18 Lenox Ave, Milford
(203) 874-0101

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Delicious, authentic Mexican food. Good portions.Food: 5/5

Bobbie F.

omg if you haven't been here your missing out the breakfast burrito steak and eggs was so good I wish I would have known about this place sooner!

Justin Batres

This restaurant is a hidden gem if you are looking for Authentic Mexican food this is the place the prices are fair the food brought me back to my vacation in Mexico try the Nachos or Carnita tacos and there sweet mexican bread is so fresh the only negative thing is maybe the location is off a side street but once the word gets out this place is gonna flurish!!!

Miguel Dominguez

Food is very good here and as well Tony is very attentive to his customers.

James S.

I forgot to ask the name of our waitress but she was phenomenal. Kids shared chicken fajitas. They are exactly what fajita's should be. Fresh chicken and vibrant yet crunchy vegetables served sizzling in the cast iron platter. Seasoned very slightly so the flavors of the main ingredients shine through. You will not find a more authentic fajita platter anywhere in the vicinity. I got chicken enchiladas in a mole sauce. Ridiculously fresh and flavorful. The absolute best I've had outside of Queens, NY. If you want fresh home cooked Mexican food that is very, very reasonably priced, Isabel's is the way to go. You will not find more authentic Mexican food within driving distance.

mexicana car service

Good Mexican food

P J (The Music Man)

My first visit was wonderful. Great tamales. Over several months I've tried most of their specials. Delicious! Their soups are fantastic too.Authentic home style food!

Joe Nimrichter

I had the spicy pork tacos and my wife had the enchiladas verde. Excellent!!! Clean restaurant with the nicest staff you could ever ask for!!!

Nate Brown

Just as legit as any place in my hometown of San Jose CA. They bring their A game with the tamales for breakfast.

Carol K.

authentic Mexican served with a smile. Food is delicious and the staff is stellar. price points are good and servings are generous. Muy bueno!


Insanely good, amazing home cooked flavors and professional presentation from a true family business. Wonderful!! Cannot recommend highly enough.

Amy Fitzgerald

These guys make a great breakfast omelette! They are reasonably priced and super nice!

Paul Secondino

I enjoy the food here and the guys are very friendly and courteous . They open early at 6am.So you can get something for breakfast on your way to work . I think that their meals are a little closer to home made than most other Mexican eateries. And they have some nice drinks made in house like Jamaica or Orchatta .Orchatta is my favorite.It's made from rice .Sort of tastes like rice pudding but you drink it like milk. They also bake some nice desserts and some tasty breads.And they have a rotation of daily specials to keep the menu interesting and fresh.

LaVonne Coache

The food is awesome, the service even better, they were very attentive. If you want true Mexican cuisine here's the place

Thom Bach

Tamales and Chicken Soup was excellent!! Thank you!

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