Tomatillo Taco Joint

65 E Putnam Ave, Cos Cob
(203) 869-0928

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Gage Galati

I never received my order.When I called into the store I spoke with Jaylene who proceeded to put me on hold while I had to listen to her have a personal conversation for 15 minutes until I decided to hang up and call back.1st call back she answered and hung up2nd call back she answered and hung up3rd time she finally answeredShe informed me she was just speaking to the manager regarding my issue which I know is not true as I listened to her talk about jewelry for 15 mins with no regard for my missing order or my time. I then asked to speak to the manager which she replied “you don’t have to get an attitude”. I then finally spoke to the manager who did not seem concerned for his employees actions and was unable to give me the corporate number or the store number.Terrible experience, no accountability.

Lou D

Girl at the counter with the longs nails and braided hair is superrrrr rude. Used to always stop at this place when either in Greenwich or Stamford. Sad to say I won’t be any more with service like that. Try Sierra grill in Norwalk next time folks. Always friendly and tastes great. I give 2 stars only because the foods good. Would’ve been 5 if the brat behind the counter didn’t have such a (tortilla) chip on her shoulder

Liz Mcmadden

Counter girl with dark skin & long pink nails was horribly rude. “That’s the portion, sorry” was the reply when we questioned the less than 1/2 full burrito bowl. Note that there was no scale or measuring scoop…just her grumpy discretion.Her venomous agreement to add more to the bowl was all that kept us from leaving & going to Chipoltle.This place is not even clean & inviting. And this is not the first poor service we have had…but it will be the last.We won’t waste our time or money here again. Post COVID all of us are more selective with where they dine…I would steer you away from Tomatillo, friends.


Last time here for me. Portion size was shockingly small. Almost walked out despite asking for her to actually fill up the bowl as it should be. Nothing more or less other than her poor poor judgement. . No measurements. No scales. Just Attitude back and no tip. Good luck. Chipotle from now on. Sorry owner. Get better help even though it’s tough. Life is too short for this poor experience. Find a better place……

Ty J.

been eating here since the first day they opened but the prices are insane now, $20 for 3 steak and shrimp tacos? thats insane.

Orlando Adames

The food is delicious. My wife had a burrito and I had a bowel.

Nikhil H.

Ordered shrimp tacos. They were appalling. The tortillas were uncooked and crumbled. The filling was cold and tasteless. We won't return.


Excellent burritos.

Neisha “Nei Nei”

If zero stars were possible! I accidentally placed the order at the wrong location and they refused to refund my card, I am a diabetic who is pregnant high risk i cannot drive 50 minutes to get my food in which i explained to the person who answered the phone and at the they were so rude. No corporate number or anything 60$ down the drain never go here professionalism sucks here and clearly they care about money more than the customers.

Reed Kemp

Says it closes at 9:00, was closed at 8:00

Rochelle C.

Ordered here through ubereats and sadly, it was disappointing. I was hangry and wanted something with lots of flavors and this was not it. We ordered two burrito bowls and because it's from uber, every little thing that we added to it, was an extra fee (which was to be expected). I don't mind the extra fees as long as the food is good but when it's sad looking, then we have a problem. I didn't even take a picture because it was just embarrassing to post such a sad bowl.

Chris A.

I wish I could give give it 6 stars! Friendly staff and fresh ingredients make for the best tacos ever.

Claire P.

The man was very rude to my mother when asked for a bag! He told her to say "Please" and "Thank you" when he left her the bag on the table! My mother didn't stand for it and he came outside and told us not to 'disrespect him' and that he was going to 'call the cops' He had a bad attitude the whole time and when you're in the service industry (like I've been) your customers are your bread and butter and they can easily ruin your restaurant with just one bad review! He should have to take a class on customer service! It wouldn't surprise if this sort of thing has happened to his customers before! He's an a******* plain and simple and he will never get our money again!

Grace D.

The rudest staff I ever encountered! The man who took my order seemed annoyed at my question, having never been there and was unfamiliar with menu. When I asked later for a take away bag he didn't like I didn't say please enough and threw bag at me. I told him he had a bad attitude and and he started yelling so I called him an a**hole. He then came out of the store after me saying I had disrespected him and would call the police. All this for not asking please more than once? I'll never go there again. Food was only fair- wanted to order fish taco but the fish behind case looked dried out, over cooked, yet greasy at the same time!

Christian D.

Great quesadillas and burritos. A Great local alternative to Chipotle. Very nice and clean every time!

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