Texas Roadhouse

10066 W San Juan Way, Littleton
(303) 932-7427

Recent Reviews

M S Clark

Everything on my plate was cooked excessively hot. I have never seen this at any other locations of this great restaurant chain. Hurry mode, get it out fast. Respect the food. My fillet was awesome except hard char on outside, which I do not like and the char is very unhealthy. Baked sweet potato, oven 1000 degrees?

William F.

I was a little concerned as reviews are mixed, but I had a nice visit. Fresh bread on the table. Drink and appetizer order taken soon after. Drink came out right away. Fried pickles cooked perfectly, batter was done all the way through. I ordered the shrimp entree. Often not a good choice at a steakhouse, but I'm Reducitarian, and shrimp was my best option. Turns out they were great. Tasty coating and well grilled. I also liked the rice they were served on. Vegetable side was al dente, not cooked to sludge. So, a pleasant surprise from a place I would not normally choose (I had some gift cards.)

Lexi L.

After a rough day of moving we just came to sit down and relax and Ben made our experience amazing! His sweet and joking demeanor was a perfect compliment to the great service and food. I would happily come back again just based off of his great service.

Bue No

Great for dinner or a thrifty value lunch, even on weekends.I had the meaty, perfect ribs appetizer, which came with fries or salad. An app with a side, who can beat that?Very friendly and helpful staff. ?Plenty of parking and seating. Air conditioned comfort from the summer heat.The acoustics seems to amplify any boisterous antics and parties nearby, especially on game days and weekends.It's a mystery why beans or coleslaw aren't on the side menu.

Valerie MacDonald

Usually the food is pretty good but this time was just OKAY. We sat at the bar and the server was friendly and good for the most part. The margarita this time around was just okay and not as good as it normally is. We ordered a combo app and it was wrong. We got pickles instead of the wings. Pickles were not good and when we got the wings, they put them in a small bowl with a ton a liquid. It was disturbing. Even the bartender said she had never seen them like that. I was not one to complain but would have thought we would have been comped. On a brighter note and the only picture I took was the 1/2 rack ribs. Absolutely love those. I had a sweet potato with it asked for it loaded. The just put marshmellow on top and no cinnamon butter on it. The marshmellows were not melted (as you can see). Hopefully this was just an off day with their kitchen staff.

Uma S.

It's 72 degrees outside, inside the restaurant it's 62 degrees!!! Does the manager not see something is not right?? Who wants to eat their food in a ice box. AAND not to mention the food getting cold before the third bite. Manager can you please , please get your sh** together?!??

Anastasia Martinez

A very busy restaurant on a weekend night so make sure to check in online and join the wait list. Staff is super friendly and service was quick. I required special dietary restrictions and they were great about accommodating me. Food was amazing. I was able to get a salmon salad which is available in the online menu but not the in restaurant menu.Dietary restrictions: They were able to accommodate my needs to have certain things not included in my meal.

Tony Overland

Went for Father's Day and surprisingly though it was not that long at all. Very pleasant and the food was delicious. Considering the fact that I had six orders of their rolls you definitely can get your money's worth. Warm outside and they had a booth set up for free snow cones which made the day even better. My son and he found a meal that he really enjoyed as well.

donna c.

Tuesday afternoon I took my aunt to an early dinner. We were some of the first in the door at about 3:10. The hostess walks us clear to back of the place and and puts the rolls down at a booth pretty much at the door of the Outhouse. Seriously, the whole place is practically empty and I requested to be seated elsewhere. We sat down and ordered prime rib. The prime rib wouldn't be done until about 5. Ordered rib eyes instead and they were pathetic and the toughest rib eye steaks I didn't know existed, especially not at Texas Roadhouse. Terribly Disappointed.

Joshua Hays

I can’t believe I’ve never reviewed Texas Roadhouse- I’ve been eating at Roadhouses across the MidWest for the last 15+ years. Very consistent good meals for a good price and I like the casual atmosphere. Bang for buck it’s just one of the better steaks you’re going to find. This was a double house salad, 16 oz ribeye cooked medium, and a loaded baked potato. $33.

Elly Miller

The service at this location is top-notch. I have a milk intolerance, and it can be hard to eat out sometimes. The server and manager worked with me to find items I could eat, and the kitchen staff prepared my food according to my request. My meal tasted great, and I didn’t get sick. Kudos to the staff!

Karabo Firstborn Phomane

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Monica Lora

Our waitress Christy was outstanding!!! She was so friendly and had great suggestions! She also had me try the mushroom and onions on my steak and I loved it!

SJ Eckles

We just had an exceptional Mother's Day dinner. We don't usually eat out for special holidays - we're old and we don't like crowded places. But this time we decided to go early. It was well worth it - The main crowd hadn't arrived yet!All the staff people were very friendly and helpful. Our waitress even told us about the eggs and croutons that came with the dinner salads, in case we had food sensitivities. They had a special (optional) Mother's Day menu with several great "packages" for two dinners and an appetizer. As always, the food was excellent. Thank you to everyone who made it such a wonderful experience for us!PS - I highly recommend this place!

David Valderrama (Early Christian Life)

I ordered a ribeye steak. It tasted great. Orders come with unlimited rolls and cinnamon butter. However, the appetizer (fried pickles) and the sides were super salty. The price is a little high for the overall quality. The waitress was very friendly.I rarely give five stars. If there isn't anything I don't like about a business then I rate it four stars. If there isn't anything I don't like plus extraordinary service, cleanliness, thoughtfulness, etc., then I give five stars.So this rating means that there wasn't anything exceptional and that there were some minor things I didn't like.

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