Agave Mexican Restaurant

19178 Coastal Hwy, Rehoboth Beach
(302) 462-4283

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Sheri S.

NOT worth time or money. As you plan your Rehoboth Beach vacation, skip Agave on Rt. 1. It's resting on the laurels of the original Lewes, DE location. The food prices have increased by about 30% in the past year while the food quality has decreased. The waitstaff acts as if they are doing you a favor to serve you. Long wait for food (30+ minutes), even when they are NOT busy. There are LOTS of other great restaurants in the Rehoboth and Lewes area.

Linda R

Well is was awful! First time we tried the restaurant it was opening week ….. it wasn’t good then ! We thought we would give it a try again thinking it would have improved since grand opening …… WRONG….. it was far worse !!!!!!!! Fajita came out sitting in fluid not sizzling and Luke warm ….it was accompanied by thimble full each of sour cream , lettuce , some type of shredded cheese and a so called salsa !!!!!!! Not even enough to make one tortilla…… the meat ( filet mignon) was tender and raw ! The service was marginal . The cost was outrageous $92.00 for fajita up charge of $14.00 bc I had all beef and not mixed with chicken …… the onions and peppers were steamed in the sauce , juice it was sitting in . Well I must say we gave it a second try and were extremely disappointed! The food was inedible! The ribs my husband had were good . If looking for Mexican in RB this isn’t the place !!


Family came into town Easter weekend and our experience for dinner was exceptional. We were seated right away and our server Sarah couldn’t be nicer and attentive. She gave us enough time between our appetizers and dinner so we could enjoy it all. Highly recommend the Guacamole, Fundido and Nachos. The margaritas are amazing. And a big shout out to Justin, who boxed up our desserts to enjoy at home. From beginning to end, the service, food and drinks were top-notch. Thank you for giving us an incredible dinner experience with family. The fam is penciling in their next visit to Agave Rehoboth Beach.

Julio Garcia

Simply the best! The drinks are made from scratch using fresh lemons and limes. They do not use premixtures. All the food is also made fresh. The location is very spacious and nicely appointed. There is also plenty of parking. I highly recommend Agave. You won't be disappointed.Food: 5/5


The food is lacking flavor and seasoning. The guacamole was tasteless, and $16 for a bowl. $9 dollar for a side of salsa. I have no problem paying for a good meal but maybe try delivering quality for the price point. Quesadilla wasn’t even grilled and the filling was just cold steak and cheese served with a side of cherry tomatoes and pieces of Romaine lettuce? Don’t understand who comes here and is impressed. The bar must be super low in Rehoboth for this place to have multiple locations.

Daria A.

As much money as my mother in law spends at this place, and as pretentious as this restaurant is... It's mind-blowing that she would find not one but TWO hairs in her food and all they would comp was her guac. Absolutely disgusting. She's better than me, because I wouldn't have paid for crap. This has happened on several occasions where something has just been either disgusting taste wise, not cooked all the way through, or has contained hair. Get your crap together agave. At this point you couldnt pay me to return ! Rehoboth has a lot better to offer !


Loud! Food, eh. Used to be better. Prices went UP! $72 for fajitas for two. Less expensive and just as good elsewhere. They've become comfortable. Server had too many tables, could barely keep up. We felt Rushed. Not an enjoyable evening for 2. Parties of 4 or more would have fun.Food: 3/5

Malcolm G

We had $5 large Happy Hour margarities was a treat -- though using house brand tequila and tequila mix (likely) was a bummer -- the alcohol amount was such -- one is more than enough. The super nachos (no extras) was a meal for two -- a good budget choice and well done. Service was attentive and we had the nachos before the drinks! Since we had bought half price gift cards -- this place was afforable. In season and w/o the cars -- too expensive for what you get. Weird -- the gift cards were not good for paying for the drinks?


Came here for dinner during the week. Shared the fajitas for 2, I thought the food was average. Always a long line at this place so for big parties or people looking for something quick, this is not the place. I would recommend Mariachi’s near Rehoboth Beach for better food and experience.

Mary Ellen S.

The Food is OK but seriously overpriced... my friend says the HH Margueritas are worth it...Service ok not attentive. I like the fireplace, it's the smallest room.

Ry M.

Agave is one of the best higher end traditional and modern Mexican restaurants in the area. They have some of the best foods with fresh ingredient. I would highly recommend getting a pitcher of their margarita if you are going with a group. I absolutely love the ambiance here, however it can be pretty loud inside and the restaurant is generally always packed - even in the off season, that's how you know this place is amazing. Everything I've had on the menu is amazing! Highly recommend it here.


As you can see I enjoyed my lunch at Agave located in downtown Lewes. This was my first time here at their newly opened location for lunch. This is a new place, which opened earlier this year. Some of my friends and a number of the locals recommended we should eat here. Everytime we passed the restaurant the parking lot was full, therefore, we never tried to get in. We met two of our friends here at around 12 noon on Sunday, when the restaurant first opened. We were seated at the bar for their happy hour. The place was not packed. Many tables were available. I started with their Danos tequila three glass flight for $17, which included Danos Blanco, Reposado and Anejo. I loved the Anejo the best and Blanco the least. We also shared and enjoyed their Guac three piece sampler for $22, which we selected the goat cheese and pine nut, pumpkin seed and aged gouda, and Shrimp with Garlic. We also shared and enjoyed our steak quesadilla with filet mignon, bleu cheese, shredded cheese, and caramelized onions between two flour tortillas for $25.50. I ended my lunch with their large Ancho chile margarita with Danos blanco, Triplo orange liqueur, Ancho poblano chili liqueur, fresh squeeze lime juice and agave nectar for $13. They make their own orange rim spice, which has an excellent kick. Agave is an upscale casual Mexican restaurant. Our bartender AM was very knowledgeable about tequila, food and pleasant to talk with. He had a slight British accent. He previously lived in England. My total bill was $88 excluding gratuities for the two of us. We agreed we will continue to return here for lunch or dinner at the bar especially during happy hour.


Overpriced. Mediocre food. And how can you charge 25 dollars for meals and not supply chips and salsa. Never again.

Vincent Williamson

Awesome place! Great food, great service, servers were really nice. Drinks were phenomenal! The appetizers were delicious, the main course were typical mexican restaurant food. I recommend this place. Definitely worth the stop in and checking out.Food: 5/5

Stephanie P.

I was so disappointed in this restaurant and not because of the food or service but because of their policy regarding children. I came with my two small children, a 5 year old and 17month old. The restaurant does not have any high chairs or booster seats of any kind, so I had to hold my 17month old. To be honest I normally wouldn't have stayed because every mom knows this is absolutely torture to have to hold a toddler at a restaurant but we were meeting family members here so I decided to stick it out. Well as you can imagine this was not going well so I decide to go get my daughters stroller, the restaurant then proceeds to tell me they have a strict "no strollers" WTF. I was shocked and surprised that a restaurant located in a family resort beach town was so anti-children. No High chairs and no strollers - pretty ridiculous. Im a navy wife and have lived in many different cities and overseas and have never ever experienced a no high chair and no stroller policy.

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