Maiwand Grill

1764 Columbia Rd NW, Washington
(202) 851-4700

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Andrew Toksoz-Exley

The meat is really well-cooked and if you ask, you can get Qabuli Pilao (buttery rice cooked with raisins and carrots). It's super bare bones and I wouldn't get a salad, but it's one of the best values around.

Sandip S.

I went there for dinner on a recent weekday. Considering that this is DC, The food was very reasonably priced. I ordered chicken kabob. I got a lot of food---the chicken came with quite a bit of vegetables. The food was very tasty. I will definitely be back there during my next trip to DC.

Jeremy S.

I kept riding past here and never stopping in, should have a lot sooner. The 2nd best kabob in the whole area, behind only the notorious Kabob palace. I return as often as possible. Chicken kabob with rice, very flavorful done right !

Raviya I.

DON'T GO HERE! That is, unless you don't mind security breaches which cause your checking account to be charged several times by the restaurant without your approval. That is exactly what happened to myself and my husband, who had been frequent and loyal purveyors of this restaurant, until recently. After purchasing food twice from Maiwand Grill in September and being told that our MasterCard wouldn't go through and being charged on a separate card, a few weeks later those prior charges cleared, and overdrafted our account. I would give this restaurant zero stars for how the manager treated us when we spoke to him about said issue with their credit card readers. He claimed the charges were fraudulent because they were tagged at the Burtonsville location (I checked and even the legitimate charges were tagged by the other restaurant's location so he wasn't following any logic in that argument). With other customers at the restaurant it was clear he was panicking and just wanted us to leave, but that is NOT how you treat customers! He kept telling my husband and I to go to our bank and that it wasn't the restaurant's fault. Mind you I've lived in DC for well over a decade and this type of security breach has never happened to me at any other restaurant. So yes, we went to our bank, and it was confirmed that the restaurant charged us twice. I filed a BBB complaint, to which the restaurant responded poorly, and am now following up with another entity. In terms of the food here, it's overpriced and not worth the price of several security breaches. Head to Local 16 down the street for superior mantu and Afghan meatballs, or better yet, to Virginia for tasty and better priced Afghan fare and nicer service.

Lydia A.

I've always wanted to go here because I heard it was a great hole in the wall restaurant. We shared the chicken malai as recommended by our server. It's basically a chicken kabob with yogurt sauce, salad, rice, and some pita. It was really good and very filling! For appetizers, we got bolani and ashauk. I really loved both. They were little ravioli dumplings with this great sauce and the fried pastry didn't have much filling in it but who doesn't love anything fried.

Anthony Salinas

Living in Adams Morgan, Maiwand Grill is one of my go-to restaurants. The food is good and the prices are fair. My only complaint is the customer service is lacking.

Mickey M.

This is my favorite hidden gem in Adam's Morgan. It's a small hole in the wall, but delivers some of the best food at unbeatable prices. I love their chicken and lamb kabobs. I also love their spinach and Aushak appetizers. They also give complimentary hot tea, which is warm bonus.

Moe Atari

Good delicious full of flavor awesome prices keep it up thank you

Bianca B.

So so tasty, affordable, and ready fast if you call ahead - delivery is reliable too. Vegetarian platter is vegan if you have them hold the yogurt sauce.

Bill R.

Second time here and tried the grilled salmon, which was even better than the chicken kabob. It was delicious. Slight char on the outside, moist inside, and nicely spiced. Included rice, salad and a huge piece of pita. More than I could eat for lunch. Pretty basic inside but attentive staff and the food more than makes up for it. More people need to know about this place.

Asfi R.

Excellent place for chicken and lamb! Absolutely sensational! The place is clean and service is great, the french fries are really good.

Chloe Renee

Vegetable platter was nasty with poor presentation. The location in Baltimore is much better. The difference is like night & day.

Akbar M.

So I've been to the Maiwand in Maryland years ago, but after moving to DC in 2016 I've missed it. Very happy to discover this new location closer to me. The restaurant is tiny but very cozy. The service is ok, but the food more than makes up for it. I'd recommend the kofta chicken combo and also a side of hummus. They are phenomenal! This place is a great find, check it out!

Citana P.

Chicken kebabs Place is clean, fast service and great prices. The bread is also fresh and yummy. It's street parking though and in that location it can either be a real pain or depending on the time of day really easy. Delicious!!

Betsy H.

Dynamite lunch special - kofta wrap, fries, and soda. Great deal, really yummy (and fries are super crispy). Highly recommend.

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