A&W Restaurant

3775 Austin Bluffs Pkwy, Colorado Springs
(719) 599-0880

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Jim Bean

Just like dont go here you will get the most sub par fast food the springs has to offer. KFC has been totally defilled over the past decade, we are just watching the train wreck and pumping our stomachs.

red blood

I am definitely not a picky person and i dont complain much but something has to give. This location is hard to get to and get out of due to it being on the corner of academy and austin bluffs. Any time i come here my order is messup either i dont get the sauce i asked for and have to go in and get the one i asked for or thered onions on a burger that needs no onions. They never fill the up all the way and never have rootbeer freezits. Sure the root beer is the best IMO but its not woth it. I went today to get a large rootbeer freezit (which is on the menu) and a regular cheese curd. Theu said they can so a regular sized rootbeer float. Whatever i get the drink and its half full. I pay 4$ for a rootbeer float i expect it to be full. ?

Don Heise

The commercial says Papa burgers on Tuesday special it's not it's a double cheeseburger very disappointed. It's not the restaurant's fault it's goes up to the upper brass.

Hun B

Doors were locked up at 7pm on Friday night, we drove through the drive thru, the ice cream machine was not working. Woman working drive through was in a horrible mood. Disappointing, we use to LOVE this chain.

Enzo Knapp

Slow, ice cream machine "broken" . Definitely never heard that one before...burger charred. Messed up my order too.

Jaclyn Girard

Waited about 15 minutes in the drive thru with no one in front of me. Once they took my order and I went to the window to pay I was told to park because they had to cook the food I ordered. Perfectly fine with that. About ten minutes later I get my food but no drinks so I told the girl, nicely, that my drinks were forgotten. When she brought them to me one of them was over flowing and not cleaned off and got all over me and inside my car. Already upset I headed home and gave my husband his food which was a double bacon cheese burger with no veggies. When he looked at his burger it was as though someone dumped mayo on it and only gave him the fatty parts of the bacon. I got the corn dog minis meal which was burnt. Needless to say we will not go back at all considering the staff didn’t seem to care, and I have worked fast food before, and the food was just beyond gross and basically threw money away tonight. Thanks for nothing.

Brittany S.

Seems like a scam. Every time I come through they can only accept "exact change cash". I don't carry cash often but this time I did and the food was disgusting, old and hard! I just accepted my losses and kept it moving. I didn't want any replacement food because I was afraid of what I would get. They need to shut this place down!!!!

Sarah Martin

Came here after going to another location that had its doors closed to walk in orders. Hoping i could get some A&W without having to do drive through or order online but alas another closed door that is drive through only yet another store to close its doors and lose business to those that prefer walking in to order food.

Josh Mccollum

This restaurant should not be open it has the worst service you will find ever

Leon Teal

Never been to this location but I was really wanting KFC and I was very angry with how horrible my order looked when I got home. I ordered the bucket of chicken with sides and biscuits. The chicken was old as hell and hard to eat. The 8 biscuits I ordered were rock hard. No care was put into my order. I spent like 40 bucks and instead of going to complain I just decided to never go there again. I deal with customers all day and I just wanted to relax and eat a meal with my friends. I'm sorry for this negative response but I needed to get this off my chest. The only thing I got to enjoy was my large A&W root beer. I put take out for the option because drive thru wasn't a choice below.

Briana T.

My boyfriend and I came to this location tonight to pick up dinner. We were originally intending on order two combos meals a rootbeer float for one of them, and a chocolate shake for the other. We begin our order and we're told when we tried to order our drinks that they didn't have any icecream. So instead we got our two combos with just rootbeer instead. We pull up to the pay window to then find out that they are all out of fries, but they could sub with a different side. We both decided that we would take corn as our substitute side. When we received our food they also gave us a free shake as an apology for not having the food we wanted. Now we are even more upset because we originally were told there was no icecream, but SOME HOW they have a shake to give us for an apology?? Then we get home and open our food to find there was only one TINY SPOON FULL of corn as the side for BOTH of our combos. This location ALWAYS gives us issues after issue and tonight was the last time we will ever go to this location. The amount of bad reviews for this location is not at all surprising. These location either needs to get there crap together with new management or just shut the whole place done. Just ridiculous.

Alec Gonzales

I drove up today after re arranging my apartment to get a cool treat after being overheated all day, and what do you know, they were completely out of ice cream… AGAIN. Just don’t go here guys spend your money somewhere they won’t lie about the machine being down or the stocks being out. I mean while we were sitting in line two of the kids working there were vaping all their vape smoke into our cars. So cool.

Amber E

These boys did great thank you guys?

Chuck B.

Really bad experience today. Order was screwed up and mash potatoes and papa burger was cold. Fries were limp and gross. This really bummed me out because I like stopping here and I like A&W root beer. Oh well, board it up so something new can come along.

DeAnna Krepel

Food was old but great customer service

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