SOL Mexican Cocina

200 Columbine St Unit 110, Denver
(303) 953-2208

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So far, my favorite Mexican restaurant in Denver. I've visited a few times and their food never disappoints.


Had lunch. Food was great. Service was not so great. Receptionist sat us in line with cold air. Coming in door. Asked to be moved but other section closed… She said she’d close the front door, but it immediately opened again because outside was open. Had to ask her to close it. It repeatedly opened, which she was oblivious too. We just got up and closed ourselves repeatedly. Our waitress was very friendly, but didn’t seem to be trained. Had to ask for items that should have been an automatic. Not sure we’ll go back. On top of the poor service, parking is an issue. BUT FOOD WAS GOOD!!


Good to be out again with friends. the staff at Sol provided excellent service and the food was fantastic!


First of all the front door would not shut and we were blasted with bursts if cold air. Server could not get us another table and admitted it was a problem. Also server was horrible. Took drink and appetizer order first, said chips were on the way. Appetizers came out in about 1 minute. We had to ask for silverware. Drinks didn't come until we saw a table that was seated after us, and not until we asked about them. Drinks were mixed up as we had a skinny and regular margarita and server didn't know which was which. Chips came after we finished our drinks. We we're not asked about dessert. We received another tables bill. Server dropped plates on table and booth while clearing. But the food was great.


It was fine but did not live up the the reviews. The food was bland and all tasted the same.

opentable dinner

Service was terrible. Food was very expensive and was just “meh.” We left smelling like a grease pit. Had to wash our clothes as soon as got home and take a shower. Will never go Back again.

Ana Woods

With all of these 5 star reviews about food and service I’m convinced we came on an off day. I’ll start with the food. The chicken tacos where awful tasted like boiled chicken with no seasoning. The rice was under cooked and completely clumped together. The ceviche tasted like straight orange juice with some tomatoes in it and that’s about it. As for the service? Awful. Took more then 30 minutes to order. Never asked how anything was just say the food down and left. Also the table next to us tried to complain about her food and the waitress shut her down so fast! She told this poor girl “that’s how it’s made” and just turned her back on her and left. My husband was so uncomfortable he couldn’t even asked for the bill he had to wait until I came back from the bathroom.


We weren’t impressed. The food was very bland. All I could taste were the black beans in my burrito. Great ambiance but the food just left much to be desired.

opentable dinner

The drinks were great as was the atmosphere. The sweet corn was yummy. The street tacos were basic and bland. The spicy slaw was not spicy at all. Nice night with friends

Addis Barge

My friends and I have been here twice and the food is always amazing. Love their brunch on the weekends! Their crab Benedict and mimosas is superb.Need to come here with my partner some time!

opentable dinner

We made a last-minute reservation and asked for a table by the window and they very kindly accommodated us.


I think this place has great potential. It wasn't crowded but it is clearly understaffed and that was a problem. Probably endemic for restaurants these days.

Ashley Douglas

Been to this place 3 times. Thought my first couple bad experiences were just a result of everyone having a bad day here and there, covid labor issues, etc. Third experience was the worst service I've ever had in my life. Guys, it was REALLY bad. I rarely complain and always tip at least 20% even if service isn't the best because things happen. Also, I only leave a bad review if my experience is truly awful. Food at this place is so good, but I don't know if I'll go back. Plenty of other spots around for a better time. Recommend Machete instead.

Joseph Cauliflower

Ordered the two vegetarian tacos to go and they were probably the best tacos I’ve had since moving here three years ago.It also came with a side of delicious house made tortilla chips with this amazing salsa, which I didn’t expect to come with it and it was an amazing addition that helped fill me up a little more.I will be back and I definitely recommend!

Shawna Brown

It was very crowded and it took forever to get a waitress but she was very nice when she did come. The octopus was chewy, the street corn was cold when they brought to cut at the table, the carnitas wasn’t crispy as advised. It was just horrible. The best part was the Cadillac margarita. After not eating and having 2 drinks and paying for corn and octopus that we decided to pay for it was $70 wasted money. The waitress and manager were very nice but the cook and whoever brings out food needs to get it all the way together. The pictures online were misleading. Worst birthday dinner ever

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