Jamaican kitchen

209 Ella Grasso Turnpike, Windsor Locks
(860) 758-5109

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Toni Bussiere

The Jamaican parties were really good, but I have gone there before and had hard ones, they just need to know what they sell in a day, so the Jamaican Patties will taste fresh Every day, overall the food is Great!

Roylyn N.

Best ever!!! After a long flight and checking into our hotel room we went searching for dinner. We ended up here and left with 2 huge meals of Jamaican chicken rice and cabbage and a curry chicken dish both were incredible and enough food to feed a family of five. They also carry Jamaican treats, breads and drinks. I finally got to taste the Irish moss drink. Best food ever! I wish they were in my town in Alaska.

Dina M (Sunflowergirl308)

Absolutely delicious food and great service. We will definitely be back! Special thanks to Damien for making us feel welcome as we were visiting the area.

Liduina Kimbu

I live in AR and every time I work in Windsor I eat here ALL week and they never disappoint! I even brought my coworkers here and they all wanted to eat here every night! The food is off the chain! Customer service is also off the chain! They have never disappointed me!


One Of The Worse Jamaican Restaurants I've Tried. Food Not Authentic And Doesn't Taste Good. The Jerk Wings Are Horrible And They Gave Me A Stale Beef Patty. Fried Chicken Was Okay But In General Wouldn't Eat There Again Or Refer The Spot To Anyone. Atleast The Customer Service Was On Point Tho

patient 13 Eugenic

Great food made fresh....DJ Easy with the wicked selection played in the background while I waited for my servings, tasty.... oxtail, patty with coca bread...?

Sir Eats Alot S.

My girlfriend flight was delayed an hour So I drove around thinking to grab food and kill some time This strip is loaded with all the stock fast food chains As I was driving around I stumbled upon this place And knew instantly it would at least be better then subway Now I don't want to brag .. but I've been around the Connecticut Caribbean food scene a long time And have eaten at just about every one this side of New York so I can tell you about a good beef patty and coco bread I freakin love them And boy does this place have it Top notch - To boot the two ladies and fellow with the hat in back We're all super warm and welcoming to me And that goes a loooong way with me All smiles and good vibes for sure when I was there. It's a shame I live more then an hour from here or I would return on the regular But alas It was a diamond find just when I needed it to be there The rest of you with the low star ratings Should reconsider and help this small establishment With higher ratings Wouldn't you rather support someone who is your neighbor rather then McDonald's Wendy's and Popeyes So what your chicken was dry one time or some other minor incident - I was shocked to see this place have Such low ratings ..... Your moms never screwed up dinner once? Smh

Mark Jackson

Food was literally cold. No exaggeration COLD! If menu items have times, it would be helpful to know this in advance. Arrived to order stewed shrimp and the chef had the audacity to come out and say it will take to long to cook so he refuses to cook it.....I could not believe the level of customer DISSATISFACTION. Definitely would not recommend or will be back!

Claudia Mack-Pierre

Oxtails we were tough and small amount of peas with rice. Would not Recommend.

Jamal J.

Wah mi blod klot! Bookem! Bookem! Me try me no like mon! It was okay but some of the food seemed a bit stale for my liking. I'm not sure if there is not enough traffic to keep the food fresh or what the deal is but I've def had better quality Jamaicans in my time. I will not frequent this establishment for my Caribbean needs and shall indeed find a different spot closer to my abode.


Jerk chicken was tender, fall off bone type. Carrot dumpling was fire with the curry gravy. Beef patty coco bread a must as well. Staff was very friendly and welcoming. Highly recommend.

Kashae Whatley

The first time eating at the Jamaican Kitchen the food was very good at one point. This restaurant has been there less than six months as of 8/15/2021 and I’m very disappointed at this point to where I no longer eat from there. The excitement of seeing more variety of different cultural foods in my area was and is humbling. My last straw is when I had the jerk chicken the chicken wasn’t fresh and my beef patty was over cooked. I spoke honestly to the cashier last month and told her about the food. Please get it together I don’t know if you have to many different cooks or what!!!!! If you think some people don’t know good Jamaican food in this area your mistakenly Wrong!!! Windsor Locks is a beautiful town rich in diversity and culture of different backgrounds we welcome all. Whoever is the owner please take my review with the most Sincere honesty and deepest respect please. I would love to be able to come back in and enjoy real true Good Jamaican food thank you.

Cookie Wright

The jerk pork & chicken was great.However, fried chicken taste like wood and the chicken and fritters were fried toooo black and toooo hard in old burnt oil. You could taste the burnt oil. To charge full price for a half of wing.

Sondra Smith

***Food was old and went spoiled as I was eating it***I am writing this as I am suffering from a horrible stomach ache. I ordered them through door dash last night and right out the gate I should have returned it. My husbands pepper steak was actually stew beef cubes rather than steak. I ordered the jerk pork for myself and mid way through the meal I started smelling something sour. I thought it was because I had eaten enough so I was done. About 20min after my stomach started cramping and I have been that way ever since. I am actually thinking of going to the ER. I put the food in the fridge so I could take it to the trash this morning and it is smelling up my fridge. I am so disappointed! There is no way that this place should be operating like this and not at a time like this. STAY FAR AWAY THIS PLACE.

SR White

Very good. I usually don't get the sauce because it's too spicy for me. Their sauce was nice and mild. More rice would be welcomed

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