Kuma Sushi & Seafood Buffet

1925 W Carson St, Torrance
(424) 558-8277

Recent Reviews

Richard Sonata

Our fav as far as buffets go good selections and awesome fresh sushi for a biffet

Miriam Watts

Very nice place and nice service. They were bit late for taking an order but thats fine. Food was also good, specially Shahi paneer.

Marcy Bailey

I've ordered so many times. Delivery is super fast and the young guy that brings it is very nice and knows always what apt. The food is amazing. I always get coconut curry and it's amazing. Good job yum yum.

Lisa P.

So the last time I was here with some friends one of my friends said they saw them use the same tongs to put the raw kbb on the grill then use the same tongs to remove the cooked meat. The food tasted fine and no one in our party got sick but after my friend told me what he saw I decided not to come back... I then found out they are closed...

Kagetsu Junkrat

Best Buffet hands down. Sara, Joy, Alberto, Elizabeth, Martin, or anyone please hit us back. Are you reopening later? Is this really a final close? There's a imposter going around telling everyone you are permanently closed.

Bryan C.

One of the best buffets in Southern Cali covering so many types of food. Extremely friendly and awesome staff. A huge sushi and seafood selection not limited to crab legs, oysters, sashimis, all sorts of rolls, and sushi freshly made to a hot bar with teriyaki chicken, vegetable, salmon, fried chicken, clams, bbq ribs and more. They have a full out salad bar with kailbi and pork belly made fresh and constantly + an assortment of mushrooms, green pepper, and red pepper stir fry. An udon bar with fresh toppings along side a full salad bar. Their dessert bar includes a selection of premium ice cream flavors, a chocolate fountain, and many home made treats such as cookies, jello and fresh fruits. We've been going to this since it became Kuma and many ownership changes to what it was today. The place currently has a closed for renovation sign and may be permanently closed as another reviewer claims to have spoken with the owners It saddens me to see one star reviewers because some people are more concerned about their free certificate then the health of a business. Overall this was an epic place to eat pushing 1,000+ customers on a busy day (lunch and dinner) to have a handful of bad reviewers make stuff up because they were having an off day or didn't get something free. Sara, Joy, Alberto, Melody, Martin, Juan, Elizabeth, and more going to miss you all if I never get to dine with you all again... The next closest alternative is Vegas Buffet in Glendale. Good luck!

Q. L.

**KUMA SUSHI & SEAFOOD BUFFET IS PERMENENTLY CLOSED!!** I reached out just this morning to get some information on the holiday menu and received an email from Chang Moon (Kuma management) stating they were "out of business". Sad... but true. We had our company lunch there last year and wanted to return. Not sure why they have not updated their website but they are closed. =(

Carol N.

I haven't had a negative thing to say since I've (along with all my family and friends) supported them throughout the years (last 25+) even with all their ownership changes AND in additional to all the negative feedback that's been going on but I continued to stick by them.....well until now. Something special they do is for your birthday (on the date only) you get a free gift certificate that you can use within a month (not on that same visit date). I've received one and tried to redeem it but lo and behold...they are closed down for renovations suddenly. The shitty thing is that there is no voice message on their phone, no website update...absolutely nothing of stating this except for a visit to their place. I even tried emailing them, calling them numerous times and even posting on their social media. WTH......Until they respond, no more business from me sadly. I guess I'm the one who got fucked at the end.

Steven S.

I got very sick after having dinner here. Diarrhea, high fever, and threw up the whole night. It is hard to determine exactly what got me sick since I tried a little of everythnig. Seeing that there are already a few reviews of people getting sick after eating here, the health department really needs to check this place out throughly. Do not ignore the warnings, there is a high chance you will get sick after eating here, eat somewhere else. WILL NEVER COME BACK AGAIN.

Suzy Chun

Went to the restaurant at 5pm. They had fresh foods. All were delicious. They took out chinese style stirred noodle which I really like... They took a long time to cook Korean BBQ. There are so many desserts but nothing to choose except for the green tea ice cream.

Mark Kim

Food is good except for the too greasy Chinese fried rice and Chinese fried noodles. This is a Japanese food place owned by koreans. Please let"s stick to what you know. Period.

James Kim

Good food!! Reasonable price!! Good thing is they sell So-Ju, ha~!

Glen A.

Wow! This placed is sucks! Went here Friday night for dinner $26.99 per person not worth it very disappointed! Not much food options Crablegs so dry!!! Kkbqq so chewy like rubber!!! Sushi taste like frozen ice! I won't come back here even $1.99 per person! I won't be surprise if they close soon!

Bob B.

