Pacific Poke Bar

3556 Torrance Blvd, Torrance
(310) 316-7653

Recent Reviews

Evan U.

Unimpressed by Poke. Small portion, nothing unique, albacore was cooked? Do yourself a favor and go to Jus Poke for the real deal

Nathan A.

Worst poke spot! 15 for a "large" when it really looks like a small at most. The lady gypped me on the toppings (cucumber, massage, etc.) and I had to keep saying "more, more!" Will never return! Update (5 hours later): has bubbly stomach and diarrhea (I think I was FOOD POISONED). No other customers inside business and can tell that the fish was bad.

ôrə. gallery

Pacific poke bar. Frankly speaking it’s kinda random. Because the name is poke bar but as soon as you walk in the menu on the chalkboard is PHO. And sushi and the poke menu is right above the counter.

Christina C.

Bowls are delicious, reasonably priced, with good portions. Staff is always friendly. Support your local business!

Roddy G. Posada Santos

Fast service, healthy food.

L.E. DuBois

Avocado was extra. Cucumbers were not fresh. So many other poke places do it better. This place is trying to do too much it shows. They serve pho, sushi, and poke. If they were a sit down restaurant that would be one thing, but as a take-out place with minimal seating, I think they should stick to one thing and do it really well. Poke is not one of those things right now. Go elsewhere.

Erika A.

I love that they also sell sushi rolls and not just poke oh and udon. My salad poke bowl was delicious thank you!

Katie S.

I drove to this complex with plans to go to get takeout at Wahoos Tacos for my family of 9. I love poke so decided to get a bowl for myself, when I saw this place practically next door. When I arrived, I commented to the woman working that it appeared the most of items were gluten -free and asked her if that was correct. (One family member has celiac, so confirming gluten free is essential) She didn't seem to know what I was talking about- I can't be sure If it was a language barrier or lack of knowledge of gluten-free but either way I decided it was too risky for my family member with celiac to eat there. So, I ordered a poke bowl only for me. I wanted the spicy tuna, but when I looked at it, it appeared mashed and somewhat old so I went for the regular tuna and salmon instead. She mixed it up and it squished in the to-go container. I started to eat it right away and bought the rest of my family food elsewhere. I was sceptical of the taste and feel of the fish, but it didn't seem too bad so I ate it all. Fast forward a few hours-- I spent the evening puking my guts out. I should have trusted my instinct and walked out. Important to note, no one else in my family is sick and they got their lunch from Wahoos.

Phil Hinch

Tasty at a great price.

Susie Chavez

Fresh had spicy tuna roll

Debbie T.

Food was good. The wait was 25 minutes and the place was empty! I ordered 3 simple rolls and 1 appetizer to go. I'd like to say it was worth the time and money except it was not. I will not be back.

Drew S.

This place is fantastic. The owners are so nice, and the food is great. Will definitely be coming here again

Britt L.

Delicious food but recently soooo STINGY!!! I'm never full after eating the poke bowls - even the large bowls!!! I'm a small person that is easily full so thats saying something. That's the only thing wrong here. I'm so annoyed that they're like that because I loved that place.

Lo A

This place isn't worth it. There are so many poke places and I regretted coming here after the first scoop was put on my plate. I've never seen such tiny portions with EVERYTHING. even the spoon for the corn can get you about 10 pieces of corn or less. It's kind of disappointing. And everytime you ask for more they're not happy about it.

Samuel Lattin

Small and cozy, great service, solid poke. Also enjoyed the shrimp spring rolls!

Kimberly Bouzguenda

Great food, reasonable prices. A favorite!

Eva L.

A coworker friend and I came here during our lunch break and just like any good poke place, they offer your pretty basic must-haves: choice of rice, salad, mixed as well as various proteins and sauces and toppings. I really liked my poke bowl, their salmon was pretty good and you know you can't go wrong with spicy mayo sauce! I got half rice and half mixed greens and even a small bowl can be pretty filling. Prices are pretty reasonable, and the people are nice and friendly. Credit cards are accepted and there's plenty of parking.

