Restaurant Komatsu

2515 W Carson St, Torrance
(310) 212-7488

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Authentic and best tempura place in LA.

Keila N

I learned of Komatsu through Kyokushin Karate sensei Taku. He frequently comes here. Their specialty katsu don. It's very good. Today, I had the hamburg. The katsu don is better. Komatsu also has very good gyutan.

Samuel Sanders

Great family restaurant. Shame that I've only been able to enjoy their takeout because of COVID.

Lan N.

This was a great lunch place when I worked nearby and now it's a wonderful takeout place during covid! Warm, comforting Japanese food. I always get the pork cutlet egg bowl -- the flavors hit all the right notes for me. It looks simple, but it's hard to get that balance, and because they do, it's oh sooo good! I really hope Komatsu makes it through's the very definition of a local mom n' pops small business that depends on loyal customers. I'm worried they don't even have a website :/ I'll continue to order from them and support them as much as I can for as long as I can, and hope you will too!

Sue O.

Pre-Covid, this was a great place to dine in. During Covid, this place is still excellent for take out. Our favorite is of course tonkatsu, but we also love their Kaki entrees. Fried oyster kaki and the fried seafood tempura kaki are both very good. Last time, the lady asked if we wanted to try their new fried chicken, so of course we did. The pieces were huge, and it was so yummy with the spritz of lemon that came on the side.

Becky Fryer

Nice local coffee shop to hang out in. Paid $3.27 for a cup of Americano, but it was lukewarm. I'm usually offered an ice cube with Americanos because they're made scalding hot, but there was no need here.

Melissa Gonzales

Very good pieces of meat, served churrascaria style (servers go around the tables and serve you various cuts of grilled meat).To go with the meats you have a huge buffet to pick from with dozens and dozens of veggies, seafood, salads, rice, and more...This is a great places for large parties when you want to have a feast and eat way too much!

Amy Ward

Another nice outing at Carney's on the Strip. I enjoy eating outside on a sunny day, their outdoor area is very nice and relaxing,it has a great view of the strip, of the cool Art Deco Sunset Tower building. I enjoy eating there and watch the "action" , see what's going on the strip, people watch.Food is as good as usual. Their beer menu has changed. An IPA is on tap now, Blue Moon instead of Sam Adams. I prefer a Sam Adams, but a Blue Moon still works with my New Yorker. My husband got his Chili dog as usual and we enjoyed a couple of large portion of fries. Splurge a tad, right? Since prices are reasonable here, this could be a fun, cheap date. Love the decor, the old train is unique, has a romantic vibe. Cool landmark of our city!

Ken O.

I didn't feel like cooking for dinner so that forced to get something nearby. Hamburger steak was tender and sauce was flavorful but it was way saltier than any other one I ever tried.Broiled mackerel was more like pan fried with so much oil. But it was also too salty for us to finish...Both dish was okay other than too much sodium on.

Charles Hughes

This place was delicious. The macaroni was so yummy with a little spicy kick. Would definitely come back to this restaurant.

Bonnie Campbell

Found this new Gem !! Their chicken was so tasty and the corn covered in takis is too die for recommend this place to anyone !!!!

Julia H.

Had the Black pork cutlet with egg: Tastes pretty. The sauce goes well with the juiciness of the pork. Would get this again.Potato Salad: Tastes more like the Japanese style potato salad which is more sour than sweet. Reminds me of the kind you get at Nijiya market.

Seiichiro K.

Honestly, the owner chef has very high standards, everything is served piping hot. Tastes just like in Japan. One of my favorite Japanese restaurants.

Sarah R.

I LOOOOOOOOOVE this place!! The starchy egg is sooooo good. It has been a while since I've been here but I will have to make my way to this establishment once again after the COVID situation is under control. :( Man, I really miss this place now!

J Baxter

I had an extraordinary time at this place. We enjoyed the great vibes and the meals. The staff were very welcoming. I am happy we ultimately decided to try this restaurant.

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