The food here had barely any variety and half the food were too salty or too sweet. The service was okay but the food was too iffy. Most of the sushi tasted weird. The wings had no flavor and was terribly bland. Also, I was excited that there was lobster too but during my hour and a half experience, no lobster at all. I went there on a Saturday night. And to you Chang Moon, you are terribly rude and cruel to the one star reviews. Some people had bad experiences but you shouldn't be so rude. On a review, you literally told the person that a $20 lunch might not be in their range. Like what the frick doodle nugget hole. What kinda manager are you?

Reggie T.

My wife and her friends came here and had been raving so much about Kuma Sushi because for $28.99 you got Lobster, crab legs, a great assortment of sushi, shrimp Tempura, grilled BBQ, udon, and much more. Because of their recommendation, we went back to celebrate a friend's birthday. To our disappointment, Kuma changed their Price to $26.99 and no more lobster, but still have crab legs and Korean Short ribs which were too sweet. For all the crab leg eaters, they enjoyed the buffet. For myself who is allergic to crabs, I think it's over priced and just an average Japanese seafood buffet which I feel is not worth the price tag. I would say there are better seafood buffets out there that I probably wouldn't go back.

Wendy Y.

Not worth the price. Even it's nearly closing, they shouldn't serve old food, dried out seafood. Bad taste

Henry E.

Got food poisoning. If you plan to eat here, be sure to have 1.) Braggs apple cider vinegar [MUST BE THIS BRAND] 2.) Fresh lemons 3.) Green tea [I'm sure any tea will do]. * 1-2 tbl spoons of brags, 1 slice of lemon, and 12-16oz of tea. 2-3x day [This tea mix cut my usual 4-6 days of misery into around 2 days] 4.) Gatorade 5.) Applesauce Will not be returning, food looked and tasted good, but something is not being done right with food prep because skimming through previous comments shows im not the only one who experienced this.

Me M.

My husband got food poisoning here yesterday and has been on the toilet non stop since. The food tasted great, but not worth being ill with a fever and diarrhea. I believe the cook is not handling the food properly and needs to be trained better.

Ron C.

Seafood is what I care most. Oyster, sashimi, sushi are all fresh, so they are good.

Scott G.

I love this place. Yes it's a bit pricey but it's worth it. You can grab a delicious all you can eat sushi lunch for about $16.99 on weekdays

Luis Robles

Great seleccion of food, clean and right price

quynh chi tran

This used to be my favorite asian buffet but not sure if because it's under new management but the choices weren't as good this last visit, there's no short ribs unless u come for dinner and parking is crazy unless u pay for valet. The sushi options r better than most places and they have a udon bar that's still good but will only come out if it's my bday from now on....may change my mind later.

Rob C.

Clean, fresh sushi and sashimi. Asian nation's hot food, Mongolian grill, salads and soups, deserts. Fair price for the selection and quality.

Matias Malone

This is definitely the best sushi buffet I've ever had. They even have sushi tempura. No other sushi buffet serves sushi tempura at all. It's usually always just veggie tempura. Oh and the green tea ice cream is bomb!!!

Charles Elias

Sushi, buffet style. The food is delicious. It's all you can eat.

Riry P.

I've been coming here on and off for a few years. The best time ever was when I was pregnant. Buy Buy Baby is just a few minutes away. Between trying to figure out what to buy and cravings, this was THE BEST PLACE EVER. I haven't been down here for a couple of years and hit up yelp - saw all the crummy reviews and I'm like NO WAY. This place was legit the best, what happened. I went here for dinner with a lot of omg - am I making the right choice. What if I got sick? What if the food sucks? The price is a little steep for dinner (maybe it would be better if that included a drink). The Lobster is 1 half per person BUT it's like a tiny lobster - just a little bigger than a crawfish. I'm not a fan of the baked cheesy thing so I gave my ticket away. (You need a ticket to collect your lobster). I do like the variety: Udon bar - my fave spot to hit up first Hibachi - the chef is meticulous about turning over each piece of meat at the right time. Salad bar - nothing extraordinary but fresh and decent. Hot bar - pretty solid selections from salmon teriyaki, chicken teriyaki, veggies, soups, veggie and shrimp tempura, seafood (a surprise hit was the bacon asparagus thing - obsessed) Sushi & Seafood bar - all looked and tasted as it should. Desert - Ice cream, cakes, fruit, jello, chocolate fountain The only downside was my daughter stealing my jello, licking the cube and putting it back on my plate. I still ate it - it was delish. Otherwise - service was good. We did have to flag someone down for water refills a couple of times. Our plates were cleared in a timely manner. We were never rushed. We got there right when the place opened. It was packed within the first hour. The most entertaining part of dinner was people trying to help themselves to the lobster when the chef wasn't around. They would try to lift the food cover and use nearby tongs. BAWAHAHHAWHAH.

Valeriya K.

Just don't like when restaurants charge me for service 15% even I did not want that. I prefer to leave cash and how much I want

Pink K.

