Sinners & Saints Desserts

2547 Lincoln Blvd, Venice
(310) 970-2332

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Rosalie MR

Saints and Sinners is a staple, I can’t wait to go for every holiday and in between. The desserts are well priced, gluten free or not. You just won’t be able to get one or two only though. My favorites are the berry tarts, crème brûlée and cherry brownies.

Los Angeles

I was underwhelmed by the service. The worker did not want to be there. No excitement in helping me select the pastries. Perhaps more important, everything is overpriced. If the items are so pricey, shouldn't the customers be able to have small samples before making big purchases? The owner lady was there, but she only tried to advertise about the wine bar she is planning to open next door. Why not offer some samples or describe what you are selling for such high prices? No parking, other than a stressful busy street curb, and a car almost knocked my door off. I actually was not impressed with any of the four small pastry/cakes I purchased for almost $100. Not really worthy...

Andrew P.

Fantastic bakery!! Everyone working there is fun, knowledgeable and great at their job. I recommend everything, my wife loves the tres leches in particular but you can't go wrong. Really really.

Cat D.

Wow - I really nailed my sister's birthday party desserts by ordering from here. I preordered a chocolate peanut butter GF cheesecake. They made it so beautiful with a bunch of Reese's peanut butter cups on top. Everyone was raving about this cheesecake it was so rich and good. I was also advised to order my dozen gluten-free chocolate chip dairy free cookies ahead of time so I did that and they were also amazing. I'm personally a cookie girl so I was obsessed with those. Could not tell they were gluten-free at all. Once I got to the bakery I picked about 12 of the smaller cupcakes and my favorite was the Oreo funfetti. I heard people saying those are the best cupcakes they've ever had. Those are not gluten-free. I love that they have options for everyone here and will definitely be back. Pro tip: preorder 72 hours in advance!

Sandra G.

Best desserts ever! I wish they have more stores. Too bad I moved far away. Open more please

Albert V.

Great gluten-free items... will be back for sure! Plus the sinner items were awesome!

Oren H.

Listen all you whiney gluten free peeps that always complain they can never find yummy bites and how you have suffered for years not being able to have your once favorite red velvet cupcake and life has never been the same - well - whine no more - THIS PLACE IS THE BOMB. they have ton of gluten free stuff and it is all delicious. I had a moment of insanity - I mean I guess there is nothing wrong with ordering 6 desserts at one time and finishing all of them on the front porch in under five minutes - but they were all yummy. So go enjoy. Build up those love handles with a smile.

Rachel R.

My bestie recently got a vegan vanilla cinnamon cake here for her birthday, and holy crap it was amazing! She and the other guests are not even vegan (she got vegan for me), and everyone loved it. Admittedly I was skeptical about the cinnamon part, but honestly it just took it from a 9.5 to a 10. If their vegan cakes are that good I'm sure their non-vegan ones are too. Highly recommend!

Lost Dreams ..

Really good desserts and you can't tell that they're gluten-free. I ordered the Marzipan cake and Banana Cream Tart. The Marzipan cake was lightly sweet and a good size. The Banana Cream Tart was kinda small and most of it was whipped cream. They're on UberEats if you don't feel like driving.

Regina Vannicola

Sinner & Saints make the best desserts on the Westside. A huge selection of world-class goodies, with vegan and gluten-free options for you angels and the real deal for when you're feeling naughty. The owner, Elisa, is a delight. Recently expanded menu with savory options, coffee and more. I'm heading there right now!??????

Erin T.

Beautiful assortment of mini desserts and personal size's! Inexpensive @2.50 or so a piece. Love the concept of the "Saint" gluten free side VS. the "Sinner" regular pastry side!! Riley was super helpful in explaining the selections to me and answering any questions I had. They have as many gluten-free options as regular pastry options! Everything we had was delicious and gluten-free! Note-to-self; Gotta come back and get a box of mini-treats for someone as a cute birthday gift. Super cute bakery!

Cindy N.

We came in around 7pm on a Wednesday. We parked about a block away in a local neighborhood. As always, be careful about parking signs! Thankfully, there was no wait. We ordered the vanilla crème brûlée, the mini raspberry cream puff, and a marble cheesecake bite. I loved the crème brûlée! I also enjoyed the raspberry cream puff. I didn't try the marble cheesecake, but my friend loved it. I love that they have "mini" desserts so that we were able to try a variety of sweet treats--without feeling too full! It was the perfect amount for us. The cashiers were super sweet and helpful. The bakery itself is really cute and it has some outdoor seating. I recommend checking this spot out if you have a sweet tooth!

Pranjali Sharma

Pricey but worth it. We came here due to the good reviews and were not disappointed. Lots of eats to choose from and everything looks beautiful. We got the lemon raspberry tarts, the lemon bars, red velvet and chocolate cupcakes, the chocolate cream puff, marble cheesecake bites, the limoncello tiramisu and the tres leches cake. Everything was really good except the lemon bars which were more doughy and less lemony. The limoncello tiramisu contains limoncello of course but not a lot of it. I would say the tres leches was the best of them all and is their specialty so I can see why. They have a lot of gluten free options.

Elise Del Rio

This place is a MUST Visit if you are in LA. The owner Elisa is a GEM. She was attentive, explained all about the place and knew exactly which items were gluten and soy free to attend to my restrictions. The white tags that say “Saint” are gluten free and the black tags that say “Sinner” are not gf. She even packed a few cinnamon rolls (they are DIVINE) for my flight so we could bring some dessert back to New Jersey! If you are gluten free or dairy free or have any restrictions this is a great option to enjoy an incredible amount of desserts that are absolutely decadent. Will be returning anytime we’re passing through LA in the future.

Christi I.

We got delivery from them and it was dope. Delivery dude set it outside of my building instead of ringing my buzzer. I mean...l.good but, I did tip 10 buckaroos! We ordered the cinnamon rolls which were delicious! I loved rolling it around in the cream cheese. I would only suggest that they serve these already warmed up. I didn't feel like popping these bad boys in the microwave but I have a feeling they would be next level. The Bread pudding was very good with a nice crunchy exterior. Just wish it were served warm and certain parts weren't so dry. The pumpkin loaf slice was very moist and the chocolate chip cookie was just okay. Some of these desserts probably would have tasted better warmed up. Oh, well. I still enjoyed my dessert.

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