Papa's Pizza II

Stockadge Shoppes Shopping Center, 2005 Bridgeport Ave, Milford
(203) 283-5433

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I love the pizza, hands down. However, the last time I ordered (yesterday), the crust was super thin, cracker like. In spite of that, it was still delicious. I only mention because the crust seems different.

Jess L.

Really awesome pizza. My family and I are still talking about it. We arrived on the earlier side of a weekday lunch crowd. Lots of people were coming in for the $6 lunch deal of two large cheese pizza slices and two drinks. The guy working here - I wish I had caught his name - was very personable and accommodating. He helped us pick great pizzas among a very large and appetizing list, and he also cut our cheese slices smaller for the kiddos. I'd get either pizza we got again. That being said, I'd want to try so many more since the menu was robust. Perfect New Haven style crust. Nice sweetness of tomato sauce. Great price, too. I definitely recommend.

Tom M.

Pizza is great. Marin pizza is one best pizzas you will have. Hidden gem. Cone sandwich is a must get

Gail S.

Small business but wow the flavor. Excellent New Haven style pizza. Call ahead and pick up a pizza today.

Stacy B.

Absolutely delicious. The crust was amazing and the family owned atmosphere shows as love in the food they serve.

Boris Domantovsky

This pizza is incredibly good, and I would genuinely eat this over almost any other pizza. I would eat this over Pepe's and Modern and all the usuals. I'm sad it's 30 minutes away for me normally but when I'm in the area and want great pizza I know where to go. Staff are great too which is a nice plus!

Mike Kiernan

My wife and I were leaving Milford to head to Bradley in Hartford and wanted a real pizza,not like we're used to here in Tucson but a real pizza so we stopped by Papa's and the onion and garlic pizza was phenomenal.....10/10 would recommend

Ed McCaffrey

Looked good, but tasted like nothing like traditional pizza.

Thomas Bunting

Some of the very best pizza in Connecticut, I highly recommend.

Iceburg S.

Incredible pie. It's a massive sleeper! Top three in CT and I've had them all! Hidden gem

Anthony H.

Before I start, I'm going to let you know that this review is only based off 1 visit and it was a takeout order. I heard good things about this place so I called up and asked for a take out order one day mid afternoon. Not sure what the issue was or what happened, but the order I place (Medium half cheese/half sausage) first off was not ready yet nor even put in the oven yet at the time I was told it would be ready by. After waiting for a few for the pizza to be ready, they charged me $23+ which didn't seem right but i took it anyways. When getting to the car to check on it, the pizza ended up being a Larger pizza way bigger than what a medium would be, and it was Full sausage. not sure the mix up or whatever, but i'm just stating my experience. On a positive note though, the pizza was really good with good flavor and cooked great, and made it all the way home retaining the heat and flavors, so that's a plus. I will update my review again if I do try again.

Jean K.

Cheeseburger salad is so good! Great burgers ! Love the bourbon! Great atmosphere Service is good

Nicolas T.

Better than Pepe's, Sally's and Modern. Yeah I said it. And don't sleep on the grinders. They literally hollow out an entire loaf of bread and shove it full of meatballs. Who else does that? It's effin' insane. Run, don't walk, to this Mecca of Italian glory.

Kyle Civitello

Excellent Pies. Great customer service. One of the best locations in Milford

Sven Andaas

Great New Haven style pizza. Yum

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