Cottonwood Restaurant & Bar

10142 Rue Hilltop, Truckee
(530) 587-5711

Recent Reviews

Remington R

At the first moment you enter that restaurant team give you a pleasant feeling. Very friendly hosts, it is a kind place to pass time with your friends or with your date. delightful food, experienced chef de cuisine, competitive pay and attentive service. Highly recommended.

Allie Krajewski

This spot knows how to serve their customers. Regularly with a welcoming demeanor. The food is reasonably priced, regularly flavorful and clean.

Ray P.

I haven't been here for a while but the last time I came here I saw the workers taking a Pee behind the building I complain to the manager oh he said where else they're going to Pee. This is the last time I will be coming here

Dawn V.

I've always really enjoyed Cottonwoods and have been there many times. On our last visit, there was a fair amount of disappointment throughout our party of 5. I can't say one person had anything positive to say beyond, "it was ok." We will try again but really hope some changes are made. The food was mediocre at best and it was a real let down considering we've always been hugely satisfied. Maybe it was just an off night. In a positive note, the view is fabulous and the service was on point.

Curtis Hill

Pretty good food. Nice view from the patio ??


We ate dinner here outside on the deck overlooking the Truckee River and community. Loved our view! The evening outside was perfect and the food and service was pretty good too! Look forward to our return visit to try something new...and enjoy the outside deck.

Nicole G.

Love the bar ! The bartenders are wonderful and we eat at the bar all the time and love the food. But last night we sat in the dining room as there were 4 of us. The scallop appetizer was wonderful. But then came the trout I ordered. It was mush of trout and cornmeal. It had no shape and tasted horrible. I was so disappointed. We had planned a nice evening and the dinner was terrible. We will stick to the bar.

MaryKate Miller Fitzsimon

We had a confirmed reservation for ten people and when we arrived at restaurant were told the table hadn’t cleared and kitchen was behind. We waited for an hour to be seated only to be told 2-3 times kitchen was still behind. Hostess said she would not seat is because we wouldn’t be able to order food for awhile anyway. So 10 people standing around waiting... ended up Leaving at 9:15 never having been seated. When my sister spoke to the owner the next day there was no apology

Randall Raines

The place offers a large variety of delicious food. I enjoy eating here. The employees are always very nice, rates are reasonable and the place is always neat.

Dana T.

Cute romantic atmosphere, great service, but sadly food looks so pretty but is very, very bland. (Halibut was previously frozen and then overdone, sauce/watery, risotto tasted like water...$50! Yuck) Ceasar salad and french onion soup were good though.

Dave Scalzo

We had a 7:15 reservation for 5. We were seated right away. We had a very sweet waitress but it took an extremely long time to get our order placed. I think it was due to the fact that they were very under staffed. Not our waitresses fault. Once we got our order placed, it took close to an hour for our food to come out. It was after 8:30 by the time our food finally arrived. Once it did, every single dish was cold. Very weird. Mine was actually raw on the inside. I ordered the flatiron, medium. I sent it back and it came out hot, but it was raw on the inside again. At that point we had been there for 2 hours. The manager was very kind and took my plate off of the bill and was apologetic. The overall experience was bad. Maybe they were under staffed? Maybe they had problems in the kitchen that night? Not sure. Other than that, they have a beautiful view of downtown Trukee at night and great live music. I most likely wont be back, but maybe it will be different for those of you reading this.

Autumn G.

A great place for a romantic dinner or a fun filled happy hour. Best views of downtown Truckee year round. A beautiful outdoor dining experience in the summer and the food is awesome. I highly recommend the French onion soup.

Noemi Maria

The place was nice and cozy. The food was really not good , except the bread. Definitely won’t be going again .

R B.

The bar is the best thing about Cottonwood - awesome selection of spirits & big menu of fantastic, creative craft-cocktails that they change all the time. The food is always superb. When they are busy, the service can get a bit slow, but it is never been an issue for me - just know it may take a bit longer to get your meal - it's worth the wait.

Roberta L.

Knowing Cottonwood of yesteryear, this place can't hold a candle. Replace all the carpet & kitchens you like, won't help the overpriced, overrated menu. And "out-of-towners" know this...they can't "prey" on you because THEY "are out-of-towners" themselves. Good luck !

Christine Mamuad

We came here for happy hour after an afternoon of snowmobile fun, looking to watch a football game and maybe have some light snacks. This place is so much better than what we were looking for. The food was all excellent: butternut squash soup, mac and cheese gnocchi, beef poutine, and the scotch egg. The drink special, Jingle My Bells, was a refreshing concoction of bourbon, amaro, lemon, and ginger. Out of all of these, the scotch egg was the best surprise, as it was quite a sizeable ball of crunchy pork deliciousness, served on a bed of the tastiest, crispiest leeks I have ever had. I would order this dish on its own as an entree and be satisfied. Service was excellent throughout, and the one screen in the bar area was sufficient to meet our football watching needs. Overall a great spot in Truckee for a really tasty and satisfying happy hour.

pat y.

