Da Legna

858 State St, New Haven
(203) 495-9999

Recent Reviews

Teraii Maria Serana

Excellent pizza! The mac and cheese are a must try!

Learning and Liberty

Never pick up the phone. If your business is temporarily closed (which I assume it is because no one has answered the phone in three weeks) have a recording. Terrible way to run a business.

Osama Jamshaid

My wife and I are big foodies and we find the best of the best from food trucks to Michelin Star restaurants. After moving to New Haven, we've been to a bunch of places and highly recommend Da Legna. The ambiance is cozy and food is delectable. Their mushroom pizza is excellent, if not a little on the saltier side. Highly recommend the calamari. Service is reasonably fast and the staff are courteous. Parking can be a little hard to find, so make sure to factor that in if you've got a reservation.


Very good pizza. A little pricey. But average for state street area.

Michael I.

I'm torn on what to write here. The pizza is just as good, but the new location is terrible. Let me start by saying that the pizza is awesome. They have a ton of vegan options, too. I cannot describe how good the pizza is. However... The new space is terrible. The old restaurant and bar were really cozy and the atmosphere was really nice. It was really unique. The new place is oversized and looks like any other generic, lame brew pub. Like a chain restaurant. They lost the coziness, and they pump club music during dinner. I DJ at clubs and when I'm in the booth or on a dance floor, I like the music. But it was really inappropriate for dinner and the constant four-on-the-floor when trying to enjoy dinner is almost anxiety inducing. I was expecting a cozy restaurant and was really disappointed. That being said, the wait staff was awesome in every way. I'm glad they are keeping the takeout place open and I will still order from there, but I don't think I'll be heading back to the new restaurant anytime soon. The atmosphere and lighting are terrible. Oh, and the new Brussels sprouts are absolutely saturated in olive oil, to the point of being slimy. I'd avoid those. tl;dr: The pizza and the waitstaff are awesome, but the atmosphere of the new restaurant is god awful. I'll be sticking with the takeout.

Benswing Rich

Some of the best pizza I have ever eaten was here at Da Legna! While charging my electric motorcycle nearby I wandered in one afternoon and had some spectacular pizza! The crust was perfect, the toppings were fresh, and it was one of the most flavorful pies I have ever eaten. I have been to several top New York City pizza restaurants and this one fits in among them perfectly. Talking to some locals, this is where they go for some special pizza!

Anne W.

Great location, cool feel to it. Industrial feel. Wood burn pizza. Vegan pizza, yummy And traditional pizzas Brussel sprouts cooked in the oven, chard.

Rose C.

I've been wanting to try the pizza here for a while but since it's right next door to Modern, I never manage to get there. Well last Monday since Modern was closed, I decided to get a small mozzarella pie with sausage & onion. I liked it. I still like the pizza at Modern and Bar better but this isn't a bad pie. They cut the onion up so tiny that I didn't even know there was any on it until I saw this itty bitty piece and they don't use chunk sausage which I tend to prefer but it was tasty. Too often a thin crust can be too dry but this wasn't. I actually would give it another shot and try other toppings. It's nice to have options.


The pizzas are perfectly thin and chewy. They taste very fresh. I can taste the individual ingredients: the tomato, the cheese, the figs etc. I especially recommend the figura pizza. So yummy. The vegan bacon though, is not the best.

Sarah Kernan

I went to the bar area to get a drink and try some food. The bartender was extremely friendly and knowledgeable about the menu. The fried mozzarella was delicious! I followed it with the s'mores creme brí»lée. I will definitely be going back to try more goodies on their menu. If you're in the area looking for pizza, a drink or just some tapas or dessert - go to Da Legna.

Nirav Patel

Different than your typical new haven places. Dough is more flavorful and the special pizzas are amazing. Great beer selection as well. Get the Honeypot, it will not disappoint.

Su L.

We came to Da Legna on Labor Day due to a long wait at Frank Pepe's nearby. We were seated immediately, and brought waters and menus soon after that. The interior of the restaurant is simple and casual. There were a couple of diners still in there at 3pm. We were ravenous, so we ordered some arancini to share, along with one large pizza. The waitress recommended the honeypot as one of the best pizzas there, so we went with it. The arancini was presented to us in a timely fashion. They were deep fried and crisp on the outside, with a delicious rice interior. We polished these off very quickly. The pizza was presented shortly after, and it was delightful. The drizzle of honey perfectly complemented the pieces of salami, and hot peppers. The dough was really good as well. I'd rate the pizza here as up there with some of the best in New York. The service was really friendly and polite. Prices ranged from the low $20s for one large pizza. Would highly recommend.

Steph Q.

