ink! Coffee 1801

1801 California St, Denver
(303) 780-7358

Recent Reviews

Ashley Smith

This place is great! I went in the afternoon when it wasn't too crowded and the manager Audrey made me a honey latte, it was delicious! She was very friendly and knowledgeable about her products. Everything was clean and tidy. Definitely recommend! I will be going back to try the chai blends!

Irina Tyler



Highly recommend the nitro coffee. Nick was awesome and funny!!

D Ziarnek

It was okay.Don't like their premade burritos... a lot of tortilla and when re-wrapped in the packaging, the heat trapped creates moisture which makes the paper stick to the tortilla... and now you're unwrapping half of your burrito with no tortilla.Coffee was pretty good. And the staff was wonderful and appreciative for business.

Grumpy M.

This is in my building, I come all the time. It's a nice facility with good food and coffee related offerings. Always pretty busy. It could be so, so much better if they hired anyone who was customer friendly. They used to have a woman here who was really nice but she left. I mean, the employees all sure like each other, as they are always talking to each other rather than doing their jobs. Dude if you own this location you could increase sales 50 percent if you got people who cared. Maybe the next recession I guess

Raven Gray

Super cute coffee place with a great atmosphere. Love the staff and the coffee 10/10

Mike Morrell

As far as I am concerned the best coffee in downtown Denver

Correy H.

While I can't comment on Ink!'s coffee (i don't drink coffee), their food and smoothies are outstanding. A bit on the pricey side --- but you get what you pay for. Ink!'s sandwiches make a great grab-n-go option. Even if the line is a bit long --- they move quickly at this location.

Kaycee V.

I work in this building and the girl with red hair who works the register always has the worst attitude and so rude. I really only come here for convenience but I'd rather spend more money at Starbucks because the staff there is much better. Get rid of the girl with the crappy attitude.

Aaron Schmohe

Ink! has good coffee but consistent rude service. I work in this building and they are known for treating questions and customers like an inconvenience. There are other coffee shops nearby that don't treat customers this way. Go to them.

Megan Ingebrigtsen

do not go here if you are in a hurry

Frumpled Biscuit

Good selection of coffee/drinks, modern and clean feel to the atmosphere with plenty of space. It's in a great location but manages to offer a secluded atmosphere good for focusing on whatever you may have brought with you. Cons are that outlets are few and far between (I saw one. ONE) and the wait is absurd. Ten person line shrank down to 5 in 15 minutes. Can't believe that's considered acceptable...

Rob S.

I'm a refugee from the closed Ink! on 16th St. Mall. RIP it was a good location if mildly flawed. This one -- no public restrooms even if I spend money? LOL no.

Joann Staniszewski

This place is ridiculously slow. I was going because it's convenient and Ink is infinitely better than Starbucks. But I can't wait 30 minutes for you to make the two drinks in front of me and mine with 3 people standing behind the counter. I remember why I stopped coming here.

Nick Miller

I went here on the advice of a friend. It would appear that I need new friends. It was late morning and they were sold out of my first 3 choices for food/drink. The (awful) music was so loud that I couldn't talk to the people right in front of me. The salad was sour tasting (first time that's ever happened to me). The hipster behind the counter made it abundantly clear that he'd rather be getting another face tattoo than taking my order. I could have looked past some of these issues had the coffee at least been good, but it was awful. Burnt and watery. I can't believe I'm saying this, but you'd be better off going one block up to Starbucks.

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