20208 Anza Ave, Torrance
(310) 214-0634

Recent Reviews

Jesus M.

Never have I been to a subway that had 1 person working and having a line out the door. Jose was exceptionally professional and very friendly getting to everyone's orders and memorizing them. The wait was not long as he worked quickly. I live in Compton and will most definitely come back to this subway for Jose's positive attitude and friendlyness while keeping his cool under pressure.


Half price footlongs are awesome

Osha Fosfos

My favorite store has the most friendly staff

Erik Aaron

Great staff, very friendly ?

mwtasem kojak

I buy from them a sandwich 12 inches and a drink.And back later to refill my drink she said you have to buy another oneAnd she doesn't have a tag name but she tries to prove herself like that I still have the receipt

Jee C.

They use old bread and lettuce wasn't fresh. Please don't use this location. They need to stop business. I usually love subway but this location is very bad.

Melisa H.

Please don't use old bread when selling sandwiches, I ordered a foot long and when i got home the bread was hard and stale!!!! This was on a Friday, why do you have old bread????

Elisa Sgobbo

Good customer service. Got the veggie patty footlong on Italian. It was yummy the bread was fresh and soft and the veggie were crisp

Kyle Lee

A great sandwich place. Loved the Spicy Italian and Italian BMT. Also, the sweet onion sauce is my favorite.

Andrea Ledoux

Great service and good sandwiches

diana k.

Apparently MyWay doesn't exist at this Subway. I asked for more than 3 cucumbers, 4 olives, and two pieces of red onion and was told no and they "needed" the extra veggies for other people. Rude as well. Go somewhere else!


This place is ok not outstanding. I came here with a cupon which was valid for all foot long but the stuff told that it is not valid for steak and this time she is giving it to me but not next time. As if she is doing favor to me. I scanned the coupon in their machine and it worked as well, she didn't do any special override which proves that the coupon was valid. I didn't argue at all rather I paid tips to the lady. This kind of decision may be cascaded from upper level.

Tatiana Harbour

This Subway’s Delivery Service is Trash! This is the Second Time I Tried Ordering from Them Online via Delivery from the Subway App and They’ll Accept My Order Then Cancel It. Wth. Someone Needs to Fix This because I’m Very Unhappy That My Order’s Keep Getting Canceled. The First Time I Called to Ask Why My Order was Canceled, I was Greeted by a Very Rude Lady, Don’t Know Her Name, but She was VERY RUDE, I Don’t Think I’ll Order from This Subway Again.

Carter Saacke

Great sandwiches

Maggie S.

0 stars would be appropriate for this restaurant. Unfortunately, for most of us, time and gas are valid considerations. If this restaurant is close to you and you take your order to go, you aren't likely to have issues here. I have frequented this restaurant couple of times a month for about 4 years. The customer service was always friendly and competent. Not any more, now that in-store dining is permitted. Also Subway Corporate customer service has checked out. It's all on-line digital now and NO ONE RESPONDS to website complaints, least of all the owner of this restaurant, Ravi Shankhar. He has owned several Subways in the vicinity for decades and in my opinion, has a long term reputation for negligence and worse with employees and poor customer relations. I have reported my in store dining experience multiple times on the Subway websiteI NO RESPONSE! I have requested the franchise owner and/or the DM to call me. NO RESPONSE. For weeks, there was no "welcome" greeting in store. For months, the vibrations of the store personnel are not friendly and don't want to hear your choices. In each experience, the floor and dining area was exceptionally dirty with food and spillage. No one responded to my requests. For months, one of the personnel, not only doesn't look at you, but apparently let's people wait while she takes long breaks and busies herself with other matters. For months, I asked that they draw the window shades to block out mid-day sun to be ignored. Each time, I asked for side wine vinegar, I got oil AND vinegar on my sandwich. You get the picture.Go elsewhere. There are some good sandwich shops out there besides Subway, Jersey Mike's, for one!

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