Tequila's Mexican Restaurant

2452 U.S. 6, Grand Junction
(970) 241-3100

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bella lujosie

Not the same tequilas from a few moths ago. The food is the same but the service and drinks are way worse. I always order the centennial marg. A few moths ago it was like it was on the menu. Good tequila, lime, coiuntreau, and agave. Now they just dump house margarita and put shot of cheaper centenario tequila in it. They try to be sneaky with the sizing and overcharge you if you aren't exactly sure what you want.I watched them pour meted frozen margaritas over ice and serve them too. Double watered down. FYI I was at the barOh well it's better than most places even if the are dishonest and inconsistent.

Anchal Sikka

The food tasted delicious. The servers were very cooperative, they let us switch tables for a better lighting✨However, the service was a bit slow (40 minutes till we ordered our entrees)*Margaritas? - Buy 1 get 1 free (Till 3pm)*Must try?️Vegetarian ChimichangaHouse special margarita ( Jumbo )Tostada Plate?

Megan Walley

Husband got food poisoning. The shrimp enchiladas had maybe 6 shrimp and the rest was filled with imitation crab meat. Covered in a sweet sauce.Food: 2/5


Not my favorite Mexican restaurant but it's ok for lunch. One of my coworkers had a piece of the deep fryer basket in his meal and when we gave it to the server he was like "thanks". We told the guy it would have been so easy to swallow that piece of thin wire and he said "oh yes that would be very bad". My coworker didn't get his meal comped or even a free iced tea. I at least expected something but the server just brought him his full bill. Just to nonchalant about a serious mistake on their part.

Mister J

Sons of the best Mexican food in town. Great service. Colorful environment. One of my faves.Food: 5/5

Debbie Vigil

This is the BEST Mexican restaurant in town.Best serviceBest foodBest staffThey'll treat you like family!

Chris K

The service was exceptional, unfortunately the rellenos were under cooked & the wife's food wasn't what she specified & was sent back

Marie Terebesi

Ok I dont like the new menus. The Tequilas location on north is a much better choice. For service they stop and listen. The food is better tasting.Food: 3/5

Sean Steele

Friendly staff, and quick service. Food was really good too, I will definitely be back

fred waring

Tried this place recently while visiting GJ and was kind of disappointed. The service was super fast and very friendly but the food needs work !!

Misty Osmundsen

The food was great! Huge portions too. The service is always wonderful and friendly. My favorite is the chicken mole and my husband loves the tacos pastor

Sandy Amsberry

My sister and I returned to tequilas because of the great service and food. This time not so good. Waitress had a bad attitude, uncaring. Our shrimp was over cooked. Tasted like rubber.


Friendly staff and good service. Food was great. Like being able to find a good Mexican restaurant so far from SoCal.

Beatrice L.

Extremely rude & unethical. Their menu lists a medium and jumbo margarita, but wait staff asks if you want a small or medium, but when you select medium because that's what menu says, they bring and charge for a jumbo. When you question it, they say we have only a small and medium, and when you show them the menu, they say, "el menu es incorrecto". So, you think you're ordering what they consider a small, and they know you are, but they bring a jumbo. Very unethical way to increase sales. If you order a happy hour margarita, and the waiter is busy, he brings you a jumbo and does not let you have happy hour price because he does not want to have to return to your table. Management does not predetermine meat portions, so when you order a dinner carne asada, cook determines what you get. Many times you get a teeny tiny portion, and they never serve the little green onions the menu says it comes with. I don't know what happens to the remainder of the dinner portion, but customer pays over $22 for a teeny tiny piece of meat. Maybe the cook eats the rest of your portion, and maybe waitress does. Who knows. Very unethical. The wait staff is extremely rude and crooked, and if they don't like your tip, they b**** you out next time you come in.

Sam Cathey

Steak and shrimp are hearty... although they could season it up a little more. Service is friendly and good. It's our go-to for now.

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