So, I've eaten here a lot in the past year since I have moved here. I eat here, or rather, ate here, because they had vegan options and they are in my neighborhood. Da Legna as a whole is very hot and cold. I have had nice times here with great service and really crap times here when staff bordered on rude and acted like you owed them money for something. I don't know what kind of bad day you are having but please don't take it out on me. I have ordered take out, delivery (Uber Eats) and ate in. Here is my rank: Uber Eats is way too expensive for the quality of the food you get. How do you char the crust but the cheese doesn't melt? How are onions still raw? Take Out: Slow, generally. I think 30 minutes on a busy day is reasonable and anything longer than that is just not ok, especially if I CALLED AHEAD and my order isn't ready. Take out is honestly the worst part of Da Legna. Dining in: Well, the obvious is just that there are flies. Always. Summer is okay, the doors are open, it's summer. But in November? No. Again, cheese doesn't melt, makes for a sad pizza. My partner strongly dislikes when I suggest to come here. He thinks all the pizza here is mediocre at best. When you have to compete with Modern, which is literally up the block, you need to impress. The last time we came here together he told me it was the worst pizza he has had in New Haven and he only came here because vegan pizza for me. He said the desserts were better than the pizza. Reminder: we are in a pizzeria. I was so sad. The final nail in the coffin was this: I came here for brunch and there were probably 7 tables being waited on. The wait for food was ok, but my stuffed breads were baby water temperature (read: warm for having come out of a hot oven, apparently) and had a terrible texture, the cheese was just a semi solid slight warm block of gel. I had to send it back because I literally couldn't eat it. The servers apologized profusely, but it really makes me wonder how they treat the staff here that they are just rushing to get the food out without regards to quality. Final verdict: No, just no. If you want a vegan pizza Next Door makes a good one with vegan cheese that actually melts.

Nancy B.

This is my second time at Da Legna. The place is fun and always busy. Arrived around 6pm on a Friday night, got a seat at the bar while I waited for the rest of my party. Had a super friendly bartender, made a nice recommendation for a glass of wine. When our table was ready, we had a spot near the back, Andrea was our waitress. Efficient and friendly. We had a few apps-the Arancini balls, a salad and calamari. The rice balls were good, the rest of the table really enjoyed the calamari and salad. We shared 3 large pies. Got the fungi, the buttercup and the potanta (I think-had potatoes, corn, spinach and bacon). I feel like there was way too much garlic on the potato one. The buttercup was just fine, I did not try the fungi. We expressed to Andrea that the crust was kind of gummy, wasn't as cooked or crispy at it seemed it should be. Overall it was a good experience and a fun night. The prices were extremely reasonable and the staff was very accommodating.

Lauren O.

Love this place!! On par with all other new haven pizza spots and a much better atmosphere. Date night would be great here and even a quick lunch. There's lots of speciality pizza options and apps. I always order the calamari which is tossed with cherry peppers and marinara sauce. It's tender and amazing! I always get the basic cheese pie and choose a topping versus the speciality pies because they are amazing without all the added stuff. Bacon is perfect on them!! I saw there's vegan and gluten free options which is cool for those people. Service is quick and super friendly. They'll be a wait on weekend night but it's not crazy long and worth the wait or go on a weekend night. Street parking is around and not impossible. I want everyone to try this place, now!

Denise W.

First time here and I'm hooked!! We found out about this place doing Uber Eats and it's lived up to the hype!! I had the Clark Street and it was probably the best pizza I ever had

Mich R.

1st time trying this place, I've heard really good things about it. Had a hard time finding parking so I ended up driving around for a bit and happened to see the lines at Sally's, Modern, and Pepe's which looked insane. Didn't understand why Da Legna didn't have the same type of wait, but I was happy to get seated right away. I asked the service which pizza was the best and it happened to be the one I was thinking of ordering, I got the Honeypot Pizza: tomatoes, onions, soppresatta, truffle honey, hot peppers, and it was soooo good. We got a large for 2 people and we basically ate the entire pie because it's very thin. The only thing I would change is it def needed more hot cherry peppers, there were only a few on there. I'm from Buffalo, so I prefer a thicker pizza, but I understand this is the new haven style, I just wish I had more of it! Can't wait to try something different next time!

Melissa M.

Pizza was very good. Service was lacking. We had a party of 8 including a 4 month old. The place was busy and small so only seating available was a pub style table. We all sat and put the stroller at the end of the table. At one point the baby was being fed so not in her stroller. The waitress wanted us to move the stroller to the other side of the restaurant to free up space. Not an option when the baby needs a place to sit while we were dining. When we refused she kinda got angry and walked away. We also had to chase staff to get things including the check. No one ever came back to ask if we needed anything etc. not impressed with service at all.

esse p

We ordered 3 pizza's for 6 friends and we have its fast. Good pizza but not better like Italian pizza. The service is good

Kathleen McCarthy O'Connor

Excellent pizza, one of New Havens best.

