1806 Fort Jones Rd, Yreka
(530) 842-5179

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GT “ThisFawqinbitch”

The employees are super kind and helpful. The ladies who work here have been so amazing to myself and my family. We go here frequently and have always had a good experience with this place

Mega V.

Gray shirt manager complaining because I wanted sauces for my big order that included two French fries, and two things of chicken nuggets. Who uses one sauce for all of that food? Crazy.

Anthony Pretlow

Not much can go wrong with a bacon, egg and cheese biscuit. Low expectations for fast food in general. Price hikes galore.Food: 3/5

Natasha Temple (Tasha)

Last time I ate here was by far my worst experience with this restaurant. 1st I ordered a bacon cheese burger with nothing but mayo & ketup. There was no cheese. They said come back to get it fixed so I did. This time had cheese but all the fixings as well. They said come back to get it fixed. The 3rd & final time when they we finally able to fix it correctly. I went to get my son from the play area & the manager (Sunshine) thought I'd left the store & she decided to talk bad about me. As I was walking back to the front of the store I over heard her telling a fellow employee that I'd complained so much that they'd had to fix my food 3x & she knows they got it right but she also knows I'd find something else to complain about with my food. When she seen that I hadn't left the store yet she immediately stopped talking about me but by that point the damage was already done. I was eating there or taking my kids there like at least 2x a week & like I said that was my last visit over 1½ months ago. I haven't had any issues with burger King (yet. Lol) I was mad & offended to say the least.Kid-friendliness: Has a great play area for kids to b entertained while waiting for off.Parking: Plenty of parkingWheelchair accessibility: Has wheelchair entrance in the front.

James Beane

Trash on the floor in front of the counter and under tables showed the place had not been swept or wiped down. Cleanliness could be improved. Sad that the transient population has forced McDonald's and others into treating their customers like four year olds asking to go to the bathroom.Food: 3/5

Josh Atterberry

Got 3 meals, all orders were wrong, burgers were raw, and the customer in front of us had the same complaint. Order a double they give you singles.. that happened to 4 meals just the one visit we were there..

Rodrigo Alberto Nava

Muy buen servicio diría excepcional y muy amables

Mitchy Phipps

This McDonald’s does NOT stay open till 1am or even midnight half the time, I get off work at midnight and I’m right around the corner, pull in the drive thru at1205 and I don’t get any kind of response it’s quite frustrating especially when google says it has verified the hours, someone is lying and I’m taking this to corporate this has been going on for over a year

Danny Guzman

Just had the best experience at this McDonald's. I was greeted coming in. Thanked for being there and appreciated my business. Food came out quickly and accurate. Great customer service by all involved. 8/8/22 @ 11:30am

H B Niehaus

The manager was great. Handling customers perfectly. Food was hot and as ordered. Love their pancakes.

A.J. Robb

Visited August 2021: Worst McDonald's I've ever been to.While one can never expect a gourmet experience at McD's, most other locations have a baseline quality to the food and experience. Unfortunately, the Yreka McDonald's is the rare exception.Worst burger I've ever had, which I only ended up getting after waiting FOREVER in the drive-thru, and the staff misunderstanding/screwing up my breakfast order. Seriously, what is so difficult to understand about "hotcakes and sausage, with an extra sausage"?Since it now was past 10:30 by the time my breakfast was delivered, I couldn't get it fixed, so opted for a double quarter pounder without cheese. The "without cheese" request also proved confusing to the staff, as they gave me a burger with cheese. When I asked for one without (again), I received a burger that was so dry and over-peppered that I just threw it out, and got something at the grocery store instead.Never going back to this place. I don't know what it is about Yreka, but I've never had even a halfway decent fast food experience in this town. Save yourself the bad experience and just go to Smoked Tomato Pie or Black Bear Diner. Everything else here is terrible.

Emira Enchanted

Since the new build in this location they've stepped up their game on most days. I've still had the random missing burger or/and fry.

Marie O.

Traveling through the area stopped for early morning coffee. Decided to grab breakfast through drive thru. The breakfast was good, order was right with our changes we asked for...but most importantly for the 5 star review was for the lady at the drive up window. It was Tuesday(today) 7:45am. I didn't get her name. She was extremely friendly. Unfortunately so many fast food restaurants don't have great service and I'm mainly talking from where we live...but she was so nice! She should be commended.

Joey Penneman

Nice staff did not make up for missing menu items and no refund offered after we left and drove down the highway 10 miles to find out that they forgot our items.

Kristal Drake

Good food as always, quick service. Has a playplace, it would be nice to watch my kids and sit outside with the dogs when traveling but there were no tables or chairs in the outside area. I understand but didn’t appreciate it this trip.

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