Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen

860 N Colony Rd, Wallingford
(203) 269-7674

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Golden Hamburger

Its currently temporarily closed, probably due to lack of staff.The staff that they DID have were ridiculously unprofessional. I can understand chatting during downtime, but during a rush? Usually takes a good 20 minutes to get through the drive thru when there are more than 3 cars.

Bobby L.

0 Stars. The Chicken sandwich they serve here is NOT a the "famous chicken sandwich" at other locations. It's a sad dried lit Tyson chicken patty type situation. I thought it was a fluke so I went back two other times and it was the same. Literally inedible.


Ordered for delivery, when the door dash person arrives they didn’t start the order. They were eating chicken and just standing around. Didn’t even get the order right. My kids are hungry and they can have the Mac and cheese they gave me that I didn’t order. No fry’s and just a a big mess. Never again going to this one.not to mention they don’t pick up the phone, called 20 times and they never picked up.

Jay Kos

Apparently no one was working today at 1PM on a Saturday. Tried ordering in the drive thru, after 5 minutes of no response i decided to check and see if the inside was open - Doors locked, lights on and chicken cooked and ready still available. Not sure what was going on. When you are "lucky" enough to get service.. if that's what you want to call it, you get treated as if you're a burden to their lives. The customer service is non existent at this location. Do yourself a favor and drive 10 more minutes down the road to KFC in Meriden, you'll thank me later.

Genesis Pabon

It was first and last. Never again. The wait time at the drive thru was longer then any franchise I have been to. Was told they did not have any seafood in stock, so didn't think much of it. Did not get receipt back after ordering food. Complained that the food was not hot and was told "The food was just made." If I could give zero stars it would receive zero from me. Avoid this location.

Susan T

Horrible service, no other customer was there at the time of our arrival and it took the longest to assist us. I should have of followed my gut instinct and left. Cold food, bad attitude and no receipt. The kid at drive thru kept asking what else we ordered. A great representation of the franchise owner and management. It was our first time visiting that franchise and will be the last. I ended up throwing the food away. I figured not to trust what they serve.

Victor Ayala

There is always an issue with this Popeye's location in particular. If it's not them out of basic items like sauces and drinks it them not even being open on time or they are open and none of the items are ready over half an hour past open. Today the issue is they are open, have staff there, food cooked however... no one has a card to take any orders. Management needs to be fired for sure.

Tom Perri Vuozzo

Drive on. This us possibly the worst Popeyes store in 50 miles. I deliver for Grubhub & UberEats, & this place has rude employees & is constantly out of important menu items. There are great Popeyes stores but this isn’t one of them

Kathy Esposito

Ordered thru drive thru & had to repeat several times because they were fooling around, it was very loud. When we arrived at the pick up window they asked AGAIN what our drink order was. UGH! Didn't get the correct sauces either. :/

Tristen S.

It was t as bad as all the reviews claim chicken tasted fine fries were decentbut overall was good

Jade Griffin

Was at the drive thru and per silence for almost 10 minutes..there were 4 cars there so I know people were working..need to get better staff who actually want to work

Jesse Moy

Fries were pretty bad lol.Chicken quality nice tasting. So.. Cant go wromg there.A llittle pricey for what its worth. Pretty sure they get like cutlets from s&s then slice them into 3rds/halves and bread them. So.. Essentially... If each cutlet is maybe $1.50, and a meal is $8.00 then they at least profiting like idk... $2.50+ per tender they sell u.Lol, good for them , bad for us.


They never have spicy tenders when we go there. They should just remove them from the menu. I ordered a spicy tender combo tonight but I received a spicy chicken sandwich instead. This place sucks now. I will never spend another dime at this location.

Michelle Miller

-Ordered a tender meal.. CAN ANYONE EXPLAIN WHAT THIS IS THAT I GOT? I can’t even identify what type of animal thiS is..-No fries that I paid for-Medium drink when I paid for a large-Asked for sweet heat-No napkins included or utensils for mashed or beansNO ONE picks up the phone at this location and door dash barely gave me a credit for this terrible excuse for a .. “meal.”

Robert Abel

Service was extremely slow. Manager didn't know the difference between white and dark meet and I waited 15 minutes for spicy chicken when it was there the whole time. I guess the associate was confused between spicy and mild. Obvious lack of training because they seemed like they were trying hard but completely overwhelmed. There was no change in the drawer either exact change or credit only. The food was good.

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