Michael Rayher

Will definitely add to my New Haven pizza

Emily D.

Love this pizza!!! Came here for a birthday celebration with my family and we ordered a cheese pizza and a honeypot. I love how creative the pizza choices are (never had honey on a pizza before!) and the variety of toppings you could add. The crust was a perfect density with a little bit of chewiness which I love. The flavor combination was nicely balanced with the cured taste of the meat complimented with the hot peppers and both of the savory flavors offset by the sweetness of the honey. I even liked this pizza better when I had it cold the next day! The one thing that detracted from the deliciousness was the amount of charcoal-ness on the bottom of the pizza. It seemed like a granular dust left over from the oven. Even so, their pizza uses quality ingredients and is definitely craveable. And if you're not in the mood for pizza, they have a lot of other options too from brussels sprouts to pasta!

Chunchun Fang

Decoration feels like a bar, more crowded at evening times. Barbecue pizza is tasty but the other one is alright. Salad is delicious, cheese is fabulous. Great service, very helpful waitress. Portion is big for its price so sharing among a large group is better.

Ava Regas

Food is very good, but the takeout people are normally distracted and don’t seem to take it seriously; so if you get takeout, ALWAYS CHECK YOUR PIZZA before you leave to make sure its the right one, because the to go people couldn’t care less. Sad to say I’ll never be going back here.

Alexandra C.

A small pie is very small in size and $15. I asked for the crust to be not too charred as it usually is at most places and it was cooked perfectly, had a chew to it and not too crispy. It had a different flavor -- perhaps too much semolina flavor? Couldn't quite place it. The pie needed much more sauce and a more flavor. The cheese was good. Overall I would say it was close to a pretty good pizza and might be worth going to for one of their specialty pies.

Johnnie Washington

One of the best pizza places in New Haven! The crust is chewy, not too thick or too thin, still with the delicious wood-oven grilled taste without being overly burnt like some of the other pizza places in town. Great flavor combinations on their menu, and a large selection of pizzas to choose from.

Martha Gibson

Da Lenga is part of a rare breed of restaurants you can visit multiple days in a row, and never get tired of. They do three things perfectly; they have an outstanding crust which they always cook to perfection with just the right amount of char, their sauce is the perfect blend of flavors and is never too heavily or too skimpy applied, and they always use the highest quality cheeses and other assorted toppings. Taken together these three elements can blend into simple pizza perfection, with The Buttercup being the purest expression of that perfection.

Carl Rynecki

Great service. Right nextdoor to Modern pizza. Pizza is acceptable but not a destination. We would definitely go back.

Alex Andrei

Good pizza and people. Friendly service. Perhaps try fewer toppings but you can't go wrong.

Darlene M.

Outstanding. Honestly, I'm a little annoyed at myself for not going here sooner. I always thought it was more of a pasta place. I thought incorrectly. The pizza here is so freaking good. I had a bbq chicken with potatoes and roasted corn, a meat and ricotta, and a sopressata, hot pepper, and honey pie. A small is easily shareable. Three of us each brought home a half pie. I felt like a fool when I saw a couple across the room with four, yes, four! pizzas. We either underordered by 3 (2n) or 2 (n+2). The waitress was absolutely delightful. The beer selection was quite good for a pizzeria, I had a nice hazy IPA from Rogue that I am going to make sure I pick up when I see it at the store. If you've never been, go. I put these guys up there with all the other New Haven greats, and it's right by Modern and Next Door.

Leah Lattanzi

My boyfriend and I strolled in as the pizza looked good and fresh from what we could see. Brick oven style with a nice variety of toppings and even vegan options. There was a 45 minute wait and their outside tables were taken so we ordered our pie, paid, and went for a stroll around the neighborhood. The guys behind the counter were very friendly even though it was super busy. We came back and one of the tables opened up, very casual, so I asked if we could just eat our pie t

Nicole Manca Weiss

Almost 2 hour wait so far and still no pizza. Nobody but the waitress here to apologize. 14 tables and 2 have pizza. They can’t be this over run. Everyone is turning their heads trying to figure out the problem. Wow! This much trouble because Modern pizza is on vacation. Shame on you Da Legna we will NEVER BE BACK! The table next to us says their crust is raw. Lovely. 10pm and still no pizza.

Kathy C.

