Market To Market

1300 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington
(202) 289-4710

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Angela DeBenedetto

Our family stopped here for lunch while touring DC. We loved that there were plenty of options for the entire family. My kids ordered hamburgers from the grill, while my husband and I created platters from the salad and hot bar. All the food was fresh and delicious. Definitely recommend this place if you are looking for a quick bite to eat that is tasty and affordable.

ling qin

Best food and service!!! Enjoy your relaxed moment in busy DC with one plate of delicious food! Love it!!! Strongly recommend!

Kholly Battsengel

Food is delicious , very reasonable price and cleanliness is very good

M A.

Not the same pre-pandemic Market 2 Market. Overpriced for overly salted food. I used to love the fried chicken from here so was excited when I heard they reopened. Everything I got tastes like it was simply seasoned with salt and nothing else. Not worth the price I paid. Maybe the sandwich station and desserts are better, but I wouldn't recommend the other hot food until they start seasoning them with something more than just salt. Orange chicken is tough with weird sauce. Fried rice also tastes odd. Overall, just mostly disappointing and pricey meal.

Skinny Pimp

Too expensive but it's good

lora toney

The food is always excellent! If you are looking for a variety check them out!

John Wheby

The food is good, but the service is meh (especially when they are busy). Place is kept clean and the buffet items are always well stocked. Very nice selection of items (including vegetarian and vegan options). My only bad thing to say about this place is that it is a bit pricey (Breakfast buffet is $7.99lb and Lunch buffet is $9.99lb).

Lolly S.

While looking for a quick place to have lunch after our White House tour, we stumbled across this place. It was a perfect fit for me and hubby, who don't always agree on a type of food. I loved the salad bar choices with the opportunity to also add 3 waffle fries, a chicken wing and a egg roll. Everything was yummy. Hubby had one of the best Rueben's ever

Debra Coleman

Quick, convenient and clean with friendly staff.


Hands down best green beans/string beans.

Terry White

For some reason I love their grilled ham & cheese sandwich! Yes, I'll be returning...

Dennis Sutch

Okay selection of foods. Indoor and outdoor seating.

Eric C.

Most people like a variety of foods. Who does not like being able to decide how much of a variety of foods they will eat for lunch? However, at what point do you sacrifice being able to decide on the portioned amount you pay for? In my book, when the price per pound exceeds the amount of your favorite seafood or steak pet pound. At your standard buffet, crab legs are the most expensive item, at about $3 to $4 a pound. Everything else is less. Roast beef costs about $2.50 a pound. Well, at this restaurant, the food is slightly above $9 per pound and you ain't getting no crab legs. At best, you are getting salty and sweet meat with the weirdest concoction of salad "stuff". Did I mention that everything includes sugar. Despite the price, folks keep coming. Why? Maybe because they ignore the sign that clearly shows the dramatic increase in price and wait until they get to the register to say; "no way my did should cost that much". Maybe it's like the rat in the maze seeking cheese at the end, they are conditioned to show up at this place and gorge on substandard Asian like food. How about they need a better alternative? I like that one the best. I found a place that is a much better alternative to M2M just two blocks away. Jacks is the name, $2 per pound cheaper is their claim to fame. 1431 G St NW, Washington, DC 20005. Did I mentioned that I am positive that M2M includes the weight of the container you use in their price? Well, they do! So, the next time you complain that you are being over charged at M2M, don't forget this review alerted you that there is alternative.

Allyse Kelsey

Worst customer service ever.I get in line and try to purchase my food and the owner says my total is 9.93 .so I take a stack of ones out my purse and she has the never to say just let me count it.It felt so disrespected and to top it off this woman rung up the next persons food before mine definitely wont go back.

Butch Derr

Very good food.

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