Gusto Trattoria Italian Restaurant

255 Boston Post Rd, Milford
(203) 876-7464

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Maria W.

Best restaurant, great owners, bartenders and waitstaff. The food is consistently amazing. Menu is creative, great nightly specials too!


As soon as you walk in and see all the Italian servers you know it’s going to be good. The bread was served not with garlic butter, but with roasted garlic! It was delicious! The atmosphere and friendliness of the staff made it even better! We will definitely be back!!


There was nothing good beyond the staff which was actually excellent. The food was bland to the point that no one out of four finished their food or wanted to take the remains home. From aptz to entrees nothing was seasoned or cooked properly. We all order different meals and aptz with the opportunity to sample each others. So extremely disappointing after hearing others rave

Nancy J.

The food was absolutely incredible and the service was even better! Thanks for an incredible meal! Tina, our server is so kind and helpful.


Great food and wonderfully friendly staff. Would recommend!

Michael d.

Great outdoor dining! Our wait staff was excellent - especially Tina who was extremely knowledgeable and made great recommendations! We will be back!

Sonya Mia M.

I have heard great things about this place for a couple years but never made my way there until a week ago. I wish I hadn't. There was nothing appealing about any of the food. The appetizers were so bad I didnt even take second bites. This was their meatballs ,mozz scallions and fried calamari. Entrees were so bland we didnt finish and two people from our group refused to take togo as they said they knew they would only go in the garbage. Wait staff was pleasant. restaurant was clean but out of five entrees not a single one of us had anything positive to say

Kristin B.

Beautiful garden with fantastic ambience. Come for a date night or anniversary, or just anytime you're craving delicious Italian food! They had live music out on the patio which was perfect (not obnoxiously loud, this guy was great!) and there was even a famous local who dined there the same day as us (Martin Ganter from The Academics) who graced us with an impromptu song! The service was friendly, attentive and fast, without feeling rushed at all. I highly recommend everything on the menu! We tried the meatballs, gnocchi in vodka sauce and pasta bolognese. I highly recommend!!!

Nian Z.

4.5/5! Fantastic outdoor dining setup, vibes, and food! The service on a Friday night was wonderfully, though some might say it's a bit slow if you're actually starving. But we enjoyed the live music (only on Friday nights) and relaxing while waiting for the delicious food. Free foccacia house bread with baked garlic cloves: you know the restaurant is going to be good when the house bread is THIS good. We literally couldn't stop eating, soooo darn fluffy! Mussels in White Wine Sauce: the white whine sauce is delicious! The mussels were plump and juicy, the taste very fresh and seafood-y. Once you finish the mussels, make sure to save the sauce so that you can dip the house bread into it. AMAZING. Calamari: loved how crispy this was, and the coating is very thin too. Came with two sauces, the typical marina sauce and another one that's very herby. I loved that one a lot more, and also spread it all over the bread haha. Ok their bread is everything :D For entrees, I ordered the scallops. Scallops were plump, fresh, juicy and cooked perfectly, but there were only 4 scallops :( Also over-salted, but for the taste, I don't mind. Especially as there was a bed of mushroomy truffled risotte that came along with this. I also tried the braised short rib - super meaty and worth the price, but it could've been more tender. The sauce does get a little heavy the more you eat, so probably not something I would get again.

Jessie Ponce

Amazing restaurant with amazing staff and really great attention to details with the dining experience. Everyone is so friendly and i am willing to come back whenever i pass by Milford CT. Enjoyed my summer now an autumn or winter experience i bet would be great as well!

David Goldstein

Got the margherita pizza and halibut with risotto and chunks of lobster meat framed with sauteed broccolini. Absolutely incredible flavors! Margarita Pizza was equally delicious, generously cheesy with a perfect balance of sauce and fresh basil. Lets not forget the homemade bread and whole roasted garlic cloves that spreads like butter (our waitress described it as such and couldn't have been said better). Our waitress Tina was absolutely fantastic, made us feel like family and provided us with honest and perfect suggestions on the menu. Will definitely be back.

Jj C.

Went with my parents. We are Italian and try new restaurants when I come home to visit. First the meatball special app was way over fried! The chef should have never let it leave the kitchen. It was charred!! My dad's rigatoni bolognese was so dry the sauce must have been recooked over three times. Horrible ! My mom had blacked swordfish it was edible. I'll give them that. I had the veal sorrentino dry and tough, the eggplant was freezer burnt, the plate must have been microwaved because the sauce wasn't under veal that was stuck to the plate. Don't waste your money or your time trying this place!!!!

David E.

Our waitperson Sue was fantastic, very accommodating and pleasant as we were a large group. The tomatoes in the appetizer were not good , large white cores in the center which we cut around and ate. Told the gracious person clearing our table and the owner came out to check. She was extremely off putting and did not see the cores of the tomatoes, asked her to comp the appetizer, she told me no , she offered two new tomatoes. For an owner I found this to be an unbelievable attitude. In this case, the customer was not always right, but I'm sure she thought it was insignificant since we had never been there before. Our not going again will not at all have an impact on her business, but want others to know. I do not live in town, but my family does and hopefully they will inform their friends that go there frequently not to go back. The remainder of the food was decent. The mens' restaurant was not very clean and there were no paper towels to dry your hands. I have never posted a review before, but felt that this needed to be said so others know. I got the feeling that if you were a regular this would not have happened.


Food was good. However; I was charged $8.00 extra for a different pasta choice for my chicken parm lunch. Waitress did not tell me there was an upcharge for the substitution. When I got my bill, I questioned the large and unexpected charge, she basically told me there was no recourse as that is their policy. Really $8.00 for a little side of pasta? I was not happy and the waitress knew of my displeasure. She offered me nothing. In hindsight; I probably should have asked to see a manager to give my complaint. I will not visit Gusto’s again. They have lost a customer.

Gigi D

Staff was amazing, very friendly and attentive. I ordered one of the pizzas and asked for arugula on the side (was charged $3.95 for it). Pizza was yummy and I had enough for leftovers/lunch the next day. Bread w/roasted garlic (served while ordering) was delicious! We are inside and it was lovely. A little expensive since everything is a la carte, but good serving size.

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Gusto Trattoria Italian Restaurant

255 Boston Post Rd, Milford, CT 06460
(203) 876-7464