Makkah Market

22846 S Western Ave, Torrance
(310) 784-1277

Recent Reviews

Michelle Z.

This store and it's owners are amazing. It's clean and well maintained. You can tell by the pricing and customer service, that the owners are trying their best to run an honest business. Always a pleasure shopping here.

hassan habib

All hall things you can find here

Syed Shahid Quadri

Excellent place with halal meat and variety to choose from among desi masalas and groceries.Give them a call and they will have the cuts ready as per the order.

Ghassan Awad

Great place to get halal meat, highly recommended it.

Ⲙr psychoツ

Everything is great but I had kabab role which made vomit cuz it was burned

Ahmer Kazi

Excellent shop to buy Indian / Pakistani food products, will find almost everything. Rates are better compared to some other shops selling same products. They also have cooked food options for take away and they also take bulk orders.

Asif Shaikh

I recommend the Chicken Tikka. They make it well here.

Pšyçhø Kazmi

Everything is great but I had kabab role which made vomit cuz it was burned

Michael E.

They have a lot of interesting things here. My favorite is the their instant noodles at an amazing price. It's also a convenient place to get groceries that you would regularly get at a bigger grocery store.

jitendra panc

Love the food here to go

Nataly M.

I was there recently and saw that the man at the register was constantly taking off his face mask to drink tea and was coughing a lot despite of it which was very concerning. He shouldn't have been working there in that condition, he did not look well. He was polite but I felt uncomfortable. I don't plan to come back anytime soon which is a shame because the store itself has a nice variety of food and spices that are good quality and hard to get anywhere else. Please take more precautions with keeping your store safe for your employees and customers. I don't like writing bad reviews but this is a public health matter.


Very friendly and good customer service

Timothy Nguyen

The store layout was pretty organized. I was able to find what I have been looking for in this place. Great meat selection. The produce section was very good, really fresh. Prices are very cheap, cheaper than all of the major supermarket chains. The cashier were efficient and friendly. Superb!!

Abraham Fernandez

Wonderful little mam and pop shop.

Andrea Lopez

Prices are very affordable and lines are short. I come here every few days for what I need. You feel like family here not just a customer.

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