Whitney Donut And Sandwich Shop

2574 Whitney Ave, Hamden
(203) 248-9095

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Ashley Oblon

Service is very friendly and fast! Ordered a sandwich which was delicious and filling, a toasted coconut donut that was TO DIE FOR and their coffee options are very yummy! Definitely will be coming back!

Nick Novelli

They don't make the "BEST" donuts you've ever had. And I'm thankful for that. It's Saturday morning, I have family in town, I don't want a boutique display of key lime-balsamic chiffon filling and cracked white pepper and truffle glaze, with single source cacao nibs. They make GOOD donuts, fresh, plenty of variety, they're friendly, patient, and good at helping you fill a box. You can get bagels, and breakfast sandwiches, and coffee. It's all good. All hail Glazed.

Nicole Montalto

I love Whitney donut !!!! It is worth the sometimes super long drive thru line.I even bring my own chocolate syrup in the car to add into my iced coffee since they don’t carry mocha syrup, but I don’t even mind - because it is still worth it! Bagels and muffins are so good too.

MMRP Director

Perfect place to visit for delicious donuts and amazing iced coffee. I tried their sticky bun coffee and it was exceptional. Their Apple fritter is my favorite and is shown here. It is huge and crispy and delicate. I almost wish I didn’t know about it’s existence Bc now I crave them daily on my way to work.I also enjoy their maple bacon donut. They know what they are doing when it comes to donuts. They are incredibly soft and delicious.


The only reason they receive 3 stars instead of 5 is because they want to stop making egg, bacon and cheese bagel whenever they want. One time it was 1:30 they said they stop at 1 . Today is 1 and they said they stop at noon. Very inconvenient, if this is a bagel shop and they close at a certain time they should be making everything up until the store closes. Which closes early at 2 anyways. Other than that they have great bagels and donuts!

Chrsitine M.

I love Whitney Donut for several reasons. They have amazing soups sandwiches daily . Their eggplant parmigiana is usually Fri and Mon it's delicious and I'm very picky . Their spanakopita is very good they have very good salads . Tuna chicken salad and roast beef sandwiches are also great along with the thanksgiving sandwich ... The rolls and bread always fresh . Muffins donuts apple fritters. You simply can't beat the food the service and the prices . To many great qualities to count . Easy order and pick up . Enjoy Chris M


The BEST!!! Everything from here is delicious and the donuts are fantastic!! They make a great sandwich, Whitney Donut is a true gem!! Seeing that classic Whitney Donut box immediately brightens my mood.

Jim L.

We use to live in Hamden. Stopped here for breakfast today. My sandwich was good but the service here was horrible. The bearded guy running drive thru! What a major j**** He missed something on our order. Before we said anything his whole demeanor was like he was annoyed. Mentioned the missing item he wasn't even looking at us had his back to us. Then says I didn't hear that no I can get it.. like how rude!!

Lou Grizzy

I went because I heard they had a banana ? cream donut...so I got there and bought a few of those....along with some blueberry cake...some Boston cream...maple bacon, and buttermilk donuts as well. I dug into the box blindly while driving and got to try the Boston cream first....Omg...Delicious....rivals my favorite Boston cream from my childhood days in New york...great donut...delicious and plentiful filling throughout. I then got what I came for....the banana creme...I hadn't noticed the toasted coconut on the donut before I purchased it (I hate ? coconut) so it kinda ruined it for me...but I did bite into it (hoping it wasn't coconut (it was) but the banana cream made my day anyway) if I could have scraped the coconut off I would have fully enjoyed it but I don't like fighting with my food. Whitney donuts has some very good stuff and the choices seem endless....definitely try this place

Danielle F.

if you're craving homemade donuts, incredible cinnamon rolls, warm bagels or good coffee stop here! The drive-through line is always super long so if you can park, do so. Inside the shop is super cute so I always prefer walking in anyway.

Gail V.

Love, love, love the sandwiches here...have been a customer for several years now. Great "specials" during the week...especially love their eggplant parmigiana sandwich!! Funny, but haven't had donuts from here in years... but, if memory serves, they too were delicious!! The soups and salads are also a treat... the drive through is so convenient!


