Firehouse Subs Austin Bluffs

3604 Austin Bluffs Pkwy Ste 110, Colorado Springs
(719) 599-4386

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The employees here make great recommendations and are super nice.Food was just as great too as those making our food. Haven't been here in a while since Jimmy John's is closer to us but the Jimmy John's around us are nothing compared to this places subs.Only bad thing I can say about this place is how far it is from me.Also their gluten free bread is actually surprisingly good.

Anfonee Murree

I worked here for a few months ago from the date of posting and in that time many food safety issues such as letting products like mayonnaise air dry, frozen items like cookie dough reaching room temperature, trying to use meat that had been punctured on transit and trying to use expired items and other small breaches of sanitation. Why I would even have throw away whole boxes of moldy bread that my manager wanted me to use. Woman who dressed scantily was mocked by the manager who also liked to insult men by saying that any fault she found in them made them women. You the consumer deserve better then to eat at a company that is only focused on not being the absolute worst for as the managers within the company say " As Long As the Numbers are Ok." You as a person should eat elsewhere til the company changes its company philosophy to something worth respecting. I stand by this statement so steadfast that I would happily testify about the lackluster and shameful standards of this location.

Jeff Downey

We love Firehouse, it's a bit pricey but worth it. I didn't give the atmosphere many stars because we always get ours to go. Service is generally good and fast but not speedy. You may have to wait a short time. Otherwise it's a great sandwichFood: 5/5

Bill Matney

Talk about shrinkflation, there's small sub is only 3 in long. How in the hell do you make a 3-in sub? I ended up getting the medium, and was very disappointed in the quality. Plus they removed one of my favorite things on the sandwich the cherry peppers. Sorry guys the crew was great, but I think I've taken my last trip here.

Jenny Bennett

Love the food but skimpy on the pickles!! I have gone here more then once and every time I have to go back in and ask for another pickle. This last time we asked for two and didn't get one. Please do better on your pickles


Soggy bread on delivery. Didn't follow order instructions to remove lettuce and tomato and the sandwich was just a big waste of $25. I would have had more fun lighting the money on fire. Thanks for taking my $$ firehouse, I'm still hungry.

Ricky Martinez

I used to love this place.However last time we went there it took them 45 minutes to get our order out to us.And the subs were made very sloppy...

Jodanna A.

In high school I attended a business seminar called give em the pickle. It was in Dallas Texas.The whole point was people had been going to certain restaurants and every time they ate they were given a pickle spear.One day the customer asked for an extra pickle spear.The restaurant charged the customer $2.00.This was enough for the customer and his family to stop going.When you ask 3 times for a pickle and they ignore you.Thats enough for us to never go back.We will be sure to spread the word.Your response was of a person who could care less. It just cost you 5 customers and another bad review. OH WELL!!!

Kelleigh M.

Very rude staff. Gave my husband wrong order then proceeded to blame him for it. Very unprofessional. Wrote an email and have yet to hear back.

scott grasmick

Food was ok..OK... not as good as I remembered. I was disappointed that the sauce was in packets instead of squirt bottles. We are way past COVID restrictions. Other restaurants are handling their condiments just fine. Firehouse is still my favorite... just not this time!

Tanner Lane

So i purchased some sandwiches, and when i got back to my shop i thought the pickles had not been in there and they hooked me up with a handful for the inconvenience. I unfortunately realized as soon as i finished one that the pickle was just buried under the sandwich, I feel like a jerk but they are an incredible team and got me taken care of, i will continue to eat there all the time because the team does such a good job! Thanks guys!

Nicole Cuellar

Attitudes are not customer service centered & my sandwich was made on old bread. When asked if they could remake it, I was treated like I was asking a dumb question.

Laura Nelson

Just ordered 2 sandwhiches, had to repeat my order over and over. Asked to have them toasted and was told they are all toasted. Get home and neither ate toasted and my turkey bacon ranch was missing the bacon. Not worth the price. 3 people working with one customer, me and apparently one online order and can't get it right. Called to com ok lain and no answer.

Randy Ramsdell

I love the veg sub but seems no one has the hot sauce bar anymore. No hot sauce bar, no visit. will never go back as it was the big reason to go here vs somewhere else. It is a shame you guys ruined the business.

Karen Crum

Love the Gluten free Sub. I wanted sweet tea, went over seen it was empty so I let the lady know, she (the lady in the dark blue shirt) tells me sorry and that they've been busy, mind ya they barely opened maybe 10 or 15mins but I say ok ty so goes over and I think started it brewing I wait a lil bit sandwiche get done we get the food , we're told they cant cut the Gluten free bun and give me a plastic knife which that fine even though all the others ive went to just clean the real knige and cut my Gluten free sub.and I ask the only lady out front ( shes in the light blue shirt)if tea was done yet ? She says nothing then walked over I don't know what she did then goes in the back with the other women, still saying nothing. I waited awhile she don't come back out , so I'm like we'll guess I check on the tea my self seen the lid was on so I proceeded to get some and see it's so weak it looks more like water with a tad of tea color I'm guessing they used THE SAME BAGS FROM YESTERDAY so I pour it out and get Root beer. I didn't think either women really seem to care anyways. The lady in the light blue shirt was trying to take of what looked like their soap dispenser off wall with a spatula. When we went to leave the lady in the dark blue shirt said have a good day so we told her to do the same. Love those Gluten free subs though yummy, it was perfect thx y'all!!!

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