La Calle Taqueria Y Carnitas

1565 W Alameda Ave, Denver
(720) 583-6586

Recent Reviews

Rita Leyba Pereyra

Really good tacos. But a bit pricey at $3 a taco


First time here and I tried 4 different meats. Asada had no flavor, pastor was over cooked and almost crunchy. The carnitas and chorizo were the only good ones for me, but all the tacos were loaded with almost all cilantro/onion and barely any meat. At $3 per taco, this place is too expensive for what you get. I wouldn’t come back considering I spent almost $80 for 2 people to eat here. Taquerias shouldn’t be this expensive. They’re supposed to be a cheap and quick meal.

Mckenna Williamson

The best street tacos you’ll ever find.

Scott C

5 star awesome yummy tacos in a not-upscale-at-all hole-in-the-wall. They have a dozen different meats so it's easy to experiment. Tacos are $2.75 each, so a good 5 taco lunch is $15. No beans or rice here, which seemed odd. Menu in English and Spanish so you'll be able to order regardless of where you are from.

Danielle L.

Ever since moving here I'm searching for the best taco spots. This is for sure one of those. The Barbacoa was my favorite. Perfectly cooked and flavorful. We also loved the Chorizo and Carnitas. Can't wait to come back!

Maria C.

Been from out of town and from maxican culture I expected better I had the quesabirria tacos where jest ok.....

Andrew Bell (Drew)

We had 5 different types of tacos and they were all great. Nice calm place to eat and great service. Well worth the visit!

Anthony V.

Best Tacos EVER!!! Great service and did I say best tacos ever?!? I've ate here about a half dozen times and the food is always flat out amazing!

Samira Abreu

La Calle is pretty popular , but I feel they are to price are really high now and the food quality was just okay.. staff friendly

Im M.

A solid taco place. No frill and affordable. Everything we tried were good, but didn't blow us away.

Ana R.

Authentic & delicious! We enjoyed every taco we had- asada, chorizo, and cebeza. Hottest salsa is so good and SO hot (in the best way).

Liam Madden

The best tacos around, get them at least 3 times a week

Sally F.

It was okay. Not over the top, I felt a lot of the meat was dry. But it was okay. The ordering process is a little weird, the person answering the phone and checking people out doesn't speak English very well if at all. And now that the restaurant no longer have a salsa bar it's a little awkward to point at salsas you want and just hope they understand what you're pointing to. That is if you know the salsas heat level, if you have to ask just don't bother. It is definitely a hole in the wall, if you have some nervousness about cleanliness this might not be your cup of tea. I didn't find it too expensive. I wouldn't turn the place down but probably wouldn't go out my way to have it again.


This place is legit! Best street tacos I've ever had. Look up "authentic" in the dictionary and you'll find a photo of La Calle (I know... dictionaries don't have photos, but you get the idea).

Lynn H.

This is our go to taco spot, hands down. I always order a bunch of asada tacos -- tacos come with limes, cilantro, and diced onions on the side. We live in Capitol Hill area and there aren't any worthy taquerias near where we live... most of the taquerias around are overpriced and not as gratifying.

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