3281 M St NW, Washington

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Dan G.

Wow! What a horrible experience and frozen yogurt venue. A whopping 2 choices of flavors??! And maybe 3 topping choices? Other then getting accosted by a bum while ordering, we paid 13$ for sub par dessert. No idea how this place is in business. Must be a money laundering scheme with the subway it shares a store with. Save the time and money and freeze milk and top with warm dog turds


Nothing was available. Employee was not understandable. Very disappointing.

Guillaume Gillain

Nothing was available. Employee was not understandable. Very disappointing.

Sharon Thompson

Really good ice cream. I tried a scoop of chocolate and a scoop of strawberry together. I love it. I recommend


Refreshing. Interesting flavors from which to choose.

Helen Skevofilax

Fun place and good bowls

David Brown

Not healthy at all. Very sad.

Yorde J.S

Good place to visit it

Sonya H.

Their froyo is pretty good, but there's nothing particularly special about it. They only have three flavors -- plain, vanilla, and acai -- and they're all decent but, again, nothing to write home about. They have a decent selection of toppings and everything seemed pretty fresh, but it was pretty overpriced for the amount that they give you. Their froyo also tastes very strongly of Greek yogurt, far more than most other froyo places I've been to. My largest complaint about this shop, though, is the service. The employees are all really friendly, but Acaiberry shares the same space and staff as a Subway, so it usually takes a while for someone to come help you. This place seems severely understaffed and they usually only have one person who's responsible for working at both stations.

Sonya Xiaoyu Hu

Acaiberry is good, but there's nothing special. It's all pretty standard and a bit overpriced, but you can really never go wrong with frozen yogurt.

Orlando Crespo

Need artificial urine

Juliya G.

My sister and I went in for some frozen yogurt last week and were surprised to find that it is connected to and shares its workers with the Subway. Apparently the same owner owns both and decided to put them in the same space. It kind of took away from the atmosphere and to eat frozen yogurt with that distinct "Subway" smell wasn't the most appetizing. They only have two yogurt options and two gelato options. The yogurt options are "plain" and "acai berry". They tasted very similar, but we went with plain. We got a small with three toppings included. It was close to $7 for an only okay bowl. I will say, though, that if you're looking for your froyo to actually taste like greek yogurt this is the place. Also, the toppings seemed fresh and the woman behind the counter was very nice and informative.

Chris Rogers

Best froyo Açaí­ berry is so good But - ABSOLUTE WORST store! Loud beeping every time I’ve been and often ONE person works three stores (Subway and Pizza shop). I have waited over 10 minutes multiple times.

Tiff Cruz

Average frozen yogurt. They need to change flavors more often to keep it interesting.

Blake Reed

Decent dessert

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