This place has taken a major dip in food quality. We have been going here for years, and couldn't believe what was served during our last visit. The poutine was maybe a 2 out of 5 stars. Two burgers were 1 out of 5 stars Pork medallions again 1 out of 5 stars Cesar salad was 4 out of 5 Two stars given in review in appreciation of our good service and atmosphere. Sadly,there are far better options in Truckee these days for a fraction of the price.

Kayla W.

The view was beautiful at night. The waiter though was very rude. He had zero customer service skills it appeared. He checked on our table once and didn't come back "after he went to go grab us a bread basket". We asked about a few things on the menu and appeared area very annoyed about it. The salmon was very good but a bad wait staff will be enough to lose my business or referral.

John L.

We really like this place and I am surprised they don't have a higher rating. They accommodated a large group 8 of us, provided great service, we love there menu and don't forget to order the Cesar salad. Cheers

Scott Schroepfer

Below average in everything except the tasty rolls. Butternut soup was very bland, the flat iron steak was served with 2 cold unseasoned potatoes and and the server wasn't sure what to do when we mentioned it! Come on a $34.00 dinner could have gone so much better. Toss a few grilled asparagus on top, make it interesting at least. An apology is fine but do something to make the customer happy...We paid the full price bill with a grimace. We are locals and we won't be going back. Maybe the new chiefs are just that, new.

Kathryn Lorang

Wow! New chefs, new menu...GREAT CHANGES ! The venison chop and salmon dish were delicious. The service team really was 5 star as well.

Bruce J.

Me and two friends just went to cottonwood last night and really had one of the worst culinary experience of our lives. Let's talk about the dishes we order. The beets 3 way: Our waitress told us about the dish before ordering, telling us the beets were lightly pickled and spiced up. In our plate we got sliced roasted beets and very approximately diced beets, topped with one sad piece of goat cheese. The beets were absolutely not pickled and had absolutely zero seasoning. Nothing to say about the bone marrow, it was really good. We got two orders of the Pastrami style short ribs, which are sold for $41 dollars each. In theory that sounds delicious, a nice slow roasted short rib that falls of the bone and melt in your mouth... it happens when you smoke them or slow roast them for a long time. All that served with garlic mashed potatoes, that sounds amazing! What we got: A short rib, dry as f***, with absolutely no seasoning again, by that I literally mean that the meat as been put in the over without any salt or pepper and absolutely not slow roasted but most likely roasted at at a higher temperature for a shorter amount of time. No garlic mashed potatoes to go with, only a bed of parsnip soup at the bottom of the plate... The hickory smoked salmon : COMPLETELY UNSEASONED, zero salt, nothing, baked " smoked " probably over a plank of hickory was barely edible and served with 3 raw pieces of kale dinosaur, STEM ON. A complete joke. We didn't dare ordering nothing else or any dessert. It might have been a bad night for them, it happens, but serving food that doesn't match the description and not cooked properly is not ok. I would have rather been refused at the door, which would have allow me to find another place to eat...

Susana C.

Great place and great people. Happy NewYear and thanks for having enough room. Customer service OUT of this world !!! Food .... insanely incredible!!! Will be coming again and we will NOT be waiting till next year

John T.

You walk in and you want to like this place. Vibe is ski mixed with old mining town. Place is lively and menu reads great but that is were it stops. We were five and service was good all night but with prices that set expectations at dining, not just eating, this place falls short. 3 ways beets was uninspiring at best with no seasoning and blue cheese chunk just throw on (come on... it goes with goat cheese). Squash soup was good and cacio e pepe... maybe my fav pasta ever... was over peppered and a give back. Come on. Like 4 ingredients!! Kids were just ok meals. Trout was good not great. So.... I would skip.

Jason B.

Just bad. Don't go. I think they just prey on out-of-towners Burger was ok. Eat that if you are forced to be here. But it's nothing special. Steaks were sent back. One was vastly undercooked. The other overcooked. Salmon was terrible. Seriously. Don't eat it. I don't even leave reviews. Just had to spread the word. Just providing a word of warning to the rest of the world.

KayEl H.

We love Cottonwood and have been dining there for years. Caesar is the best! They just revamped their menu and added some awesome new vegan options which is awesome... The only problem is the soy used in these dishes is not organic. Even the veggie burger is made with GMO soy. It's almost 2020 and with all of the information out there, it's just disappointing that they would not use organic ingredients- especially soy.

Owen Lafleur

I sent my friends to this restaurant with my warmest recommendations. I visit this restaurant often. I get very good feedback from my friends. The meals are fantastic and the stuff is efficient and cooperative. Every time we visit this place we pass a splendid time. I warmly recommend this restaurant.

Patricia and David Smelser

Service is good and the was good considering there was a large group there watching the music show.

Tracy O.

