Culichi Town Vista CA

Seafood, Beer Bar, Cocktail Bar

307 Vista Village Dr, Vista
(442) 224-7800



Reviews for Culichi Town Vista CA

I really don't understand why the hype for this place is, food wasn't worth what is priced at, but it was okay. Very poor customer service, our server took forever take our order and bring out our drinks. Overall the experience was unpleasant especially with that overly loud music going on the background.

I LOVE the food here! The variety is excellent and there isn't anyplace else around that has a comparable menu. The down side is the music. WAY TOO LOUD! Not only is it impossible to carry on a conversation, but it's so loud, it hurts my ears. The band isn't very good either; they don't seem to know how to mix sound, the singer sings off key, and the band is not coordinated. I love the food, but will only go back when the band isn't playing, or for takeout.

Came to this location a week ago and lets just start off by saying that the staff is absolutely phenomenal. They are polite and knowledgeable. My husband and I were eager to try Culichi Town because of their popularity on social media and let just say that it did not disappoint. The cocktail I had was good, and my favorite thing was the sushi roll I ordered as well because it tasted fresh. My husband enjoyed his food as well as his michelada. I only gave it 4 stars because I full review

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