Snarf's Sandwiches

1003 E 11th Ave, Denver
(303) 832-9999

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Mark Henderson IV

Yes!! Super delicious sandwiches. Great customer service. The place was cleanThis place is MONEY!! Go get a sandwich from Snarfs right now

Mark Shin

Not sure what’s happened with the staff here… long time customer from years back in Boulder and now in Denver. I generally work hard to support local businesses. Maybe the lines were crossed today, maybe just a bad staffing day, but I was hung up on 3x when merely trying to place a pick up order. The staff somehow claims I was being “rude”? I called back to try to clear things up and was refused and hung up on. I’m a 50+yr Coloradan w/a family and kid! Something went haywire and the staff was unwilling to try to resolve the issue.I honestly can not even begin to imagine what they think they heard. I’ll not be hitting Snarfs with this sort of lack of maturity and understanding. Thanks anyway! Here’s hoping things get better!

Parker Kindom

Eggplant Parmesan is on point! Love the convenience of Door Dash too! Right near to liquor store and 7-Eleven. Great spot for a bite in Cap Hill area!

Caleb Lucas

I'd highly recommend their rueben sandwich ? ?‍?

Rachel Fisher

I’ve gone to Snarfs for years and love their food! I moved and was visiting for the weekend and stopped by this location. Most of the staff was friendly but there was an error in my order and the person behind the counter was unbelievably rude, said it wasn’t on the ticket and doubted me, then obnoxiously said he couldn’t hear me w my mask on - which he could, rolled his eyes, threw the wrong item in the side, then picked it up to put the right ingredients in it, forgot the avocado I paid extra for and threw it in the counter said it was ready and walked away. I was terrified he messed w my food and was so surprised w how unbelievable rude and nasty he was to me so quickly. Ive worked in the service industry before and know how stressful it can be, by yeesh what an attitude. Lost a customer for life

Debbie Cusic

Pretty good pastrami sandwich. They say there's cheese on there but it just disappears. The bread was good and crunchy toasty. Potato salad had zero flavor. Was it from cans or precooked potatoes and an indescribable white sauce that wasn't mayonnaise. I went up and got some of the brown mustard and that helped. There was one shred of carrot in it but no egg. The guy taking orders at the cash register was slow as can be. He had nine people backed up and no sense of urgency. Even the sandwich guys were standing around looking at him. It wasn't the cleanest on the dining room side either.

Happy Canyon

Snarf’s makes me drool if I just hear the name of it. This is by far my favorite sandwich shop in all the lands. The bread is legit, they toast it perfectly, and their service is fast and friendly. My order every time: Italian on White Bread with everything but NO hot peppers and EXTRA MAYO BABY!! And they just knock it outta the park every friggin’ time. Plus, they are right next to their sister store SnarfBurger - so if you wanna deli sandwich and your buddy wants a burger - y’all can both be satisfied. Plus there is indoor and outside seating. Totally travels well. But it won’t last long CUZ ITS SO DANG GOOD.

Randall B.

Great food! Great service. Sweet spot to chill. Prices are fair but on the high end, but so is the quality! I got the double burger and tater tots. The tater tots alone are worth a visit. Slightly salty, but so fresh and so damn good. Highly recommend this place guys. A+ all around. Check it out!

Todd H.

We visited the location at E. 11th. The food was very good. We had a French Dip and an Italian. They were great. The only negative was that I was with my son and an employee walks in the front door and is yelling to his co-workers behind the counter "who likes that shit? Who the fuck likes that shit?" And the rest of the time we were there he was back there talking to his co-workers loudly just like that. It just gets annoying when you want to sit and eat and talk. Like I said, food was good and came out timely.

Jeanne Craparo

Snarf’s on Capital Hill has become my favorite sub shop in Denver and that says a lot. Being from the Northeast I am very picky about subs. The sandwiches are stuffed with meat and cheese just like the subs I remember in NYC. The meats and cheeses are very fresh and quality cuts too! The bread is really good and the toppings are always fresh. The staff is friendly and attentive, the vibe is always upbeat but chill. The Snarfburger next door is pretty awesome too.

Fred Smith

I've adjusted my review from 2 stars to 5 stars. My initial review was advising people against going to this location due to the dangerous encampment that had set up on the sidewalk out front that the city let fester for months on end. The city has now cleared the camp. This business was hurt by the encampment not only in lost business, but with the employees being constantly harassed by the people in the encampment. Please visit this cap hill location and give them your business and some much needed friendly patronage! They sure need it after their ordeal the last few months!!

Dwayne Shoop

The burger was awesome. A lettuce wrap bacon and avocado burger burger

Matthew L.

My friend took me here for the first time the other week. I was throughly impressed. This place has all the sandwich options you could imagine and then some. Made fresh, and piled high. 10/10 recommend.

Chrissi Macklin

Was actually at snarf burger! Loved, loved, loved! I had the onion ring burger without bbq sauce and I loved it! Food was hot and fresh! You can tell that the meat was fresh as well!

Joe Doe

Snarfs is awesome. The staff, the food, everything. If you're new to Denver, Snarfs is sort of a staple and you should give it a try. Also, the negative reviews on here are clearly all made by certifiably insane people - they can't be taken seriously. That's just the reality of running a business in Cap Hill.

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