Central Station Bar and Grill

10 E Main St, Turlock
(209) 669-1010

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Scott Threet Jr

My burger was alright my dates clam chowder was ice cold and gross, then they brought her out a salad and all the leaves were half rotten and wilted the place was dead how does this happen on Valentines night?The only redeeming quality about the restaurant is the waitress was great. I will NEVER go here again.

Atmosphere: 3

Food: 1

Service: 1

Jaymon J.

I love the place the food is awesome. I come here weekly with my children. The only thing that may stop me though is that their Niners fans ha ha.

Rob M.

I have been here a few times and have honestly had drastically different experiences, so I waited to rate until now. Sometimes I/we get good service and great food, but other times very poor service (like getting our orders completely wrong) and below average food. Since I love Cajun food, we went yesterday to try out their Mardi Gras themed menu. Wife ordered the Andouille Sausage Jalapeno Poppers and a cup of clam chowder, I ordered the Jerk Chicken Po' Boy, and son (not a fan of Cajun food) went with a Texan Burger off their regular menu. For dessert we shared an order of Beignets. Like before, the consistency of the dishes ranged tremendously. My Po' Boy had good flavor, a real fresh bun, and was tasty. My son said his burger was good, but the pulled pork on the top had WAY too much BBQ sauce on it. Pulled pork doesn't need any sauce added to it, the pork profile should be able to stand alone from the dry rub and smoking technique. If a customer asks for sauce, I recommend providing it on the side, not drenching the pork in it. This is usually done by people to mask poorly prepared pork. The biggest disappointment of the order was the Andouille poppers. Aside from an expensive price for such a small order, they were way overcooked (see photo) and almost inedible. While the Beignets and dipping sauce provided was tasty, they were covered with what looked like about half a box of powdered sugar (see photo). Again, less is better on toppings, let the food's taste stand out! Our waitress was outstanding and I was pleased to have an Abita Purple Haze beer (on tap) with the meal. So overall this place is good, not great, with lots of room for improvement.


I went here for lunch yesterday while in town for event. Tried the Mack attack, best burger I've ever had. Whoever the chef is that was working yesterday around 1pm, you are a God.

Atmosphere: 5

Food: 5

Service: 5

Recommended dishes: Mack Attack, Twisters

Alexander Villa

This was our first time here. I had the Take 'Em To The Station burger. The burger was THICCC and juicy, seasoned perfectly, and cooked to perfection. The jalapeno-infused patty, habanero jam, bacon, and all the fixings were fuego ? my taste buds were literally tingling. My wife had the pepperoni pizza and while not as good as my burger, she had no complaints (personally I wish it had been a little more crispy). Service was great, drinks refilled promptly. I'm marking this as the best burger Turlock has to offer. We will be back!

Atmosphere: 5

Food: 5

Service: 5

Alex J.

Good food and great drinks. They needed a little more staff but the bartender/ waiter was so nice and worked hard

Chuck Mclaughlin

Nice place great food, and

Atmosphere: 5

Food: 5

Service: 5

Recommended dishes: Wings, Central Station Burger, Shrimp Tacos, Pulled Pork Tacos 3

Frances V.

Giving 3 stars because our waitress was nice and checked on us. My daughter ordered the kids sliders, my other daughter got the clam chowder in a bread bowl and I got the French toast. Kids sliders came with cheese and ketchup and twister fries. My daughter liked them and the burgers were super cute. The clam chowder was much better than when he went went this location was 10 east. The bread bowl was soft and the chowder was creamy, but was just a ok chowder over all. My French toast listed it came with choice of bacon or sausage and 2 eggs. I opted for bacon and 2 eggs over medium. When my plate arrived, I could tell the eggs were over cooked immediately, cut into them and asked the waitress if they could be remade because they weren't runny at all. She was quick to get it taken care of and my over medium eggs arrived really fast. The plate came with syrup, but no butter. The receipt showed a $3 upcharge for the bacon, making my meal $18.99 instead of the menu price of $15.99 that says choice of bacon or sausage. Not sure why there would be an upcharge... Overall, service was good, but food was just a little basic and probably not somewhere we would frequent.

J J.