First time visiting today. I was in the area and had to check the place out after seeing so many reviews.Instead of using the drivethrough, I decided to go inside to get some donuts and a breakfast sandwich. There are plenty of parking spaces.As expected the quality of the donuts were great and I would definitely go back sometime.

Jennifer DeMaria

Such friendly staff & every baked good was delicious! We ordered a variety & everything was great. The chocolate chip cookie was crispy outside & chewy inside. The coffee roll was perfect. Each of the dozen donuts was tasty. Great prices compared to Nj. Thank you for being a traditional bakery.

Ian D.

Dropped my daughter off in New Haven and had to kill time. Spotted a shop with donut in the name so it was a no brainer. Bonus: they serve food and pretty good iced coffee. Went with the grilled chicken BLT wrap and it was delicious. Bringing home a box of donuts so I'll update afterwards. Staff was friendly and had a great sense of humor.

Cindy T.

Believe it or not I actually go here basically to get Bagels! Being originally from Long Island NY, I had a hard time finding decent bagels on the shoreline of CT So every time I would go down before the pandemic we would bring back 2 doz bagels for us me, my parents & my sister, her hubby & the kids However, since the pandemic no one has been down since. But since 10/ 2021 I'm in Hamden at least once a month I get bagels from here. I stopped in here one day after an appt when I had an hour to kill before going for an X-ray up the road. So I went to get a breakfast sandwich & saw they had bagels, donuts, all kinds of sandwiches & other stuff. I got a doz. bagels to bring home & they were great & about 10-12 flavors? (I'd have to the menu) but it's a decent decent selection. They make AMAZING muffins!!! The cranberry walnut is out of this world you literally get walnut & cranberry in every single fight, a nice big muffin! They also make an awesome cream cheese carrot cake muffin too!!! Also there strawberry cream cheese filled croissant & chocolate croissant is to die for! So even though they have a ton of donuts, I've only tried a few which were delicious. I know that's like what they're known for, but that's not what I go there for LOL... My breakfast sandwich that I had was delicious. Made perfectly with my well done bacon, 2 over-hard eggs w/ nice melty cheese on roll w/ SPK. I did have their powdered jelly & powdered black raspberry jelly both delicious, light & fluffy! They're open until 4pm (I think only during the week) So, NOW I call the day before that I'm going to be in the area & tell them exactly what I want them to hold for me & which always includes 3 muffins,3 croissants & 12 bagels though that depends on if they're all staying w/ me or if I'm splitting the order in some fashion with my parents who will come pick up whatever portion of that entire order in the next day for two from my fridge/freezer. I know a bagel place but recently opened up in Guilford where my sister lives & she hasn't even gone there yet. They describe their bagels as seeing on the sourdough style, which is not your typical NY style Bagels. But I may try them out to see but they don't carry bagel like pumpernickel which is one of our faves or cinnamon raisin. The only other thing on the shoreline is Cohen's Bagels, which I think are absolutely terrible. Before this, the only other place I would remotely find close to a decent bagel was at Panera. So unfortunately I won't be heading to Hamden again until the end of July. So I'm going through bagel withdrawals, hence the fact I might head into Guilford. It's just a few exits from me, but I'm already setting myself up for disappointment based on the way the bagels are described. It's also cool about this place is they have a drive-thru but I always like to go in whether I call ahead or I'm going in for an egg sandwich or to see what else they have or any special/new flavored, muffins, donuts, etc. Plus a lot of times when I'm up there. It is around either lunch time or end of breakfast l Rush. So it does have a sign that says if you're ordering more than a certain amount of items to please come in. They also have picnic tables outside to the left of the establishment which is pretty cool besides having tables indoors. So glad I stumbled across this little gem! I'll have to take pictures one day and post them of all the yummy goodies they have! Especially since they do make some pastries and I've seen different ones in there.

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Whitney Donut And Sandwich Shop

2574 Whitney Ave, Hamden, CT 06518
(203) 248-9095