3635 Fashion Way, Torrance
(310) 792-6154

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MichaelJohn B.

Friendly and fun service provided by Tara and her coworker. Plenty seating and clean.


(Translated by Google) Enjoy a relaxing coffee

Mike T.

Super friendly staff and they are continently located within the Marriott. They accept the phone app. The hours are a little wonky if you're looking for coffee late in the day.


. The staff was friendly and courteous. Made all drinks as if you were in your neighborhood Starbuck at home. During our stay the hotel was fully booked, unfortunately they did run out of some of the favorite’s sandwiches. Go early.

Boosted Jay

(Translated by Google) Chai Tea(Original)Chai Tea


Sempre bom, não tem como ser ruim, todas as bebidas são maravilhosas, peça uma diferente que você vai amar!

J. R. S.

Worst Starbuck experience I have had. Love being yelled at by a minimum wage employees. Should not have a job in a service role with current attitude. I recommend an review and adjustment of attitude.

Jaiden Arnold

Chai Tea



Marco Kersten

Poor service place suck

Kassandra R.

Worst experience ever! As a former Starbucks employee and regular Starbucks goer I was completely disgusted by the level of customer service by the barista. I went in the morning and started ordering my drink and she starts rushing to make the order without me realizing she was already making it without informing me or letting me finish. I then said I want it with almond milk. She rolls her eyes and says," wow you just made us waste milk"! Luckily I'm not rude and ignored it. This barista needs to be retrained. She was an older middle aged African American woman. I worked at Starbucks and I have never treated customers like that. Never coming here again!

Amber L.

I was very surprised at the level of service that I received at this Starbucks. First of all, they are located inside of the Torrance Marriott in the hotel lobby. It's a very nice location, well lit, ample seating, a tv, comfortable and glass enclosed, with automatic doors separating them from the lobby. There's even an outside area where you can go sit on comfortable patio furniture. I stood in a short line and was immediately greeted upon reaching the counter. I quickly gave my order, paid and waited patiently for my morning lifeline of coffee and a croissant. My order came out so quickly that I couldn't even get comfortable leaning against the wall; my usual stance at other Starbucks locations. Everyone behind the counter was happy and energetic. I stopped in because I rented a car from the Hertz at the Torrance Marriott. When I dropped my car off, I stopped in again. The barista came over to take my order and said, "Welcome back! What can I get for you?" Awesome that he remembered me. Fantastic service at this location.

Karen B.

I always expect to pay more for items from any Starbucks located inside of a hotel, airport, or convention center. A pleasant surprise at this one: they encouraged patrons getting the roast of the day to refill with the same cup for 60 cents. How cool is that?! As always, they were print and their store was well organized. Even when a line forms, they handle it professionally and efficiently. I think they're use to the lines! Being fully staffed helps! They have a large seating area with a television and a game staged to play; it felt like an office recreation room. Fun and laid back!



Laurenz Sommerlad

Delicious coffee

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