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Oz Garcia

This is by far the worst McDonald’s I’ve ever been to the staff is totally unprofessional the managers totally unprofessional likes to Pick fights with customers and employees I don’t know who hired him as a manager but whoever did has poor judgment .I know I may be a little bit of a drive but I do suggest anybody that goes to this McDonald’s to stay away stay clear because all you gonna get from the staff there’s a bunch of attitude.

christina Schmader

The manager there ..she is the rudest person. I've had on going issues with her.. this time order online .used coupon, paid .. abd went.. again!!!! They can't find my order.. so we showed her. Instead of reading it and ringing it up. She just does it her way. Wont use my coupon on my phone .. a mcdonalds app coupon. Over charges us 7.00 and got it wrong. Called to complain.. they never answer phone... finally got ahold of her For her to tell me she cant do anything about it.. hung up on me...then won't answer when I call back.. bad manager.. real bad attitude.. im done wont be going back .. im tired of these companies now days not giving a drop about there customers. Because there's another behind them. I have always managed stores.. and I would never treat someone who helps pay my check that way... where did customer service go??? Well maybe burger King will respect us and our money. ChristinaHunt

Terry Gallagher

This was horrible the food was cold they refused to give me extra sugar and creamer for my coffee and they were rude to me when I asked for more I do not recommend this store

Brianne Johnson

If I could rate this McDonald's a ZERO, I would. After spending over 25 minutes in the drive thru to get half of my order wrong and old fries, I had to spend another 25 minutes to get the almost the exact same WRONG order handed back to me. I was not going to try for a third time. Almost an hour of my day and money spent to get the wrong food, horrible service from the employees and called ridiculous from the manager because I came back with the expectation for them to fix it in the first place. What!!? AND SHE (the manager) ASKED ME TO REPAY THE SECOND TIME FOR THEM TO FIX WHAT THEY DID WRONG. Mind blown.

Derick Thoene

Fast friendly service as always delivered with near perfect customization. Something their competitors have trouble with like pre-ordering. Apps rewarding when getting cafe items

Rosy Cadena

Staff could be friendlier. More efficient. When busy, staff shows their frustration.

Chris Lucero

Drivethur doesn't know how to smile

Ernie Ruiz

OMG I can't believe it they gave me cold fries ?

Jay White

Great food and fast. I had an issue with the app that the manager quickly fixed and was happy to do so

Buck Knight

Didnt know menu items.

Karl Cochran

Didn't get my order right then the woman at the drive threw wouldn't listen when taking my order had to go back through the drive threw again and she coped an attitude with me and so did the manager at the window lousy service and food wasnt fresh and cold

SHAUNA Archambault

The worst McDonalds ca worst McDonald's ever you can't even go to the bathroom without three employees going you in there one goes to the bathroom the other one comes in four chance and knocking on your door and the other one comes and goes to bathroom and one of them doesn't even wash their hand when they leave after they go to the bathroom and pretending that they're there to go to the bathroom when they're not that's really sad I like to brush my teeth cuz I have Dental problem and I like to brush my teeth so I waited for the third one to come out of bathroom stood there she was angrily washing her hands where's McDonald's and besides when you come to the drive-through the orders never right and then they act like it's a put off to have to help you get the order right when they messed it up to begin with so what I'm saying is going to spend most of their time in the bathroom and not washing their hands and taking care of the orders they might get it right I was going to buy food but I detected no not after the girl that wash your hands and if they use more employees on taking care of the orders and the customers instead of the bathrooms they would be better off yeah I won't be back

Rossy G

I was expecting the big play place they used to have but now I guess they’re charging them so something much simpler. My kids still enjoyed it so I guess that’s all that matters. Great customer service though ?

Rossy Gonzalez

I was expecting the big play place they used to have but now I guess they’re charging them so something much simpler. My kids still enjoyed it so I guess that’s all that matters. Great customer service though ?

Candice Rodriguez

It was ok. Had to interrupt to talking employees after several minutes (not exaggerating) to ask a question and then got the "OMG did you just interrupt is" attitude. Food was fresh. Just staff that was poor. I'd visit the place again to give them a second chance.

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