Tomatillo Taco Joint

65 E Putnam Ave, Cos Cob
(203) 869-0928

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Rochelle C.

Ordered here through ubereats and sadly, it was disappointing. I was hangry and wanted something with lots of flavors and this was not it. We ordered two burrito bowls and because it's from uber, every little thing that we added to it, was an extra fee (which was to be expected). I don't mind the extra fees as long as the food is good but when it's sad looking, then we have a problem. I didn't even take a picture because it was just embarrassing to post such a sad bowl.

Chris A.

I wish I could give give it 6 stars! Friendly staff and fresh ingredients make for the best tacos ever.

Claire P.

The man was very rude to my mother when asked for a bag! He told her to say "Please" and "Thank you" when he left her the bag on the table! My mother didn't stand for it and he came outside and told us not to 'disrespect him' and that he was going to 'call the cops' He had a bad attitude the whole time and when you're in the service industry (like I've been) your customers are your bread and butter and they can easily ruin your restaurant with just one bad review! He should have to take a class on customer service! It wouldn't surprise if this sort of thing has happened to his customers before! He's an asshole, plain and simple and he will never get our money again!

Grace D.

The rudest staff I ever encountered! The man who took my order seemed annoyed at my question, having never been there and was unfamiliar with menu. When I asked later for a take away bag he didn't like I didn't say please enough and threw bag at me. I told him he had a bad attitude and and he started yelling so I called him an a**hole. He then came out of the store after me saying I had disrespected him and would call the police. All this for not asking please more than once? I'll never go there again. Food was only fair- wanted to order fish taco but the fish behind case looked dried out, over cooked, yet greasy at the same time!

Christian D.

Great quesadillas and burritos. A Great local alternative to Chipotle. Very nice and clean every time!

Jonathan Olsson

STAY AWAY if using UberEats to order/deliver. I ordered and the delivery time said 30 minutes. Over 1 1/2 later called the restaurant (they deliver themselves, they don't use Uber Drivers) and was told they had no orders and their delivery driver was "done for the day" (this was at 2:30 PM). No one at the restaurant was interested in addressing or rectifying the issue. If I could give zero stars I would.

John H.

Don't order to pickup at Tomatillo. They accepted our order, then cancelled it without notifying us. They were closing an hour and a half earlier than the stated closing time. Fine, but don't accept our order, in that case. Maybe get in touch with us before we drive there. No attempt to make things right. Poor customer service, and communication. We can't review the food, as we didn't receive any! Bad experience.

Felicienne Berthelette

Slow and the workers don't care.

Tracy N.

Love, love, love the burritos. Get the green salsa verde in your burrito I also love that I can get hard shell tacos here.

Layla L.

This place has a horrible customer service. Disgusting, overprice and the food taste horrible. We asked for extra guacamole and this is what we got for extra $2.75 . Very nasty and the staff is beyond horrible service! Never come here for food. Rather eat dog food. 3 tacos are for $13. Overpriced for nasty taste tacos. DO NOT COME HERE.

John Unger

3 times now I ordered from Uber Eastlake and it tells me 35 minutes but then changes to over an hour. It only happens with Tomatillo. I ordered basic bowls that take 2 minutes to make each...what is the problem? 3 strikes and out, never ordering from here again

Jason Mcgreggor

Easy 5 stars for this place that I always, but always have great time and delicious food. Not to miss this place, you will like it.

Jennifer P.

Ordered through grubhub while working in the area one day. I ordered a quesadilla which was good but plain. We ordered guac and chips but the guac could have definitely used more lime. The churros were good but could have used a little more cinnamon sugar. Overall it was pretty good and I would order here again.

Sophie Bardos

always fresh and healthy in a pinch! v tasty!

Theodore Peterson

Very well organised and welcoming restaurant. They provide large portions and for affordable prices. We loved the food a lot and the staff were very welcoming and informative. Will definitely recommend this spot.

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