Little Caesars Pizza

2001 W Alameda Ave, Denver
(303) 996-0376

Recent Reviews

Aleah Vigil

Kayla was so RUDE they made a mistake on our pizza and we called to let them know there was a mix up and she said we were never there and said we’ll what do you want me to do about it. We didn’t expect anything or want anything just letting someone know.

Savannah De Leon

How do you give someone a raw a** “well-done” pizza. I’m pregnant and I am glad I checked it before I ate this ?. This is not okay!!! I usually do not post reviews. It’s literally the middle of the week and not busy. Train your staff better. If someone got sick they could definitely sue. Poor food handling.

Jovan Cortez

Good pizza most of the time very rarely are they not fresh

Xavier Chavez

The staff at the location is very rude I can’t say the hole staff mainly the female that works the front counter that wears way to much make up I walked in and was greated rudely and when I asked for a fresh pizza got the same response I understand we are busy everywhere no need to be rude especially when I’m the only person in the store so whom I’m talking about is the manager

J. B. Chavez

Love chicken wings, ,BUT those were baby chicken L.C. should give 2 orders for price of one they're that small. ?

FR Feickert

Didn't order ahead, but they had 2 pepperoni pizzas ready to grab. Quick dinner on the run, friendly service, clean facility. Happy we decided to pop in.


Made my order under my name middle name Tyler and Kayla C (cause that’s who’s name is on the box) made me an amazing pizza. If i ever see her in public she’s getting a hug. This is art

Canonbawler _

While waiting for a pickup I placed 15 minutes before coming to the store, I was told my pizza was in the oven and would need 8 mins. Then I saw the manager place my pizza in the oven. A person after me was also quoted 8 mins. If they’re willing to lie about that, imagine what else they’re doing. Wouldn’t go back, can’t recommend.

Rochelle Olson

It was about 20 till 10 I realize they were busy but to say they are out of pizza and couldn't cook any cheese sticks bread sticks Pizza is a little ridiculous

edith rodriguez

This location never answers their phone.I understand you can order online but does that mean you can’t order over the phone anymore. Ridiculous!

Samantha Meza

Super busy location but the staff are handling it well. Give them a raise, they are managing so many people and walking outside to communicate status of orders which are not taking very long.


Friendly, helpful staff! Tasty pizza! Thanks ?

Francisco Salas

At this Little Caesars I've been a few times always friendly fast clean facilities

James Martimez

I payed 60.00 for 5 pepperoni pizzas they charged me extra for light sauce on all 5 pies . And said after 9:00pm the price goes up to full price what ever that means. I ain't never heard of these rules before.

Bessie Lianes

Great place to have pizza must try if u are looking for good pizza place...

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