Nit even after 10 minutes of eating it, it came back up. It made 2 out of 3 of us nauseous. I gave 2 stars because the staff was very nice. But the food I would give 0.

Kimberly Chenze

Father's Day Fiasco - 24 oz? And turns out they knew they shorted me! They said they had a discussion and the cashier undercharged me for 24 ounces. I paid more for the 24 oz....I went there all the way from Long Beach only to come home and discover this.

Bryon Rivers

Love eating here only when I'm working in Torrance. Always call in your order

Nick M.

Honestly, the best experience I have ever had a chicken Dijon. They took the order correctly even down to the special request. Not to mention, very flavorful. Definitely will be back again.

Andrew S.

The food is awesome but PLEASE get help on the phones!!! I waited for 10 minutes on hold and 4 minutes before that. Or get an app?? Just trying to order your delicious food and I don't have time to summit on hold...

Celeste D.

Been coming here for a while and we just love it. The food is seasoned just right and cooked perfectly! Placing orders here is easy online and even easier over the phone. The manager is very friendly and so is the staff.

Allie T.

Called, asked to wait 5.40 mins. until I heard a click and heard dial tone. Called three more times to no one answering. Guess they won't be getting my business.

Joe Nimeh

Family business, with friendly service. All homemade recipes made from scratch. Best mediterranean food in the South Bay and the original 1 and only Chicken Dijon! Dine in, takeout, delivery, online ordering, catering all available.

Daisy Avalos

?Hummus.. GyrO.. Falafel... oh and HC pineapple spinach drink.. ? great service

Arra T

Really awesome service and food, the place looks nice, plenty of seating for two people, but a few tablets for larger groups. Definitely going again when I'm by the mall.

Ruben Morales

It's got to be my favorite fast food restaurant to visit

Ana O

The Mediterranean fries are delicious! The gyro meat can be a hit or miss sometimes and although I dont eat chicken, I have heard it's really good.

Christy O'Herin

The food was delicious and service was fast for my to-go order. I would highly recommend the Mediterranean Nachos and the fresh lemonade!

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