Wahoo's Fish Taco

3556 Torrance Blvd, Torrance
(310) 540-7725

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marc F.

Called for takeout..Un educated and inexperienced staff members. They had no idea what consists of their own menu. They got frustrated and disrespectfully hung-up the phone on a customer. Great job wahoos you lost a customer LMAO to the best of your business.

Brian Truitt

Good stuff. The grilled fish tacos were great.

B Taylor

Terrible customer service , I WILL NEVER COME BACK . My meat is even RED!!!


Perfect!!!!! I came here for the first time today. very delicious and not expensive!

Nick W.

We come here at least once a month! Always fresh food and great customer service! We love the variety of fish tacos! Banzai bowls are our go to right now and of course have to get the guacamole!

Valerie W.

I'm sorry, but a restaurant that's has "Fish" in the name should at least have good fish. I ordered a fish bowl with rice and beans. It was a large bowl with a good serving size, but that's were the good rating ends. It was such bad fish! It was so dry and tough the texture was like dry, over-cooked chicken. I had to use a sharp knife to cut it and that didn't even work that well. There was no flavor to it and no sauce or anything. I squeezed 4 lime slices on the fish and it still didn't help. I should have returned it for a refund, but was in a hurry and needed something to eat. (never again will I put up with such bad food) The service was the best part about the place. For roughly the same price, and a MUCH better fish meal, go to Malibu Eatery or Blue Salt Fish Grill.

Steve N.

My feelings on Wahoo's are somewhat mixed. On certain visits, I get to enjoy some nice tacos... and then on other occasions, I leave feeling a bit disappointed due to the quality in which my food was prepared. I'm not saying that all the times I've been here have been disappointing, but in all of my visits, the quality and taste of my food has never been consistent. To preface my review, I usually come here after my workouts to order some grilled or fried fish tacos with black beans on the side. It's actually a really good place to get your fill if you're trying to eat healthy because they don't cook with lard or extra fat. With that being said, if you're expecting a tasty and flavorful taco dish... it can be hit or miss. If I come here now, I usually just stick to the fried fish tacos because they've been pretty decent. You can tell in a lot of the reviews that people share the same opinion as I do. Maybe it depends on what you order, but for the most part, it's all about personal preference. Service is great and efficient, so there's no knock on their part at all.

Demetrius Hampton

Two thumbs up for the Crunchy Fish Tacos!

Richard O.

I got a 2 fish taco combo, and it was delicious. I'm kinda sad that now I have to drive to Torrance to eat a Wahoo's, because I used to be a regular at the Burbank Wahoo's. Well, I'm glad they're still in business, and their grilled fish tacos are delicious and I'm surprised at the average yelp score for this restaurant. The food is always good and consistent, I don't see why there's so many negative reviews. Please come here and support this business. By the way, this place serves brown rice.

Smith John

Love this place, the rice is delicious!!! Not to mention de fish tacos, they're good. Service is great too.I recommended to my friends !!

Jennifer Amy C.

Food is a difficult thing to nail when it comes to some people . But for me ? Every time since 2014 my food is AMAZING! It's yummy, fresh, on point! It's 2019 now , and the service is amazing... Unlike other fast food restaurants... they actually care about how your food tastes , how you're doing , and if you're liking your experience at Wahoos tacos ! And that deserves more than 10 starZ! The staff is always friendly and ready to help ! They serve alcohol , margaritas with real Tequila ! I love that about Wahoos! It's ALWAYS CLEAN, cause they're always cleaning! I love wahoos ! And their staff! They're the best of the best! 5 years and counting , and the food and service is still 100%! Will be coming back , always ! -With Love ,-Jenn Castillo

Debbie T.

The food was really good. The tacos were great. The nachos were full of chicken, cheese , jalapeños, sour cream and guacamole and they were really good. The service was so wonderful and fast. I will be back again really soon. Food was great and service was awesome. Thank you for your service and food.

Jennifer M.

I got a burrito with spicy chicken, white rice, black beans , cheese and lettuce. I paid a dollar extra for sour cream. This burrito certainly didn't wow me. The tortilla was overcooked and kinda crispy. I hate that in a burrito. The rice was mushy and tasteless and even though I paid the extra dollar, I could barely see or taste the sour cream. The chicken was just ok, nothing great there. Probably won't ever be back here. I ate here a few times, years ago and I was never too impressed. I decided to give it another chance and now I'm done. Chipotle is ten times better and BIGGER for around the same price.

Brittany Caudill

The cashier was quick to respond to us. He was friendly and helped us choose our dish of choice. He didn't rush us, despite being busy. Service was fast and the Outer Reef with shrimp burrito was simple but delicious! Worth the quick stop.

James Porter

Great flavors. Really enjoyed the fish tacos.

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