Oguma Sushi & Seafood Buffet

1925 W Carson St, Torrance
(424) 558-8277

Recent Reviews

Sabitsuki Nagare

This has got to be the unluckiest restaurant opening like a week before the pandemic hit

Robert Lee

Exceptional and delightful food, I like the mood the place has, and the workers were helpful. Will definitely visit here next time.

Teresa B.

We came here because my mom wanted seafood. It was okay. Considering that I had better sushi, it was still enough for the price that we paid. The most important is that my mom enjoyed herself. It's not my first choice for all you can eat anything, but we used to come here when it was todai which was a big deal back in the day. We went for lunch which meant no crab legs. Oh well, it's always a random go to with the fam as well.

Emerson Y.

New management ~ they did a slight renovation however great staff are still almost the same. Everything is fresh, delicious and tasty. I hope they maintain this wonderful buffet. Worth the price and we will definitely be back. Thanks!

Katie K.

This place was amazing ! The food was delicous and the service was great . Definitely recommend going here. I love this place

Christian C.

Great food. Came here years ago and decided to give it a try again and I'd say it's even better now. Will definitely come back more

Simon W.

Overall price is reasonable but I loved the quality and freshness of the food. I am a sashimi lover and wasabi plate at this place was by far the best in all buffet place I have eaten! For those of you who want real fresh sashimi and high quality food, I would recommend this place! Btw, was surprised they sell Korean alcohol SoJu and Sake and all beers on Draft.. unlike other place, this attracted me for sure!! Nice drink with unlimited food.. My choice for gathering now! Much cheaper than other restaurants ^^

Benjamin Frank J.

The restaurant was clean and the food was delicious. The pricing was definitely great for the food. I came with my wife on Friday night, and the service was great.

Ruthie C.

Place was... not an upgrade. Total for two ended up at $65, drinks included with the flat fee. There is no dessert bar/section. I was unpleasantly surprised with quality of food. Staff was great though.

Robert C.

I used to come here before they changed it to Oguma. I was excited to see them re-open after being closed for a while. I really liked it before so I was expecting an upgrade. The sushi selection was very different than before, I enjoyed the previous selection better. They got rid of the dessert section and it's more expensive now. Kind of felt like a downgrade :( not sure if I'm coming back here if they are going to continue this way.

Frida L.

The yelp page says they're closed but I think they just changed management and name so the restaurant is still there. They're now called OGUMA.

Tim L.

Took my family of four to Oguma, and what a pleasant surprise! I went there when it was Kuma and it's basically an entirely different restaurant. Its super clean, the food has been seriously upgraded, and my kids loved it. My 7 and 5 year old asked today if we can go there again, and that never happens! My favorite was the sushi bar, I mentioned to the new owners that the sushi is really good and they said they use real sushi grade rice - seems like they put a lot of thought and effort into the food. This has nothing to do with the food, but we ran into a celebrity there! My son is a pitcher for Torrance Little League and he was thrilled he got to meet Chan Ho Park, former Dodger and mlb player for 17 years! Food has to be good when you see former MLB players right?

C L.

Wow, this place really upgraded their restaurant! It's definitely not what it was from previous ownership. The food is great...I was impressed with how they kept their salmon teriyaki. Usually it's overly-baked and dry, but this was moist and delicious. I really liked the sushi area...so many choices and good quality sushi! The drink station must be new as I have not seen it before. There's also a separate room that's big and spacious for special events...probably for first, 50th/60th/70th+ birthdays. The customer service is great, super nice staff who are engaging and not judging you for taking "too much" food. I'm glad this place renovated and opened up again, will come again!

Julie L.

Thrilled to come to lunch... Grand opening of Oguma! First, the restaurant is super clean... (unlike most AYCE places) there are proper sneeze guards, and the tables are clean.The staff is super friendly and always checks on your table and cleans the table as you make your back to the buffet. You start with a delicious selection of appetizers and salad course. Then you're greeted by one of the best and cravable hot buffets. Make your way to the next room and WOW!!.. fresh sushi, rolls, and sashimi. End your tour at the boba bar and Stubborn beverages all inclusive. I can't wait to come back for dinner. Great for families with picky little eaters and even for business meetings. They have a banquet room for events and celebrations which is large enough and exclusively located for privacy. I can't wait to bring my kids back for dinner! Save me a table!

Lisa P.

So the last time I was here with some friends one of my friends said they saw them use the same tongs to put the raw kbb on the grill then use the same tongs to remove the cooked meat. The food tasted fine and no one in our party got sick but after my friend told me what he saw I decided not to come back... I then found out they are closed...

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