Lee's Sandwiches

2370 Crenshaw Blvd D, Torrance
(310) 782-7879

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Lando Trevissian

Wow. I would not recommend this location.This is the most rundown I've seen a Lee's.- The tables and chairs look like they're cleaned once a day or less- They are storing what looks like cardboard boxes that belong in the trash in the dining area- One of the workers made a "mistake" and the owner began to berate her in front of customers and blame her for always screwing up. Turns out she did not make a mistake. She merely forgot that she had set food for a customer under the heat lamp so it wouldn't get cold. He did not stop berating her- Both of our sandwiches were probably the worst put together sandwiches out of any Lee's in the world. Missing ingredients, all the ingredients to one side of the sandwich. You wouldn't believe the onion situation if I typed it out.- When we walked in, there was some high school kid trying to 'peacock' with his shirt off, apparently to impress his male friends.- As we left, after waiting 20 minutes and being the only order in work, the owner continued talking down to and berating the worker.Stay away from this location, please.

Jose Flores

I came into this establishment hoping to get me a great sandwich, but I stood there waiting to be acknowledged and get my order taken…but then nothing happened. It was like I was not even there! What made it worse is that the phone rang and the girl there answered and took an order. Maybe I’m just invisible. Not coming back for this type of customer service.

Jennifer Butler

Their coffee is unbeatable!! Vanilla iced coffee, delightful!

Vinh N.

The best part about this location is that its by my house. I come here once in a while and all goes well. The Filipino worker guy seems to be always there. Friendly service. Would definitely recommend this location from my experience.

A L.

I don't want to give a bad review, but I bought 2 chicken pate' chaud yesterday at this location & the meat inside was over cooked! I was hoping to resolve this by possibly getting new ones instead of refund. I know others would ask for refund.The only proof I have is my debit card I used. I really don't live close to this location. Please advise. TY!

CM Galaxy Jam

I love Lee's Sandwiches. Their prices are reasonable and their food and drinks are great. My favorite sandwich is the #4 BBQ chicken sandwich (Asian), although most of my friends love the banh mi. My favorite drink is the matcha green tea with boba, but their coffee is also great. This is also our go-to spot for catered sandwiches, both Asian style on baguettes and western croissants, as well as spring rolls and egg rolls.

Ashley N.

I can't believe they only have one person working the entire place! The man behind the counter was very kind and patient but the food just wasn't good. Nothing was fresh and the bread was very stale. Everything was also put together pretty half hazardoy- my ban mhi was basically half an uncut tomato, the butt of a lettuc stalk and microwaved bacon.

L. Leong

Normally, we loved Lee's Sandwiches in Alhambra and elsewhere, but this one at 2370 Crenshaw Blvd D, Torrance, CA 90501 was a pit!I ordered a Durian smoothy, advertised on menu $4.99, large for $5.99. But when I was ready to pay, the cash registered popped up 7.99. I asked the woman up front, why the Price was different. She had the attitude that "you want it, pay that". WOW. Avoid this Lees as a plague!

Ed Burns

Terrible service. The girl at the counter wasn't polite or helpful. The sandwich looked like something you would slap together at home if you were in a rush to get to work. Literally just some lettuce, tomatoes, store bought deli meat (dry roast beef in this case), slice of American cheese, and a packet of mustard. Small serving as well. Don't waste your money or time.

Paulina C.

Very unprofessional. The lady who was assisting me at checkout dropped my debit card into a fan, which ruined it. I was unable to use it at the bakery a few shops down because of the damage. Now I have to wait 5-7 business days for a replacement because they damaged my card. I called to speak to a manager and the girl who answered the phone said "I don't know what you want me to do about that? I dropped it into the fan " And hung up and will not pick up or return my call. Please do reach out as I am extremely displeased

Luke L.

Lee's Sandwiches is a well known banh mi franchise and this branch is located right next to JJ Bakery in Torrance. [Atmosphere]: This shop has a gloomy vibe. I felt pretty bad for the cashier and the person didn't look motivated because sandwich preparation and payments are all done by one person. The owner for the shop typically sits in a corner and only helps when there's a wave of customers. Don't expect a quick turnaround when it gets crowded. [Menu]: Asian sandwiches or banh mi, European sandwich, appetizers like spring rolls & egg rolls, breakfast croissant, and Vietnamese iced coffee. There's also a tray of avocado for anyone who wants to buy one on the spot. *** #5 Grilled Pork (daikon, carrot, onion, jalapeno, cilantro, salt, pepper, house mayonnaise, soy sauce - $7.29): I don't understand why banh mi from Lee's Sandwiches got slices of onion. Something about their bread tasted a bit off & didn't taste like super freshly made, but at least the sandwich was heated and grill port tasted alright. *** Honestly this is not the best sandwich option, but sometimes you are just lazy & want to grab something that's healthier than burgers.

Cece A.

Me and my bf go to this location often to get our morning coffee fix and it's made perfect every time! For sandwiches, we usually get the Lee's club sandwich on a baguette. Lily is the best! She always greets us when we come through the door and makes the coffee perfectly and our sandwiches fresh!

Jas W.

Each Lee's is a franchise so YMMV but we have gone to several in Los Angeles County and all have been great with fresh baguettes and ingredients. Two favorites are #53 B.L.T and #9 sardines for something different. Of course we all come for Lee's Coffee (caphe sua da) on a hot day.

Ana B.

Gosh that short little man I think the owner is so rude to his employees. I told this girl working for him to quit there more jobs out there. He is horrible I will not be coming to this place anymore.

Timmy Hanlon

Please avoid - worst lee sandwich location I have ever tasted. Something was off but this was no lee sandwich quality sandwich. Prepared to be disappointed

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