Jack Rose Dining Saloon

2007 18th St NW, Washington
(202) 588-7388

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Jeff L.

Fantastic service as our server was very knowledgeable about every whiskey in each of our flights (this was a party of four with 3 drinks per person). The burger.... the BURGER!!! Absolutely perfect in all the ways #chefskiss. Cooked to perfection and the yams fingerlings were delicious as well. If you're looking for a great selection of whiskey coupled with a fine meal, make sure you visit this spot in Adam's Morgan

Andrew E.

For the umpteenth time, I went to Jack Rose. It's always been a great experience but last night was incredible. Joey made our terrace table feel like we could actually enjoy ourselves during COVID,l. I took my best friend and now he can appreciate different types of whiskey. The whiskey connoisseur who presented our Japanese, American and Speyside (fuck, we never got his name) pours was intimately knowledgable without an ounce of snobbery.

Jason F.

So we have frequented Jack Rose quite a bit, including celebratory dinners. First off, their whisk(e)y selection is second to none. Everyone behind the bar truly understands their whisk(e)y too... And the food is very creative and well-prepared and presented (not too mention quite yummy). The only Scotch collection I have seen that was larger was in Edinburgh Scotland, and that was in a museum. However, it seems they have gotten a bit greedy...For drastically cutting down tables/occupancy, their service was really slow. Took 10-15 minutes to get a drink after we ordered. And 10 minutes just to order.Mandatory food order? They said this was part of the executive order... I live in MD and have stayed out of the District for a while, so I will take them at their word, but that's a new one on me.A "$4 PPE charge to offset the costs of complying with health mandates"? Seriously? Wish I had seen that on the internet before going...I purchase many of the Scotches they sell at retail prices, so I have a general idea of how much of a mark-up they are making... trust me... it's quite large.I would still recommend Jack Rose as a "you gotta go once for the experience". Hover if you are just looking for a extensive Whisk(e)y collection at better prices (IMO better food), make the trip out to the Macmillan Whisky Room in the Mosaic District (Fairfax, VA).

Grace F.

Beautiful covered rooftop, excellent cocktails, and an awesome whiskey selection.

Trina Mcmillan

Staff member Christian was AWESOME and very respectful! Loved him and appreciated his service. remaining staff members we awful. General manager Brittany Robertson made our dining experience beyond uncomfortable and remaining staff was rude unfortunately. Very sad because we were from out of town and had high expectations. I ordered a burger and it was so salty i could barely finish it. The burger had bacon on it and it was burnt so bad i had to take it off. We ordered wings and they were charred so bad we couldn’t eat them. Staff members didn’t appear to be happy to be at work at all. Truly disappointed. Atmosphere was very unpleasant.

shari poinsette

Good indoor/outdoor seating options. Pleasant staff

Stephen F.

I came here with some friends the other night to celebrate the holiday weekend as the weather was perfect for a rooftop dinner. We ordered a flatbread to start and while the food tasted great, I certainly do not think it should've taken 45 minutes for us to receive our flatbread. The restaurant was not really that full so I doubt the kitchen staff was just inundated with orders that would cause our flatbread to be delayed. For the main course I ordered their famous burger which is delicious each and every time. Seriously, it's one of the best burgers I've had in DC. From the time I ordered the burger to the time I received it I waited about an hour and a half. While I'm not usually a stickler when it comes to service I think waiting an hour and a half to get a burger is a bit much. The burger and fries were not warm either which makes me wonder if it was sitting around for some time. Throughout this time our waiter hardly came to our table to refill our drinks, never asked how the food was and just seemed disengaged. Our total seated time at the restaurant was about two and a half hours from start to finish which was a bit long for my liking. Overall the food and drinks here are incredible and if the service can match the quality of the food and drink, this place would be incredible.

Spencer Tinsley

Place adds a $4.00 PPE fee and a service fee. Not sure what these were for as no other bags added them. We wore our own PPE. The summer punch drink was 80% ice. Would not go back here.

Keith N.

We made a reservation ahead of time and was assured we would get a table on the balcony - without asking may I note. Upon arriving 2 minutes early, the doorman said they were bussing the table and it would only be a few minutes. 15 minutes later, we were wondering what was going on and asked the doorman. When asked, he seemed to have forgotten and we were seated right away. Right away to a broken table in the middle of everything. Very unapologetic and clueless. Would make excuses that it's due to COVID, but we all know they're as clueless as the person sitting in the White House...

Chris DiGilio

Largest whisky collection in the Western hemisphere and great food! Don't think about it, just come here. And get the Big Jack burger.

Lakeisha Harris

Everytime we come to Jack Rose we find something new that we fall in love with. Service was impeccable

Karen D.

Wow, I was impressed by our first visit to this place! The entire experience from the person who took our reservation by phone, the gentleman who greeted us at the door, our waiter Joey (he's fantastic), and an opportunity to meet the owner (he's normally traveling the world in search of rare whiskey, but because of COVID, he was behind the whiskey counter and really fun/informative to talk to) ALL of it was fantastic. I'm not a whiskey drinker, but the cocktail menu has plenty of non-whiskey options and they were happy to make my favorite off-menu drink (a Moscow Mule with muddle jalapeños). Food came quickly and was really delicious, especially the pimento cheese and the watermelon salad with feta. I didn't realize that the owner of Jack Rose also owns The Imperial just a few doors down the street...so our next dinner outing will definitely be the Imperial!

M.R. H.

Great cocktails, great people. Totally took on the covid protocols without cutting corners.

Brett K

Wow, during these tough times, they really hit it out of the park.Great steak and bourbon!. Safe, socially distance with excellent service.Well worth the 1.5 hour drive each way.Thanks Chris and Bill

Brett K.

Wow, during these tough times, they really hit it out of the park.Great steak and bourbon!. Safe, socially distance with excellent service.Well worth the 1.5 hour drive each way.Thanks Chris and Bill

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