Taco King

2379 Whitney Ave, Hamden
(203) 848-3668

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Matt A.

I was super excited to eat at this place. We live 2 mins from the location and the Food was pretty awful. The chicken and cheese quesadilla had stale chicken in it. Almost freezer burnt? Couldn't figure out if it was just old or stale but either way it was gross. Plus you shouldn't be able to see light through a quesadilla if you hold it up to light. No joke it was so flat it might have been a piece of paper. It gets more disappointing... the (3) beef tacos were really cold like pre made cold. Plus when you picked them up the hard shell broken into like 50 pieces. No joke it happened on all three tacos. I really hate to give a 1-star review because the guy was really nice who took my order and I like to support local businesses but the food was so bad I couldn't muster another star.

Liam Healey

Best taco place I have had the pleasure of enjoying in the area. Taco king has a complete menu with a tasty selection of flavorful delights! You can’t go wrong with any selection on the menu. I have visited a many times before writing this review I have tremendous respect for the way this business operates. especially considering all the setbacks that the pandemic has caused all of us.

Trae Snyrizi

I frequent Taco King quite often. They make great tasting and fresh food that doesn't cost too much. The dude that works there is a cool guy and I enjoy our interactions whether it be him delivering to me or me coming in and him taking my order. Give them a shot, I doubt you will be interrupted.

Lucas Johnson

$10 minimum order to pay with a card. No ATM. Somehow these guys figured the whopping 18 cents per burrito paid to Visa is worth turning away customers who live in the 21st century.

Anthony T.

It is not good. please do not go here to eat, it is not an AUTHENTIC MEXICAN PLACE. The beans and rice were awful, my enchilada was just melted cheese on top of a taco, no sauce or anything. I couldn't even finish my food, it was awful. Please go to an authentic mexican place! Los orales or los meriachies is close by. This is not worth your time

Joe Planeta

Pretty good tacos at this place

Basma Bejdadi

I don't know what keeps me coming back the fantastic customer service or the scrumptious food.

James A.

Mixed bag from here. The tacos and fajita are good, beef and chicken respectively, nicely seasoned and not overcooked. The quesadilla on the other had was not good, the cheese was a weird consistency and had no flavor, and the shrimp was not much better. As a note all of the tortillas are the same size, probably 7 inch, so the tacos are large and the quesadillas small. A solid option, as long as you stick with the turf and the tacos.

Ray Crisco

Been going to Taco King for years. Food is always fresh and tasty.Definetly not Authentic Mexican but they never said it was. Oversized burritos,great tacos no matter which you get. Chicken,shrimp or steak. Mexican pizza is great also.

Lorraine Oliver

It was not good at all i ended up throwing away the food issues for a beef taco it was chill the chicken wasn't good n either was the steak dont go there unless u plan on having being sick

Regina Mapp

Subpar food and service. Rice and black beans were very good though. Never had black beans w/a hint of sweetness. Interesting

Myla Campos

Honestly, I was looking forward to this place due to the ratings. I got a steak quesadilla, thinking that'd be simple. The steak was absolutely not fresh and cut into these huge pieces? Im a foodie, but didnt even want to finish the thing.

Miguel M

Great food ?

Tyler Shea

Honestly WOW. Pleasantly surprised for my first time ordering. My steak burrito was hot,fresh and delicious. Ordering was super easy,order taker and delivery guy were super friendly and order was delivered in a very timely fashion. I wasn't really in the mood for Mexican food tonight,but it's what the wife wanted. I took one bite,and my appetite changed. Definitely worthwhile,with super reasonable pricing.Will be a repeat customer!!!

I R.

Went in and walked out. The setup was totally Chinese restaurant with Mexican food on menu. It was Asian run...umm maybe one day I'll try it but I'm not ready for that experience

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