Hong Kong Chinese Restaurant

16 Red Bush Ln #9004, Milford
(203) 877-5901

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Been eating at this place for nearly 14 years now, never a drop in quality in that timespan. Would absolutely recommended.

Karen pacowta bittar

Called over a dozen times for delivery when I had company. Every single time they transfered me to another person's cell and for a variety of reasons they don't deliver.

Alberto R.

One star. My "shrimp fried rice had 5 shrimps. The rice was stale, and it was bland. I should've just went to DiBella's next door.

Jacquelyn Ann (Jackii)

great food the quality is amazing, very very nice family, and it's just to die for ????

Ryan Cole

If you like red wine vinegar get the hot n sour soup. If you like hot n sour soup the way it’s supposed to be made don’t get it. The crab Rangoons are overly sweet they only taste like sugar. First and last time going it’s never a good experience when you order and pay for expensive food to not be able to eat any of it and get fast food and soup from a second Chinese place instead.

Jacquelyn Ann and Brandon

great food the quality is amazing, very very nice family, and it's just to die for ????

David DeAndrade

These people are so friendly and the food is delicious every time. Haven't had a bad item off the menu.

Stephen S

Overall, pretty solid Chinese place. Be aware though, the quality can be really hit or miss. I've had some really good meals from here, but a couple that were bad. I'm rating it 4 stars though because I've definitely had more good meals than bad here, and the staff is also really nice. Just wish the quality was more consistent, I would've rated it 5 stars if that were the case.

Kelly Price

so good!!! great customer service and the food is DELICIOUS!!!

Susan Barichko

The food here is excellent, especially the shrimp and pork fried rice. Nice family owned resturant with lovely owners and extremely covid safe.

Sarah P.

Stayed in Milford for 3wks & this was one of my go-to places to eat. Great portions, food was tasty & prices were good. Wonton soup & Shrimp Fried Rice was my favorite from here. Delicious.

Gordon Brunski

Never have I caught a stinger there yet. I'm surprised there isnt a line down the street waiting for orders. The General Tsaos chicken is always fried light and crispy unlike other places that fry the chicken into a super ball of chewy strings. Everything I order there always turns out good. Hope they don't lose that recipe

drippy broccoli

Loved the broccoli just wasn't a big fan of the Chicken didn't like the texture but did like the taste pretty poggers.

marine photographer

These guys make excellent chinese food and know my family's order and are always willing to go the extra mile for us. They are very sweet and the food is to die for.

Joy Joy

Very nice people!

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