Chili's Grill & Bar

1500 Boston Post Rd #1, Milford
(203) 874-5140

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Amanda Lein

I haven't been to a Chili's in forever. The service was great and food came out quick. 5$ margaritas is what I am all about!! We had trio app, ribs and shrimp tacos. The tacos were good but missing something. They weren't spicy at all. But I had sauces left from my apps, so it was fine. Enjoy!Food: 5/5

Sukhdeep Kandhari

Awful experience, wanted a simple dessert, sat in for more than 15 minutes, no server came to our table. It wasn’t even that busy. Left and attempted to call the manager and I was put on hold for 5 minutes before I had to hang up. When did the service plunge so far!?

gregg laclair

Understaffed. Loud, from piped music. Loud drunks at bar. Patrons over served. It was during superbowl. Waitress was overstressed due to a staff shortage. Don't know why there was a guest seater whom accommodated our seating request and then the waitress told us the area was closed and we'd need to move even though people were just seated next to where we we taken. There was also a person handling take out doing nothing. They should've been taking beverage orders and helping the waitress out in my opinion. Food was prepared well though took longer than it should have to get to the table. Appetizer was small and served with no plates. Chili's is better than this! I used to travel 2.5 hours to go to a Chili's on my birthday every year because it was the best value, service and food. Sadly this is no longer the case.

Lenore Jordan

Although our waitress and the manager were kind, our orders were not correct. The floors were not clean and restaurant not tidy. Serving the public and presentation is very key!

Emily Tomasovitch

Dont know if I will be back to this location. My friends and I went out this evening to celebrate one of us getting accepted to graduate school so we came for drinks, apps, and dessert. We were seated at 9:30 and placed our order for drinks and apps. Our waitress never came back over to us, so at 10:20 we asked a different waitress to put an order for dessert. She brought this up to the manager and then our initial waitress came up and said "I thought you guys weren't ordering entrees? only apps and desserts?". Regardless, you should be checking on your tables. We ordered waters we never got and had to ask for the check 3 different times until we finally got it. Drinks from the bar and food was good but the service was definitely not.

Williany Ortiz

I would've given all the stars because the food was really really good, but I've ordered their To-Go in the past and just like my recent To-Go order they always miss items and instructions. I usually will just miss a drink or a salad or something. But I ordered from them last night and was missing a side of alfredo sauce, missing my drink, and my garlic toasts. I'll try just sticking to dine instead because this was a bummer especially when I called to say that I'm missing the items but recieved no help. Again just dine in so you can make sure your order is correct. But great food!

Kathy Case

Waitress was very attentive. Service was gast and food was hot and delicious. Restaurant was cleanKid-friendliness: They have electronic games at each table which keeps children occupied while waiting for their food

maurice brown

I’ve been to this Chili’s a few times and it can be a hit or a miss but this was ridiculous. My food was cold. And I understand it happened but when u tell your server hey my food is cold. A response of I don’t know what to do…is crazy. At that point only because I was trying to allow my daughter to enjoy her cold fajita. I asked for 3 boxes. This was sad a wait of a night and bad food with an entrée of poor service. If it was busy I could be more understanding it was slow. At this point if this is the best chili can do. Close down and become a McDonald’s


I was very pleased with my sever his name is Deyonte mad w the experience great I would come back everything was good food drinks but my server was very busy and still had all his tables going

Stephanie Blaisdell

This restaurant is great. I never had a problem with it. The staff is friendly. The food is great. I go there with my partner or family sometimes. Will come back again.

Lane Simmons

My family went here after being extremely hungry from a day of play. Although my family LOVES Chili's, We walk in and there weren't anyone to greet us. We stood for 10 minutes waiting. STILL NoONE. In shocking disbelief, my family and I conveniently left. We will not be returning to this particular Chili's any time soon. VERY disappointed.

James Nobitz

No one helped us to a table when we walked in so after 5 minutes we sat ourselves. Waiter was friendly. They had a deal 3 for me for $11.99. I got a drink, house salad and the original chicken crispers. Only issues was the chicken was overcooked and stringy and very little batter, and the corn on the cob was previously frozen so it was soggy.

Pat Conway

It’s good food

Sahrah Lacombe

HORRIBLE: I ordered chicken ranch bacon quesadilla tortilla was soggy I piece of chicken on each slice looked like they got those grilled bags from a grocery store very little cheese wasn't even holding together looked like it was someone else's that sent it back and they reheated it. Suppose to come with sour cream which was warm. Pico which was shredded lettuce that looked old and sliced tomatoes. Got a side salad with ranch dressing that was watered down. My guest got chips and salsa the salsa was like liquid. Her meal was sirloin steak steamed broccoli and loaded mashed potatoes. The broccoli was raw and old the mashed potatoes were luke warm. Mind you the server came to the table and said our meals were being held up due to the broccoli. Then we had asked for hot tea which they told us they didn't have and still charged us for. ? By the end of the visit 2 plates were barely touched and the server didn't even ask if there were issues or if everything was good. We sat waiting 10 minutes or more for our bill and they had already cleared the table. In the mean time of us also being there 1 couple walked out because they had waited too long to be serviced and another waited forever to be seated. They also only had 2 servers on. Very poor service. I paid 12 plus dollars for a tiny salad and chips. I could have cooked at home and saved myself the money and had a better dinner. DO NOT GO HERE.

Agravier Thymaster Libertine

What can I Say about this Chili's location other than they're Awesome! Service is always great, environmentally friendly for everyone, and the food is delicious! Literally everything we ordered was fantastic! Their burgers are awesome as well to top it off, if you're looking to be completely satisfied look no further! Only complaint is that their selection is so good you're going to end up stuffing yourself! Lol

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