Qchon Chicken

2515 Torrance Blvd, Torrance
(310) 320-5935

Recent Reviews

Yao Z.

The only Korean chicken place that I will ever 100% support. Flavorful, consistent, and never raises prices. I would give it 1 million stars if I could

Debora K.

This place is the place to go when driving to OC/KTown for Kyochon is too much and too far. It might not be exactly the same, but it still satisfies that craving! Order ahead and pick up or order in-person and look around the market while you wait for your order. The owners are very sweet and caring. Wishing them all the success!

Olivia W.

Solid Korean chicken wings. We always get hot regular half spicy. Love that they also come with rice and daikon. The couple is also very nice.

Sleepy Lao

Excellent Korean fried chicken

David L.

Don't bother if you are using a debit card and going before 1pm. They limit their options and waste your time.

Gia S.

I always get 20 pcs of wings here, half and half (mild and spicy), and this is one of best chicken wings I have tasted! Beats Bomb Chicken any day! Although the wings are kinda small (party wings), the sauce is so tasty and it complements well with the rice and pickled radish. The owners are so nice and friendly too and I check on them during this pandemic. The shop is tucked inside the asian store SMart so you can also get some nice korean banchan like kimchi to eat along with it.

Angel iya

The best fried chicken spot in town! The workers always hook us up. The food is always fresh and delicious and the portions are huge. If you are hungry and craving Louisiana fried chicken, you NEED to make your way here. They are so sweet and they give nothing less than perfect service ALL THE TIME.

Gabriel Santos

This place was amazing, the first thing that caught me was the smell of the coffee! The coffee was great, my friend had got a mint lemonade and it was delicious! Their prices are on point and their food is delicious! Definitely coming back when I'm in the area!

Marie Murphy

We disliked that the Duck, the bacon really ruined all the flavors. We also had the Pheasant, the Rabbit and the Rattlesnakes. Other than the one worst, everything else was excellent.

Nesslee C.

Our favorite soy garlic chicken in Torrance. The owners are  friendly and the lady is always so nice to us. Hidden gem inside S Mart. We always call in our order so it will
be ready by the time we finish our shopping.

Derek M.

Some of the best Chicken wings in town! Can get them even more Spicy if you are brave enough. We've gone back multiple times, ordered ahead and ready at pick up.

Vishi A.

Think they only know how to fry chicken in Kentucky? Koreans get'em beat! Especially these at Qchon

April W.

I've been getting chicken here since high school which is over 10 years ago. I absolutely love this place. The chicken is flavored awesomely with a nice crunch. The side dishes are great and the service is amazing! Support small businesses especially mom and pop shops! If you haven't tried this place it's a must go. Located in S Mart

Betty N.

**ADDICTIVE WINGS, BE SURE TO GET SPICY**We've ordered from here several times, and we made some rookie mistakes. Here are some HELPFUL tips:(1) GET SPICY. The mild or regular does not taste the same and not as flavorful. You have to get spicy. Trust.(2) LUNCH SPECIALS. They have fantastic deals. Inquire. You will save money.(3) GET THE WINGS OR WHOLE CHICKEN. If you have 2 persons, order 10-15 wings with rice and you are set. If you have 4-6 persons, order the whole chicken and everyone will be happy. (4) For pick-ups, order 20 minutes ahead.It's our go-to place if we ever crave Korean fried chicken.HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

Matt H.

Not the best Korean style Fried chicken I've ever had. The flavor was mediocre compared to other fried chicken places. And the size of the chicken was extremely small! I was fairly disappointed overall

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