Hannah S.

The best poke bowl I ever did have. Quality is superb, workers are friendly, and prices are a reasonable. I got a bowl with salmon and tuna with the spicy mayo sauce. Usually other poke restaurants overdo the sauce and make it super salty, but here, the sauce portions and perfectly balanced so it's not salty at all but the flavor is still intact. This place is for sure becoming my go-to poke restaurant!

René Melancon

Delicious food, welcoming environment

René Melancon

Delicious food, welcoming environment

Esther L.

I got spicy tuna and tuna for my poke bowl, and I thought they were awesome. I like the various options for toppings and ingredients. Good portion to make me full. Friendly service, easy to order and quick. I would definitely come back soon!

Dawn Y.

We come here once in a while to get the salmon poke. The staff have something to be desired. They barely smile, talk very softly like they are afraid of you. The portions you get are pitiful for the price. I only come here when its late and I don't feel like driving to my favorite poke place.

Haks L.

everything about the visit was perfect! From food to the service, the store was full of satisfaction! the friendly ladies who were working during the time were super friendly and made me feel very welcomed. 6/5 would definitely recommend

Romario S.

super rude guy, he is super disrespectful, fix it now we came a couple days loved the place and this worker has made us not wanna come here again, your worker is super rude

Mikael Bäsén

Lots of fresh food

Elizabeth Dominguez

The best food

Mikael Bäsén

Lots of fresh food

pkz martinez

The best food

Claire P.

Used to come here often because it is close, but after today's experience, I would not come back. The fish was not fresh. Also, the grey/brown fat layer on the salmon was not cut off, making the salmon bitter and unappetizing. They are also stingy, especially on the toppings. Overall, would not come back and choose to drive a little bit further for better poke and service.

Darren W.

Beware of extra charges. The food was excellent, but did not appreciate the service that ruined our meal. A woman was difficult to communicate. My wife ordered medium which includes 3 scoops of proteins. After she selected 3 proteins, the woman asked her if she wanted another scoop and she picked the fourth one. She was being charged extra for that. We felt being tricked. After we complained, the woman just says sorry and turned out unhelpful. We have been to many other poke places and had much better service and unfortunately, we will not return.

Whitney L.

This place used to be my go to for poke but I'm not happy with the new ownership and employees that have changed... took away the dry toppings and the veggies are not chopped as small as before... they added a lot of new drinks, the sauces are a little different, and the portion is smaller... I'll have to go back to Poke Bar.

Danny P.

The worst experience I have had lately got sushi it was the worst ever and so tiny couldn't even find the fish! Smoothie was also small and nearly $5, over all I felt I was ripped off. I would never recommend this place. Only good was it was a clean seating area.

Agustin P.

I would eat here everyday if my wife wouldn't object...I love this place, the food is delicious and the service is excellent!

Massimo DiPierro

Excellent poke

James Eom

Just great food and Try New Menu (Fusion Style Sushi Roll and PHO)

Nuvia Ibarra

The food is great, the service is great. The only reason it's not a 5 star is because there is a dumpster outside that does not have a pleasant scent, there was trash on the floor, and a segal was making a bigger mess. But once you get inside it's fine.

Roan T.

I've been coming to this poke bar for the past year or so and just recently they've changed owners. A few noticeable changes: smaller portions (same price), got rid of their house dressing and a few toppings, oh and they offer pho and sushi now??? I haven't tried it yet but I don't know if I will. Kinda weird that a poke bar would have those items but who am I to say.

Stephania S.

This is my fav poke place. Everything is fresh and I like the hot Cheetos topping. The price is the average I believe.

William Christian

Great poke bowls! Recent ownership change is evolving the menu. Hope they keep the poke bowls awesome!

John Roberts

Great poke. Had the tuna, spicy tuna and albacore on brown rice. Kitchen is clean and the servers are courteous. There is a small sitting area outside with clean tables that is a nice place to chill and watch the traffic go by.