Pacific Poke Bar

3556 Torrance Blvd, Torrance
(310) 316-7653

Recent Reviews

Lauren Stowe

The scoops of fish for the poke bowl were way too small. Was maybe 8 pieces of fish for a bowl. Not worth the price. There’s better in the area

Michael Brewer

Very fresh and tasty, authentic baun mi and the poke and pho are just as good!!

Jenia Kuksin

Pho soup is good. Poke is good enough

Christopher Greer

Always a nice spot to get some poke. The workers there are nice and they have a variety of other fusion asian options on offer like pho, sushi rolls, and such. It's not the freshest Poke you can get, but the amount and variety of topping always keeps me coming back (they even have kimchi)

Ariana Castillo

Staff is rude and unhelpful. Too many issues when trying to order online.

bennet j

amazing wonderful fresh and nice staff

Kevin F.

They're signs and Yelp say they close at 8 but they've twice turned me away before 7:30 saying they're closed. If you don't want to serve people till 8 like posted then change your closing time, instead of having my waste time and gas.

Adina S.

Got a medium poke but once I saw the scoop size had to order a large. Really small amount of toppings and poke, mainly just a big bowl of rice.

Margo S.

The staff was very rude we were trying to stand in line with our friends but we didn't want any food and they told us to leave if we weren't getting food I felt attacked

Jaime D.

Wow... poke is on point staff is very helpful. I got a little of everything for the proteins and sides and wow. I can't wait to try the PHO. I got the to go menu so I'll be coming with the clan to try the rest of the food on the menu.

Myra P.

I'm a big fan of this place now. This poke spot is extremely good. My bowl is fresh and flavorful. I'm happy and glad this place is local. Super Yummy!

Lisa F.

Most people come here to get the poke. Twice I tried ordering the pho, the not so warm and friendly lady at the cash register takes the entire order, walks me through it, and disappears only to reappear and tell me that they don't have the broth to make the pho! Why take me through the process of ordering if you don't have it. I tried the sushi, banh mi, and poke instead. I would say overall it was a lackluster dining experience. The food was mediocre, the fish not that fresh and salmon was stringy (not melt in your mouth). I doubt I will be returning.

Bernadette G.

Skimpy on servings for the price you pay. Better poke places for more bang for your buck, I just settled on this spot cause it's on the way to work and I'm hungry but the bill makes me regret everything

Rebecca Lopez

First time coming here. Looks like they've just opened so patience is a friendly reminder but they are on top of their stuff. Couldn't tell if it was the hunger or the preparation of my food but I ate it in 5 minutes food was too good. I had the 3 scoop bowl with tuna salmon and scallops everything tasted fresh. It was beautiful. I will be going back for my raw seafood fix. Decent pricing for seafood, in my opinion worth it.


I walked in at 7:30 , and they told me they were closed .

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