Scopa Italian Roots

2905 Washington Blvd, Venice
(310) 821-1100

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Carina Widlund

The food is excellant and the service as well. They could offer gluten free bread and you felt very welcomed. I had the heirloom tomato and then the eggplant Parmesan. That was delicious and this was a really nice dinner. The music in the background is so good. I would love to come back again.

Gabrielle Cioffi-Dinkel

I've been dying to go to Scopa for a long time. I finally made the trip and it was definitely worth it! Luckily we got in without a reservation, and enjoyed our food outside. The food and drinks were absolutely amazing! I'll be dreaming about my pasta for a long time. Highly recommend.

Brad Chandler Coaching

Amazing food amazing service. One of the better meals of the year!

Debbie Godbee Bolding

Great dining experience, attentive wait staff and delicious food!

Thomas Banks

Great food. Great service.


My teenage daughter wanted to visit here thanks to Food Network. The food was amazing! We went for brunch. The staff was great. Prices were very reasonable for the quality of food. Would highly recommend if you’re in the Venice area.

Judy D

We got there early. We had trouble finding it because the SCOPA was not on the front. We walked from the Venice Canals. I traveled 2500 miles from home to try the crispy squash blossoms. I'm from the south. We fry everything. We had a giant garden with many squash plants but we never once fried a blossom. I have a Sicilian friend who told me they stuffed them too. I was so excited to try. I was not disappointed. It's the most delicate crunch you can imagine. My husband covered it with the side sauce and he lost that crunch but he tells me the sauce was very good. We shared the Italian Cheese Board which my husband loved. The mild blue cheese with raisins was his favorite. We shared everything. We had the Bucatini which was delicious. My husband thinks they could have done more with the zucchini but I'm totally wowed by the awesome pesto. Yum. Sicilian Ice Cream Sandwich was our dessert choice. It was tasty. My husband said he liked the chocolate which we think is the Nutella.

Katie B.

The food was great! I opted to eat outside, and I appreciated how much effort they put into making the patio really beautiful--sometimes, restaurants will just stick you on the sidewalk and call it a day, but this is a very intentionally designed space. I'd read that the portion sizes on the pasta were small, so I ordered a starter, which absolutely was not necessary! I also made a mistake in choosing two unctuous items, so the overall meal was so rich that I did feel a little ill at the end, but that's entirely my fault for choosing two similar dishes! Both the stuffed mushrooms and the Creste Rigate were delicious, and I would reorder them happily, just not in the same meal. The service was friendly and attentive; they left a bottle of water on the table, but consistently refilled my water glass before I even had a chance to! I would happily return.

Kendall Z.

I will say the food and drinks were delicious, BUT service was extremely slow and the cocktail menu is an absolute scam. I ordered 3 cocktails and switched out the mescal for vodka - When I got the check they charged me $3 extra for each cocktail. They said it was because I made a "modification" and alcohols are shipped from different parts of the country. Sir, I can walk down the street and buy a handle of Tito's lol it's not an expensive imported alcohol. I understand an extra charge for something EXTRA but what kind of restaurant charges you extra for a downgrade? Basically paid $18 for a glass of non-alcoholic juice plus $3 more for the alcohol.

Graciecorn L.

Ambience: It's just one dark tall ceilinged room centered around a dramatic back lot bar. Vibe feels buzzy and cool with the upbeat music. Perfect vibe for a fancy pre dinner cocktail. Service strikes the right balance of efficient crispness and affability. Pastas we're a hit at our table. So was the Branzino which they were willing to serve filleted for easier eating

Ernest M.

The vibe is dope. It's a dimly lit, elegant but not pompous atmosphere. We went for coffee and dessert. We sat at the bar. All of the staff greeted us and treated us like they wanted us there. We got the fluffernutter. It was bomb. The only reason this review gets a 4 (I wish I could give it a 4.5) is because we had to wait a while for the coffee, when it came out it was luke warm, and it came out after our fluffernutter. Cole was the bartender and he comped us our meal because of the inconvenience. I'll definitely go back for dinner next time. If you like pb and banana and or dessert and you like being treated like a respectable human being please check this place out. We went on a Monday night and honestly the customer service from the beginning to the end of our visit was on point.

Daniel B.

Bottom-line: Second worst carry-out experience ever! Waited over forty-minutes on a carry-out for chicken parmesan and the side pasta. Apparently, the pasta takes 'extra time to prep.' 40 minutes extra seems excessive. Wonder why? Either way, they made my chicken way too early, so while my pasta was fresh and delicious, my chicken parmesan was cold and bland. Chefs need to time the pair better for a better consistency. The host failed to give me any napkins or silverware, proclaiming it was 'illegal unless I asked him.' If the homeless guy urinating right outside the premises yelling invectives and parroting Alex Jone-like slogans isn't illegal, I doubt the police are gonna care if you give me a few napkins. Honestly, the manager needs to reach out to me, because for 36 dollars, this is simply unacceptable.

Suzy B.

Our first time here at Scopa & we absolutely loved it. We are a big fan of Chef Antonia Alfaso. What a beautiful and open concept restaurant, beautiful bar and seating is very comfortable. Service was absolutely amazing, John was our waiter and he was very attentive, professional, knowledgeable and respectful. He made great recommendations and we loved EVERYTHING and can't wait to come back. Check out the pictures for our delicious foods. I was praying to meet Chef Antonia, but I didn't maybe next time. Amazing happening place

kristina s.

Can't go wrong if you come here for a mid-week get together with friends or colleagues. There's a ton of conversations you can have around the menu starting off with fresh off the oven Ricotta Crostini. It will be hard to stop but save room for some Stuffed Mushrooms and Crispy Squash Blossoms - they are packed with flavor yet light enough for appetizers. For the pasta, the Rigatoni hits it right for me. Aldente and vodka in that sauce is cooked to perfection! The Branzino was good but I had better ones. The T-Bone steak will complete the night for sure; it melts in your mouth and big enough to share for 2-3 people. If you're like me and love cocktails with subtle sweetness - the West Side is absolutely amazing! 10/10!

Ingrid D.

Cannot go wrong with your selection! We came very close to ordering every appetizer! Everything was delicious! The staff are absolutely fabulous and accommodating!

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