This is no longer a restaurant with good ambiance & a unique & diverse menu. This is a bar with a secondary concession stand. We walked in thinking we were going to have a nice dinner and were slapped in the face with a packed bar (which isn't unusual for this place; especially when a big game is on) who were SCREAMING along to the BLARING television. It was so loud we literally could not hear what the other was saying and we were standing inches apart. We were getting ready to turn around to leave when we caught an employee's (or maybe the owner's?) attention who offered to seat us in the downstairs dining area (which has also been modified to resemble a concession stand eating area). We decided to give the benefit of the doubt and try the new menu, and asked to be seated upstairs where it was quieter. The drinks were AWFUL. My cocktail was worthy of a bottom shelf $5 drink, when in actuality it cost $14. I actually had to send it back because it advertised a completely different liquor than it came with! The beer selection was pathetic. The food was deserving of an entire review all in itself, but I went ahead and included it here. It was extremely limited and was super pathetic. Nearly the entire appetizer menu was devised of some sort of oyster product. Um, oysters from a place who couldn't even get the type of alcohol right on the menu?? I'll pass. Burgers & sandwiches dominated the menu (but the selection was awful). And then there was the "obligatory" entrée section. Guarantee that 95% of that selection is prepared from frozen meats/products... I passed. Instead, I ordered their chili cheese nachos from the appetizer menu, because who truly can screw up nachos? Well, this place can. Meat selection consisted of unflavored, dry dry chicken breast or pulled pork (which also dominates their menu). I chose the pulled pork because again, who can truly screw up pulled pork? I think you know my answer... Anyhow, my nachos came about 20 minutes before my husband's "meal" arrived. My husband and I literally looked at each other and laughed out loud upon taking one look at the "nachos" because there was no semblance of "nachos" (except for chips) on that plate whatsoever. The "chili cheese" consisted of a light brown, thin "sauce". That was topped with dark brown pork (that was also over cooked). There was no sour cream, no guacamole. NOT EVEN ANY CHEESE!! Like, what?!?! No beans either. In fairness, I did request no pico, onions, or jalapeños. Would the addition of those items have made what I received nachos? I think not. The pulled pork was so spicy that it was inedible. I am pretty sensitive to spice; however, my husband is not and he could not eat it. Unfortunately for him, pulled pork also came in the trio of tacos that he ordered. I cannot even liken the flavor of the "sauce" on my "nachos" to anything I've ever tasted. It had very little flavor. There was not a cheese flavor, nor was there a chili flavor. Where was the "chili cheese" in my chili cheese nachos?? The icing on the cake was the stale chips that were layered on my "nachos". By the time we left, the bar was empty. This place isn't gonna last doing business like this! Our stomachs suffered the entire next day and we absolutely regretted ignoring our intuition by staying there to eat! We won't be returning, and if you're looking for a good dinner place in Turlock--neither should you!

Ricky M.

The idea of this place is better than the reality of it. I liked 10 East more. The handful of times we've eaten here the service has been lagging. Meaning extremely slow. I might be wrong but they appear short staffed which isn't necessarily their fault but either way the speed of service is well below average. Generally, we wait 5-10 mins before being greeted and sat. I remember they had pulled pork nachos then they replaced them with the chili cheese nachos....idk why. The pulled pork was delicious. I would suggest some sort of quality control with the spicy food like the Take Em to Station Burger and the Shrimp Po Boy. One time it's mildly spicy, the next time it's over whelming. I understand those are meant to be on the spicier side but some consistency would be nice. Additionally, I had the "Cajun" fries which was literally Cajun seasoning at the bottom of the tray and plain fries on top. The only thing that makes me feel good about the times I've eaten here is supporting local business.

Francisco M.

Ok so I didn't get a chance to take a picture of the entire burger because I was too busy eating this piece of deliciousness! Hands down my favorite burger! It's Hot! Spicy Hot! The Cajun fires were amazing! The staff was friendly and service was fast. Will definitely be back! Love the New Central Station!

Dian Thompson

Great find!! Cool ole school train, Love it! Atmosphere, history, EVERYTHING AND they serve oysters! I've found my new spot. They are open 7 days when most in Downtown Turlock are closed on Sundays/Mondays.Parking: They have plenty of parking plus street parking.

Atmosphere: 5

Food: 5

Service: 5

Recommended dishes: Chicken Wings, Station Pizza, Wings

Karly S.

One of our favorite places in Turlock. Great drinks, food, and service. Kyle is so welcoming and always has the best customer service!!!

Carrie S.

The bartender Kyle is the best. The manager is on it. They have lots of gluten free options. I can't tell you how much they love Kyle

Sylvia Linarez

The food was very tasty and had generous portions. It's unfortunate that the waitress only gave eye contact to my male friend and left the check in front of him when I was the one treating. It would be great if females acknowledged other females.

Atmosphere: 4

Food: 4

Service: 2

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Central Station Bar and Grill

10 E Main St, Turlock, CA 95380
(209) 669-1010