We have given this restaurant many chances over the years. Each time we say we won't be back. Tried it again last night as a birthday celebration with some friends as we heard it had changed owners and menu. Unbelievably they have actually managed to get worse. Seriously the WORST dining experience we have ever had. The food was TERRIBLE and the manager was rude. We politely complained to her and she rudely stated that she would pass the information on to the kitchen staff and walked away. We expected that she would perhaps discount our bill for some of the uneaten food, maybe the Burger that was ordered Medium Rare and was delivered charred and resembled shoe leather, or perhaps the Pork Belly that tasted like it came from the same shoe. Nope!!! We are locals in this town and we will never return to this restaurant.

Susan G

Went to Cottonwood this evening for the Community Soup Dinner; it was lovely. Sean McAlindin played guitar and sang while people dined together. I see so many in my community, while working at New Moon, and it was wonderful to just sit and break bread with them, and other people I've not met.

Hector Avila

The food was terrible. Gordon Ramsay would have a field day with the cooks.

Celeste Doyle Robson

Changed the menu. Food was awful. I was really looking forward to their Ceasar salad it was terrible I ate two bites and couldn’t eat any more. I was told they were trying to make a traditional ceasar bad move. Go back to the original recipe. The new menu is trying to be very trendy, sad to see a great restaurant go this direction.

Barbara M.

I have not been to this restaurant in awhile and was looking forward to seeing how it was since the new ownership. Unfortunately it was a disappointment. First it took awhile to get waited on because our server didn't realize she had our table. The husbands ordered soup and it was barely warm. The chopped caesar salad was good. Three of us ordered chicken and one ordered a hamburger. Two of the chickens were not cooked and the hamburger that was ordered medium rare was very well done. So three of the meals were sent back. It took about 40 minutes for the chicken to come out again, but it was cooked at least. I have to say the manager was very apologetic and comped us the two chicken dinners. I appreciate that, but would find it hard to return.

John C.

It was an omen of things to come when our waitress did not realize we were sitting in her section. We ordered 3 chicken and one hamburger, along with some salads and soup. The two onion soups were luke warm, two of the three chickens were raw and the hamburger was way over cooked. The Caesar salad was bland. So... we sent the raw chickens and hamburger back. The new burger came back in a reasonable time but the chicken took 40 minutes; thus, the rest of us done eating. The manager apologized and comped two chicken meals. The waitstaff and Manager really seemed to try to get it right but the kitchen did not produce. Still...the worst meal experience in years.

Kelly W.

After hearing a lot about this place I decided to go with a friend. He has been there before and said it was good. We went for dinner. Have to say it was average at best especially for the price. My friend had the hamburger (way expensive) and I had the chicken linguini. Service was satisfactory (however the server never came by after our food was served except to drop off the check) but the food was disappointing! The chicken in my linguini was dry and sparse and was hardly no taste of garlic or feta. It was also supposed to be in a tomato cream sauce but was more tomato and tomato chunks. My friend said his burger was bland and tasteless. Won't go back.

Surita S.

Food was not good! No salt or flavor. Service very slow or non existent. Won't be back even for the view.

Janice H.

We have been coming to Cottonwood for years every Fall. We had no idea it changed hands! Sorry I didn't check the reviews before we made birthday reservations. We have had many amazing meals in the past. But this was honestly one of our worst dining experiences ever. The pork porterhouse was flavorless tough, and over done. One person suffer through it the other person in our party refused to eat it. They did eventually take it off the bill, but we're kind of flippant when we told them how bad they were. Likewise my friend we brought from out of town ordered a drink that taste it like kerosene. He sent it back and order another one that tasted almost as bad. The descriptions of everything sounded wonderful on the menu and were nothing like the descriptions. The other guest ordered a hamburger because it sounded so good on the menu. It was edible but nothing special. Our waitress was nice but not good at taking cues. She Would either be gone for a long time or would stand next to the table while we were trying to make decisions. Typically when we have gone in the past the dining room was packed. We thought it odd that there were only three other tables for when we arrived. We thought maybe it was due to it being a Sunday evening. But now I believe it's because the word is out. I rarely write reviews. But having experience this restaurant in the past as an amazing dining experience I felt it necessary to express the many horrible changes that have occurred. Once our favorite place in Trucker is now one of our all time least favorite dining experiences.

Dhammike Fernando

Nice view.

Brayden F

The service is regularly quick, good vibes, very friendly staff. I will return again when I am here.

L S.

After reading some these reviews I can only wonder if I am losing my mind. But how do you have reviews from 8 years ago be the first you read...??? As long time local resident I use to frequent Cottonwood's . Once ownership changed to non locals everything went downhill. In the past couple of months I have been there three times and each time I think it can't get any worse or more expensive. They no longer support local farmers and it tastes like it. No farm to table..more like Walmart to table..Even the cocktails have gotten bad. I now stick to wine. The famous Cesar salad..please, it doesn't compare. You maybe still be able to attract tourists, but it is locals that will keep you afloat. Do something ! I am done ..trying see if "it's gotten better"!!