Cottonwood Restaurant & Bar

10142 Rue Hilltop, Truckee
(530) 587-5711

Recent Reviews

Bradley Schwartz

Had a great experience here with my friend. The food was served fast and the customer service is just fantastic. Prices are reasonable.

Jeremiah Alexander

This place was great! Good local brews on tap also ?

Brenda M.

My boyfriend and I were really excited to kick off our anniversary with this brunch, unfortunately the food was COLD & not so yummy :( I really wanted to love it since the view was so pretty. We both just ate some of it since we were so hungry and left to eat a second breakfast elsewhere. We spent a third of what we spent here and were a lot happier

Carole O.

We have been coming to cottonwood for years and it always exceeded expectations. We came to dinner last night due to the beautiful outdoor seating arrangement and Covid. Found a new and very limited and expensive menu. The meal was very sub par and the service was poor. Will not go to this restaurant again and that is sad as it used to be one of the best.

Osmel Cuan

Overpriced and under-seasoned fare, not recommended. Tomato soup tastes like regular marinara sauce. I couldn’t believe the supplemental fee for dry bread. Dial up the $20 basic salad and $40 dry as a bone pork chop (that’s right one porkchop with no sides) PLUS extra charge for herb butter to wash it down! Nothing about this place will make me return. Nope.

Jonathan O'Neill

The kitchen nailed the caeser salad. I eat them all the time. This one rises to the top. Hints of anchovies and tangy. Delicious.

Terry B.

My daughter took my wife and I here to celebrate my recent retirement and we all had high expectations. I would have given only one star, but the view from the deck is good for an extra star. The service was above average. The entree selection was minimal, the prices were high and the quality of the food was poor. I had a grilled half chicken (breast was dry and leg & thigh were pink), roasted red potatoes (frankly, the worst I've had as they were hard and had no flavor) and and a small chopped Caesar salad (dressing was almost flavorless, only one crouton and minimal parmesan cheese). Also, the restaurant building, deck and grounds are in need of repair and update. I get that they have a great location, but the owner(s) should be thinking about their customers and providing them with food and an experience worthy of the prices they're charging.

Monica S.

They were known for having the BEST Caesar Salad on the planet! Apparently, they decided to stop making the salad to order so it's about as good as McDonalds. $44 for a cocktail and 2 very disappointing salads. As a general rule: don't do away with the one thing you're known for!

Jim R.

Thr view of downtown Truckee is amazing from outside deck. If you like Disney it's like looking down on Radiator Springs.The food is good but the view makes it priceless. Best view in Truckee

Heidi K.

I'm a local. The cottonwood goes up and down but it has hit a new low. We took a client to dinner tonight. It was expensive and embarrassing. The potatoes were cold gruel. It was $18 for a head of lettuce with dressing from a bottle and the steak was all fat. There were 6 servers for 2 occupied tables and we couldn't get salt and pepper. Best of 2020? Laughable.

Larry Larson

Veggie tacos sounded good & looked good. Adding a better sauce should improve things to a 5!

Mark Harrison

never had a bad meal/service at Cottonwood. clearly the best restaurant and atmosphere in Truckee

Sherry S.

I made a reservation for an outside table at 7:45 pm. I gave my credit card and secured the reservation earlier that day. Note, they charge a $50.00 fee if you cancel without a 24 hour notice. When we arrived on time we were told we had to wait 45 minutes for a table on the deck and that we were 3rd in line. When I questioned that the hostess gaslighted me by saying everyone does that. Noooo, everyone doesn't do that! A 7:45 reservation is just that, 7:45, not 8:30! I have never made a reservation that made me wait in line for a table. It was basically first come first serve, so why take my reservation and credit card at all if that's the case?! Also, it's stated on the website that your reservation is limited to 1 hour and 45 min. The dinner was good but very pricey. Not sure I'll ever go back

Beverly H.

The view here is like a postcard. It's the best view in Truckee! Unfortunately I think the chef must have changed since Covid because they used to serve complimentary amazing fluffy huge Parker rolls but now the rolls are hard, small rolls that are on the menu. I don't mind paying because I know restaurants have suffered with the lockdown but the quality shouldn't be lowered while prices increased. In February I ordered their fried chicken dinner and it was prepared perfectly with crispy batter and moist, perfectly seasoned meat. I ordered it again because it was so good but was disappointed to get over cooked , dark brown battered dry chicken. Pre-Covid meals were complete.but now they are very expensive entrees ($44 for a small salmon entree) and sides are around $8/each. Do not get the potato side. It's over cooked at the bottom and dry. I was so disappointed because I loved this restaurant pre-Covid but now I will only go for appetizers so we can see the view.

Gary Crow

View was amazing, food was high priced and just average taste.

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