My first visit here was great but the second time was just ugh. It was two hours before closing time and they didn't have much food out. They weren't serving anything new and everything else just been sitting out cold, old & soggy.. Not long after, they started to clean out everything by taking the food away. After paying dinner price, it definitely wasn't worth it.

Luciana G.

This place was delicious and worth your money. Also the service is the best service I ever had in a buffet. We had a party of 6 and they were great attending us. If you like sushi and seafood this is the place for you.

Lily P.

Dinner price is a bit high for the fair quality. It's not worth it to pay for mediocre food. The lobster was no good. Korean Ribs was fair with lots of fat, not sure why the cook needs to cut into small pieces. The cook stopped cooking at 8:00 pm. Kuma used to serve crepes, they got rid of it. Sushi was good but still won't go back. If it wasn't for the shrimp tempura, I would not pick Kuma.

Brittany S.

Food was mediocre. The seafood and other meats are very chewy. The sushi is actually pretty decent, so we ate mostly sushi and miso soup. The deserts were incredibly rich in flavor! The kids were sold on the chocolate fountain. Ice cream guy was very nice and friendly, the other stations, they didn't care to be bothered when spoken to ("hi, what kind of roll is this" ignored). We may return for the kids because of how excited they were about the fountain, but for $16.95, the whole first room of food was not worth it. Bland and chewy. If you eat a lot of basic sushi rolls and deserts, go for it!!!

Mattsubie P.

Not a bad place if your really into sushi, since it's all you can eat. And they also have crab legs and oysters. There's also a grill that they cook Korean barbecue slate ribs, and pork belly. Was disappointed in the lobster though. It literally tasted like rubber, and for dinner on the weekends, it's up charged because of that. You are given a ticket per person for one lobster, that's fine and all, but if you don't use it, you lose it. That's not the way they should have things. Eating everything else is not worth for the pricing here. Go straight for the seafood, sushi, and tempura. That's probably the only thing I'll have to say negative about this place. If your going to charge for lobster, make sure that it's actually cooked right, and actually worth it, not something that's mediocre..

david adams

Very clean the food was delicious this was my first time I'm looking forward to going back on lobster weekend dinner

Gina Bullock

My husband and I haven't been there in a while, it was good. Service was pleasant, all food areas were clean and the food was fresh and there was a large selection to choose from.

Min Joo L.

Pretty good sushi buffet. I went yesterday with my mom and a friend and it did not disappoint. It had a good salad section too. The black sea weed salad was my favorite. The crab meat salad was a little salty. Good fried food too. I liked the fried rice and the tempura. After I ate the salad, I ate sushi. They had basic california rolls to salmon rollls, and tempura rolls. They were all very delicious. I liked the spicy tempura roll. And then for the dessert, the place had all different kinds of cake and an ice cream and cookies too. I liked the cranberry cookies. I couldn't eat too much cake, since I was too full by the dessert time. I only ate the fruit cake and that was good. The place also has kalbi ribs and udon, but I only ate the kalbi ribs. The kalbi ribs were a bit salty, but they were good as well. Overall, this buffet is a place I would visit again. A good, solid sushi buffet!


Really mediocre food. Uninspired service and highly priced considering quality and taste

Harice Q.

We got FOOD POISONED!! Note: I have nothing against this restaurant because the staff were good at us. We just didn't expect this to happen. Me and my boyfriend decided to eat here since we are craving for sushi last Saturday, June 29th. We came here around 8:30pm which is 30 minutes before they close. The cashier warned us that we only have few minutes to eat. We grab as many food as we could including the sushi and other raw foods. The staff were really good because they gave us free tea since we came late and told us not to hurry and just take our time. We paid and decided to give them a tip because of how they treat their customers. On Sunday, June 30, me and my boyfriend had an Abdominal Pain. On Monday, July 1, my boyfriend started to vomit and I had a watery discharge. The entire week was horrible for us because we are just in bed trying to recover while taking Activated Charcoal and a pill for FOOD POISON. We weren't able to eat any food in the first week of July because our stomach hurts. We both have to leave work because of this incident. I hope the owner will do something about this before everyone get poisoned. We will take appropriate action for this matter because it caused us casualties.


A lot of variety of dishes. Salads galore but the sushi is not that good and it's only the commercial type. Overall a good place to eat when you're really hungry..

Soc G.

The salad selections are pretty good. There are several protein selections and the flavors are good. There is Rib BBQ very tender and done just right. The sushi sashimi are fresh and they only bring out a few which makes sense, and keeps the food fresh. For dessert, there are pastry and fresh fruit selections.

Patricia Pereida

Smaller restaurant compared to most buffets. The sushi selection was the best. Good variety of items. Weekday price 24.99