Wetzel's Pretzels

3000 E 1st Ave, Denver
(303) 388-2323

Recent Reviews

Melissa Armstrong

Yum! Great snack while shopping. Only downside - tastes like it had been frozen.

Vũ Tuấn

Ok, I have only been here twice. First time I ordered 2 cheese sauces with my order and there was only one, and they charged me for two cheese sauce. I thought they just forgot. Second time I ordered the same thing, and guess what. Only one cheese sauce. Charged for 2 again. I started to think they did it on purpose. Check your order before you go.

Alexis C.

It was pretty good for a quick snack but the dog bites some came out pretty burnt. I would say if your going for a quick greasy snack go for this place it's quick and satisfying. Just make sure to grab some extra napkins!

Joshua Stock

Super kind staff. Credit card machine was on the fritz, but she was sweet about it. Pretzels were nice; not the freshest but still pretty tasty. ?


Low-key wish I could give zero. The food was horrible, undercooked, and over priced. The staff was rude and we had to order 3 different times because they didn't get it all the first two times. Definitely won't be going back.

C Melton

Lady working there was very nice

Chef Priscila Show

Delicous pretzels


My favorite place to get a snack in the mall. The staff is friendly and makes delicious pretzels. If you're looking for a cheap and easy snack or meal, go here!

Jami M. Guler

Splurge a little

Steve Action

This is by far the longest I’ve ever had to wait for pretzels. When I finally get the pretzels, they were the coldest & subpar pretzels I’ve ever tasted in my life. I wish I could give a zero star review, but 1 is the lowest I could go.



Elizabeth F.

Come on now! You advertise a pumpkin caramel pretzel, which I'm over pumpkin but my daughter wanted to try it, and you serve an original pretzel with a side dipping sauce like I'd get at chik fil a! Why not bake pumpkin pretzels or season it with pumpkin caramel like you do the cinnamon ones. And the audacity to charge $1.39 for this lil sauce that ; tastes bad and runs out way before the pretzel ends. Smh wetzels pretzels pure bs. Take down the advertisements/commercial - all lies!

Marisa C.

Usually airport food leaves a lot to be desired. Yes this is a chain, but I had a great experience. The women at the desk was super helpful and kind. Also the best part was my pretzel came out fresh, buttery and soft. I guess I was lucky, because based on the other low star reviews they did not receive a fresh pretzel like mine. Since this place is located at an airport I didn't mind the lack of seating. My layover was only 30 minutes, so I was extremely happy about the quick service and grabbed my pretzel to take it on the plane. I definitely recommend stopping here for a snack and if I'm ever near one of these pretzel places again I would most DEFINITELY eat here again. They have a variety of pretzels from pepperoni, cinnamon to salted and even plain. They also had pretzel bites and hotdogs available as well. Beyond pretzels they have slushees and other basic drinks (like lemonade) too. Definitely a nice stand with good quick options!

Shimai Hunter

Just ok

Li Qi Ten

Bad customer service and gave me food that made in the morning! Not fresh at all!! The guy who served me was RUDE!!

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