Pug Ryan's Brewery

104 Village Pl, Dillon
(970) 468-2145

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Abigail Adamek

Been ordering mostly take out from this place for a while. Only dinned in a couple times. Staff is always friendly and nice. Never had a bad experience. Definitely has a local feel with a lot of regulars. Tried almost the entire menu at this point. Definitely have my favorites from it now. Best wings in the area so far. Great pretzel with cheese dip. Sometimes it looks like it’s “burnt” but it doesn’t taste it. It’s always soft in the middle. Definitely need to eat it warm. Good burgers with decent bread bun. All bbq items have been good. The meatloaf and Shepard pie are really good but heavy items. There is only 1 thing I wouldn’t order again and it’s not because it didn’t taste good. The green chili spinach dip was not cheesy enough for me. My presence is hot cheesy dip. Again it tasted good but it was more chunky. They also have Sunday NFL game day ticket so you can watch your team if you are from out of state. Definitely will be back to dine in and take out.

Joe R.

Came here for a bite after a long day of skiing, A bite and a brew is what I was foreseeing. The environment lacked some adequate lighting, But on we went with the meal, the day was just so exciting. The staff was friendly - our waiter, almost to a fault, He seemed to demean every item on the menu if it wasn't out of the "Today's Special's" Vault. He seemed so excited about the French Dip with mashed potatoes, I wish I'd only known it would cause hours of vomiting tornadoes. He did such a good job with his positive descriptions, It made 3 of the 8 of us believe we needed French dip prescriptions. So off we went and we ordered our food, French Dip for me, some soup for those who couldn't be skewed. When we asked how big the bowl of soup would be, The waiter responded "about 1.5x the cup I foresee" But the waiter was wrong for when the cup and bowl came out, The soup was eaten as we all tried to hold back our doubt. With the help of some water, the cup of soup was measured, The bowl eaters paid much more for the same amount of soup that the cup slurpers treasured. Now I'd say that Pug Ryan's may have tainted my night, When the French Dip caused my toilet and neighbors a great big fright, But the truth of the matter is this place was pretty good, Had a nice time with friends, despite the French Dip that I wouldn't have gotten again if I could.

Lisa B.

I enjoyed going to Pug Ryan's until the price increase. Ouch!!! I ordered on happy hour but they failed to mentioned the prices listed on the website were not correct nor would they honor it. Very disappointed in that. After I paid dearly for my food looks like the portion sizes went down and only the cost went up. I will not be going back anytime soon-Bye Pugs!!

Ryan L.

Great spot to grab a bite to eat and have some local beer. Great name. Had the elk sausage, which was amazing. Beers were pretty solid; I did a flight. Good location. Would recommend


Fish and chips Friday was amazing.$50 for 2 people+ 2 beersThey use cod if you were wondering, but those filets are THICC.Breading is not too greasy and the fish is delicious. Coleslaw and tarter sauce are delicious (and I hate em both).10/10* but there could be more of a cider selection

Cathy K.

So glad we found this place! The Fish Fry and Trout were delicious! Great service from Missy. We'll be back!

Wendy Dunegan

First-timers and we really enjoyed it! We were waking from the hotel to a different restaurant and saw Pug Ryan’s on the way. Super cool looking place, and not gonna lie - it was an absolutely gorgeous, sunny fall afternoon and they had plenty of outdoor seating with umbrellas! Happy hour was a bonus! Enjoyed the green chilie artichoke dip - was served warm, I appreciated there were carrots and celery along with the tortilla chips! No one does that! Fish in the fish-n-chips dish was surprisingly GOOD! Not your typical frozen fish-stick bar food, this fish was top quality with a nice thin batter. Fries are the darker, not crispy type - not my personal fave, coleslaw was good. Our outdoor experience was great and server was great too. Which I remembered her name!! It was unique. We will be back!

Carys W.

Swung by here with our dog for an early dinner, as it is listed as pet-friendly. Of course, due to the Bronco's game we were told that wait staff couldn't cover the patio area/dog-friendly area, but we were welcome to order food and drinks from the bar inside and take it outside. No big deal. Our own fault for not remembering the game was happening. So, We go outside and soon realize there's no menu QR codes and the menu on their super poorly designed website didn't pull up on our phones. So, my husband went inside while I sat outside at the table with the dog. He asked the hostess if we could have ONE menu and he would return the menu when he went inside to order food and beer and you would've thought we asked for her first born. She refused to let us have a menu and was incredibly rude about it...and insisted that my husband stand there and look at it inside (she literally stood there and like watched over him as though he intended to steal the thing), go directly to the bar to order, and then I could come in separately to see the menu and order from the bar. Probably one of the weirdest experiences we have ever had at a dining establishment. Like, I understand needing to have wait staff focus on the area inside during a football game and we were perfectly willing to order at the bar ourselves...but the fact we were treated with such weird disrespect and suspicion was just really uncomfortable. We gave up and, as we were leaving, saw a guy walk in with a dog and, apparently, got seated somewhere inside with his dog without a problem. Just felt singled out and mistreated by this place and we literally have no idea why.

Suzanne G.

Loved this pub so much we came twice during a three day stay in Dillon. The music and vibe were fun and energetic, the tables spaced far enough apart that you couldn't hear your neighbors' conversations, and the beer and food were delicious. The vegetarian harvest pie (a veggie version of shepherds pie) was to die for. The service was also terrific - we had two great servers who were super friendly, knowledgeable and attentive. And it was only a couple of blocks from our hotel so we didn't even need to move the car. A winner!

Emily K.

For the name Pug Ryan they aren't thattt dog friendly. No dogs on the outside deck, only down below in the dirt area. This was fine to us, but they sat us at a table with no umbrella shade and there was a dirty table with shade next to us, so right when the hostess sat us I asked if we could sit at the shady table when it's ready and she said "yes sure, but it might take a while to clear off" (there was 1 appetizer plate on it). We were also fine with that still! We said no problem we'll wait at the sunny table and switch whenever it's ready. 5 min later they bring other people over to the shady table clear the plates and sit them down there....the waiter goes to us "oops oh well" ....let's not forget there were about 5 shady tables available on the deck but no dogs allowed there..


Stopped here on our way home from a white water rafting tour. Unfortunately it was raining and we weren't able to sit outside, but the outdoor dining area looked amazing. Our food was very good. The pretzel appetizer was enough to fill our family of 4. Burgers and Mac/Cheese were all great. Don't miss this one!

Kelly C.

Shepherds pie was outstanding. Best I've ever had. I cannot identify the spice used, but it was spot on.

Too S.

One star because they were able to get us an immediate table for 7 at 5p on a Saturday. After eating there we know why. One star because the location is close to the Dillon Amp. Beer-Three (3) stars. Food-Zero (0) stars. No kid is going to eat that kids pizza. It didn't even resemble pizza. The Shishitos are drowning in soy sauce. That's it, just wet, pooling soy sauce. Ordered two of the fish and chips and they came both over cooked and under done. Very inconsistent. Nothing special about their famous wings, I liked the Dunkel better than the hot sauce version. Too many great options in Dillon for us to come back here.

Dan S.

Fast food great service. Friday night fish and chips $12! Had the cream ale which went down smooth after hiking around the peninsula.


We stayed in Keystone for 5 days and ate lunch and dinner out every day. This was by far the best restaurant. We would highly recommend the burgers, Mac and cheese, ribs, and fish po boys. Staff and management are extremely nice. Our only regret is that we didn’t find this place on on day one.

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