M.C.'s Brooklyn Pizzeria

8086 W Bowles Ave, Littleton
(303) 763-8299

Recent Reviews

Erica Serene

I went in one afternoon for a casual lunch with my Toddler after the park. To discover these guys have the Best pizza I've ever eaten! We have returned a few times since then. And today when I came in I received such a warm welcome that I can't tell you how big of a smile it put on my face. I couldn't thank you guys enough for not only keeping our tummies happy but smiles on our face. We truly appreciate your business and look forward to every visit :)

Clay Williams

Best pizza in Colorado! Family owned and operated. Mike your the best and how for many more years you serving the community. Yum go go go. It's worth the drive if your far from south west plaza mall area.Food: 5/5

Kaitlin Benz

Some of the best vegan pizza I have ever had! Unfortunately we were given a pizza with real cheese at first, but they were happy to remake it vegan. Well worth it!

Katelyn Stoner

Best cheese pizza in Littleton hands down. New York style, sauce is so good, perfect balance of cheese and sauce, handmade dough is perfection.Even better fresh out of the oven ?Got 10% off for using cash too!

Paula Lopez

Fresh and delicious! The customer service, the atmosphere, along with the food, gave a very authentic Italian/East-coast experience. My partner came home from work and stated that he had a sudden craving for a calzone. I wanted to get him something that we’ve never tried. I ordered take out and when I got there, my order wasn’t quite ready. In the short few minutes I was there, the owner made conversation with me while also making sure that my order held up to expectations. When I got back home, my partner and I were blown away by how fresh and flavorful the food was. My partner is also from the east coast and stated that it gave him “a little taste of home”. We are definitely planning on becoming regular patrons of MC’s Pizzeria.

Gabriel Flechas

Got a 10" Gluten Free (gf) Margarita Pizza, and while it was a little on the pricey side ($16.25 I think), it was hands down the best gf pizza I've had. Most places pull out a pre-made crust bought from another company, but not this place as far as I can tell. It looks like they make their own gf crust! Very tasty and made me wish it came in larger sizes than 10". I'm sure it's harder to manage in a larger size but I'd be stoked to find a spot that does large gf pizza.Definitely worth trying while also recognizing it's a pricier piece of pie. We'll be back though!

L D.

Delicious and FRESH! Everything is home made from their families recipes. The owners are extremely friendly and very welcoming. Fantastic eggplant parmesan sandwich!

Danielle McGuire

M.C Brooklyns is probably my number one NY pizza spot in Colorado. Not only do they stick true to the menu items you can find on a typical NY Avenue, but the actual execution of the recipes are spot on. I love that not only can you walk into their restaurant and smell the authentic smells of a true pizzeria but your also can sometimes hear the loud banter that usually is accustomed to a true NY restaurant. (From the back of course) because this is a family owned business, and what better way to present Colorado with their best, then to open a truly authentic pizzeria. Thanks M.C Brooklyn, for transporting me home, without the plane ticket.

Ryan Jackson

Pie was amazing, I'm from the east coast. I've had alot of pie from several places. This hands down is the best. Flavor is rich and authentic, the cheese is so thick and juicy. I LOVE IT. Thank you guys for the service, and food.

Troy F.

Was a loyal customer for years. When the business moved years ago I moved with them. Gave them several top reviews as I do with places I love. I couldn't help noticing a major decline in politeness and an increase in rudeness with customers over time. Then after 20 years of loyalty, it happened to me!. I was dining in and my pizza was burnt so bad even the waitress quietly suggested I should return it. When I pointed it out to Jr.. he puffed up and yelled and grumbled in front of the entire crowded restaurant It was obvious to me that's why waitress was afraid to point it out to her boss. I quit going there 3 years ago and will NEVER go back. The pizza was good but the "pizza n**** treatment trumps any quality of the food. Customer service is, and should always first in the food service industry...

Megan E

Do yourself a favor and drop by M.C.’s ASAP :) This will definitely be my new “go-to” for the best pizza in town -and rightfully so! Nestled right next to the lake at Clement Park, this family-owned establishment has been serving Colorado for the last 25 year's! Excellent/attentive service, great/relaxed atmosphere -I literally can’t speak highly enough about this hidden gem :)

John DeLong

Overpriced no taste pizza, bad service, better places to spend your money.

Joseph Ignowski

This is a test. I was considering trying this place, but I noticed that every sub-5 star review had a response from the restaurant (many of them quite rude). I have experienced poor treatment for giving poor reviews before, and I don't want to patronize this venue if that's how it treats fair (or even unfair) criticism. I probably will try this place soon and update my review to reflect the food, but that depends on whether management decides to throw a tantrum in the comments.

Beth C.

Pizza was good. But after 11 days on the road across the West, it was the first place where the owner was actually rude when I asked for a receipt that said what I ordered, a requirement for work. Have been traveling for work for two decades and more than 35 states. I never have I encountered this. Truly felt like I was in New York. Too bad!

Eleanor Nelson

DELICIOUS!! They have vegan cheese so as a vegan this place is awesome, definitely recommend the garlic bread!Not cheap, but worth the price! My husband loves their bbq chicken pizza.

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