One of the best pizza places in New Haven! The crust is chewy, not too thick or too thin, still with the delicious wood-oven grilled taste without being overly burnt like some of the other pizza places in town. Great flavor combinations on their menu, and a large selection of pizzas to choose from. My personal favorites are the state pizza (pepperoni, bacon, sausage, mushrooms, peppers, onion, and garlic - perfect for any meat-lovers) as well as the funghi pizza (mushrooms, hurrays cheese, truffle oil, tarragon, and ricotta - a great vegetarian option). Unfortunately, the white clam pizza has not been on their menu for the last several times I've been to the restaurant, which has been a bit of a disappointment. However, love that they serve vegan options! Probably the only pizza place around that does. They also don't take reservations, and can get fairly crowded, so I would highly recommend going early if you're trying to get dinner (maybe around 5:30 or 6pm). Going at an off-hour is always an option too, and/or in a small group to make seating easier. But definitely a top contender for New Haven pizza, and a sure place to try!

Gina D.

Finally got a chance to detail this awesome creation of pizza culture in my hometown. Remember that chant? Pizza Pizza Daddio, can you dig it? Well yes we can New Haven natives. Lay down your allegience to the top 3 and put Da Legna in your lineup. Wherever it falls in your lineup, it's like the first 4 batters in baseball. They are all your #teamnewhaven ballers. Feel me? Just go. Be patient. Dive into the Honeypot and tip the waitstaff. PS they just released some cool merch.. Queen Margherita 1851-1926 know your Apizza history. #ogpizza #newhaven

Kim H.

Came down here on a Saturday night, it was so chaotic. The staff although helpful seemed very frazzled. There seemed to be apparent disorganization amongst everyone.I saw on Instagram that there was new merchandise dropping, seeing how I was waiting for months. I came in hoping to snag a shirt at least, I was greeted by someone who seemed to be the owner, and I have never been so mistreated in my life. His demeanor was less then delightful borderline psychotic. The way he talked to staff members and the lack of disregard for his customers was beyond me. To top it all off he seemed hesitant to even give his merchandise away, bogarting it from paying customers. I honestly won't be back here.

Margaux R.

The owner of this restaurant made me never want to come here again. I watched him treat his employees like trash and it was so disheartening as someone who has worked in service myself. The food was nothing to write home about either. NEVER support restaurants who treat their workers so poorly and with such mental abuse. Especially towards women.

Stephanie Neveu

Stopped by on a whim when the line at modern was too long, and this place has quickly become my go to pizza spot in new haven. Every pizza I’ve tried has been amazing! It is thin crust, so I do try to go minimal with the toppings as to not weigh it down. Staff is amazing! Always attentive and friendly. Will keep coming back for my pizza needs.

Alfons Vaines

We drove about an hour to get here but it was totally worth it ! We enjoyed the atmosphere and the waitress was great !we tried the rice ball and meatballs it was excellent ! We had the state pizza and then just cheese !! The sauce was so great ! The service was excellent and the choices were varied. I had a vegan pizza and it was amazing!! I totally recommend this restaurant. It fills up quickly and does not take reservations, but they are efficient and the wait is not long.

Mike B.

Mondays can be a challenge to get pizza in these parts. So, based on the glowing reviews, Da Lenga felt like a great option. I mean if Yelp reviews mean anything, this is THE place for pizza. First, I will confess I am a loyalist to the Trinity...Sally's, Modern, and Pepe's. I love other local styles like Zuppardi's, Ernies, Mikes, Tolli's, and Roseland as well. You can throw a rock in CT and hit an excellent traditional style pizza. I also enjoy the new wave of Neapolitan artisan pizza that foodies flock to all over the country. When prepared properly, good artisan pizza, like Barboncino in Brooklyn, is light and airy and full of fresh, clean flavors. I found Da Lenga to be neither of these...it's lost between artisan and traditional. In my book, that's a bad combo. Pick a style and do it well...dont try and reinvent the wheel. I am shocked when people say this is the best pizza in New Haven...this isn't even the best pizza on the street. Top 25 would be a stretch. Yet, for whatever reason...people are enamored with this joint. The service was good, vibe was fine, and they have cool shirts. Oh...another disapointment...when I asked what local beers were on tap...not one CT brewer was on the list. We have some of the best beers in county, why are they not offered? They did have Foxon Park though, so they also have that going for them. Listen if you want something different for these parts, check out their specialty pies, but stay away from the traditional mozzarella pie...thick soggy, sweet, and over seasoned (simplicity is what makes good pizza). That said, if you want great New Haven apizza...walk two doors down.

Nikki P.

I love Da Legna pizza and the staff is always so helpful every time I go but reading a prior review about how the guy in charge or owner talks to his employees reminded me of a couple of times I have been there and witnessed how rude he is. I felt uncomfortable being there and that's just me as a customer, you should never talk to your employees like that. I do believe their pizza is great but I do not support that. I'll think twice now about going there.