The Cookery at Myrtle Hill

1020 S Gaylord St, Denver
(303) 733-7448

Recent Reviews

Caitlin M.

Very very very good pastry. Lamination on those croissants was **chefs kiss**. Also enjoyed a nice seasonal pastry with butternut squash and goat cheese.

Mallory Sussman

Awesome spot. Cute (but small) patio outback. Great menu with lots of delicious choices. Friendly wait staff. Only downside - parking is tight in the area.

Jessi Frachetti

This place makes the best chicken & waffles I’ve ever had. Great atmosphere and delicious food!

Trevante A.

If you enjoy fresh food and a chill environment with a versatile drink selection then Devils Food is definitely worth a trip if in the area! Customer service was awesome and the food hit the spot!

Rita G.

Food was awesome I wish I had seen the back patio before I sit down at the front table the hardwood and chairs became very uncomfortable but the service & the food made up for it!

Mel R.

Cutest little coffee shop. I had a cappuccino and butter Croissant. The Cappuccino was creamy just the way I like it and the croissant was light and crispy. Perfection

Eric L.

This could be such an amazing place but sadly the staff kills the vibe. First Gent behind counter (dedicated only to serving food and sweets) seemed so bitter and distraught. For a first impression his energy and fun rating was a -4. Gent #2 (register duty) was a bit more personable but just going through the motions one customer at a time (he should try the carrot cake cupcake it would make anyone feel warm inside). Gent #3 (Barista) made a heck of a London fog and cappuccino but when our order was called and he noticed I was sitting directly behind him at the bar, he still insisted that I walk around bar and pick up the order because he already had moved onto the next beverage. Totally a buzz kill as sitting at the bar at a coffee shop is half the fun. The ambience, the food and beverage quality and even the bathrooms were amazing and such an enjoyable experience. My three star review has only to do with the staff who I could only describe as an "energy suck." I'm surprised there are not better applicants out there who don't find smiling to be such a challenge.

Toni F.

Amazing spot! Fresh pastries made on location were fantastic. The staff was incredibly helpful and friendly. Will definitely be back for more!

Daniela E.

The cutest little coffee shop and bakery in the wash park neighborhood. I love all of the sweet treats the offer like lemon bars and beautiful cakes. Today I enjoyed a gruyere and ham Croissant and iced coffee. Highly recommend the croissant, so flaky, warm and delicious.

Bridget M.

Met a friend of mine for coffee at the Bakery where we grabbed iced chai tea lattes and fruit/cheese danishes. We decided we were still hungry and wanted to picnic at Washington Park so we called the Cookery next door and placed an order for to-go mimosas and omelets. Service was fast and efficient and the food from both locations was delicious!

Monica R.

Wow! I was in town just for the weekend and wanted to grab something quick for my road trip and... WHAT A DISCOVERY!!! This bakery reminded me of those small town bakeries where you can smell the fresh, out-of-the-oven bread for miles. Immediately became one of my favorites and a must next time I'm in town!

Doreen T.

Quick breakfast stop on our last day in Denver. Thank you to fellow Yelper Fran D. for this great recommendation! We ordered a cafe latte, almond croissant, and a peach strudel. The pastries were still lukewarm so you know they are freshly made every morning! We visited during Covid time so indoor dining was not allowed yet. They did have a bathroom and it was clean. Back to the pastries the strudel had these crumbs on top and the filling was not too sweet. It was like eating a delicious piece of warm pie! I never say no to almond croissants and this has the most filling in every bite! Each bite was buttery and delicious! I was thinking of just eating half since it was a late breakfast, but then I blinked and the whole thing was gone. We were only at the bakery section, we missed the restaurant (a few doors down) reopening day by one day. Definitely give this bakery a try!

Catherine Laska

This place was SO GOOD! Sadly, it’s only curbside pickup right now, but even so, service was so fast! We got the fried chicken and waffles, the apple crepe, and the chicken pot pie. Everyone was very happy with their meal. A must try spot!

Ed T.

Pros: 1. The strudel is DELISH! The pastry itself is divine regardless of the filling. Had the mango peach flavor, and it was OK, but the star is the wonderful pastry and the crumbs on top. Best strudel I've ever had. Wish I ordered more. Cons: 1. Only pastries the day we went. "Food food" was either 4 doors down for curbside pickup, or would be offered starting a few days later.

C C.

We first learned about Devil's Food while watching Diners, Drive Ins and Dives when their Hedge Hog, a chocolate covered red velvet cake ball, was the featured product. And, we've have been driving here from Castle Pines ever since. This is a two-part eatery, one side is the bakery and the other is the restaurant. At the restaurant, everything from the shrimp and grits to the farmer's mac & cheese, which is a creamy M&C with and over easy egg. Please note, however, the menu changes frequently. Ok, back to the bakery....believe it or not, we driver early on Saturday and Sunday mornings for the buttermilk donuts and the Kouign Amann, pronounced: Queen A-mon If you've never had a Kiuign Amann,'s a flakey, crunchy, sweet version of BUTTER. There's nothing else like it!! The Buttermilk Donuts are the best in town! I HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend you give them a try!!

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