4000 Concord Pike N, Wilmington
(302) 478-1906

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Jenna Kokotaylo

went to Arby's on on Philadelphia Pike in claymont on December 3rd for lunch with my family for my birthday we had a very nice time we were able to sing Happy Birthday to me and we spent a nice amount of time there and it was very peacefulFood: 5/5

Tiffany Morris

Gave me no ranch when asked and didn’t put any cheese on my beef and cheddar sandwich


Took them forever to get the order right and just wanted two meals... Would try the Diablo again at a different location... The bread here was super hard... The fries were soggy... It was just a no.... The cheese sauce tasted weird and old...this location just needs help... Three stars because they did give us fresh regular fries...

Wolf Dog

Got curly fries with my order, there were 3 complete curly fries, the rest were broken, overcooked pieces, like it was the end of the bag, shouldn't of been servedFood: 2/5


It's fast food despite what commercials say. It's not good or good for you. It's quick and I'm a pinch it's the only fast food we'll mess with when we're on the road, chic Fila being it's rival and better in that regard. Much better. As for service, the fries were cold and worthless, the chicken was super hot as we were waiting for it to come up... It wasn't horrible. But for what it is, and what it means health wise, I can't really give any place too much credit cause like the majority of food service out there, it's the enemy of healthy eating, financial betterment, and I'd reckon it perpetuates the falsehoods of nutrition we're programmed to follow from childhood. This isn't food. It's fast food, and it's likely as I said, the best you'll find aside from Chic fila. But atmosphere is a nada... And service depends on the mood of the underpaid and potentially overworked employees each day. As a customer it matters that we treat these folks respectfully and with patience... Cause it might not be the job they want but they show up and serve and do so to put food on the table for themselves and family ... So... If I want anyone to take anything away from my reviews, it's to treat each other equally and properly ... Cause that's the best we can do in life.


The service was quick and the food ok. It's Arby's not special.

Angel Love

I love this older Arby's it is one of the original stores and I hope they keep it this way if you go inside you'll see all their equipment is new and the bathrooms are updated also and it still remains to have the retro feel to it please don't change the appearance it's one of few we have left that is an original Arby's . You can train your employees better and show them how to treat the customer with respect it's ashame to wreck the reputation for unprofessional staff.

Jim K

They get the job done. Nothing special. All staff always seem to be in training. The store can not figure out how to keep Apple Pay working. Sometimes is works, other times they use signs to say it does not work. They are confused.

RP Liles

Today the wait was long and my food was cold, but they did fill my bag with plenty of sauces to compensate I guess.


I went specifically to try the new fish tenders and were pretty good. I went through the drive thru and the customer service was really good. I gave it 4 stars because the drive thru window needed to be cleaned and it looks like this location may need an upgrade.

Thomacina Gray

Customer service wasn't greatest, young lady at window act like we got on her nerves. Fish was delicious.

David Hopkins

10 mins b4 inside closed....walking....let me eat in ....was Hot...I appreciated that

Rudolf Tallo

Always makes me happy with 2for 6 greek gyro


I ordered the Mac and cheese (3 containers). I was very disappointed because the containers weren't half full. It was only a 1/4 of the container. Definitely not worth $3.39. I am not sure if these come repacking or if the store fills it. Either way, Arby's, you need to do a better job.

norma windsor

Market fresh beef and Swiss was not made correct. There was no sauce or onions on my sandwich. Did not prefer it

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