4000 Concord Pike N, Wilmington
(302) 478-1906

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Cynthia Palmer

Because the parking lot is small, and a bit difficult to navigate, I give it a 4.The voices were quite clear coming through the speaker. The employee was friendly and professional.The food came out hot and fresh.

Hazel Werts

Great place to get all the meats. Lol. It a great place fast service and friendly service

Scott Mahoney

The food is good... But this Arby's is very outdated looking and old.

Teresa Lance

Very nice and pleasant drive thru employees.

Donna Mcnee

Asked for extra sauce on my beef and cheddar sandwich. This is my 3rd experience in the past year that there was no extra sauce on my sandwich. I think one place told me they couldn't put any extra sauce so I guess it's true. Very disappointing. The staff was friendly and courteous.

jon g

i ordered 2 chicken sandwiches and realized both were not chicken pattie, but 2 chicken tenders! And had to wait 10 mins for order! I guess don't go there past 9pm!

Kyle C.

I've always thought the neon cowboy hat sign outside by the curb. I'm not gonna lie. I thought the gyro was going to be horrible. It was actually quite good. The veggies were crisp and fresh. They even had red onion in there to give it that perfect kick. The meat portion was generous. Combined with a large serving of curly fries and washed down with a root beer float. This was the perfect lazy fast food meal. I understand why people eat here now. The food is actually good! The drive through was fast and efficient at peak dinner time. I'll be back. Btw the short rib sandwich was okay. Nothing special - just stick with the classic roast beef or roast beef with cheddar if you are looking for your meat fix.

Kenneth Pace

It’s Arby’s… I only ever get drive-thru. They’re quick and the food is hot. No complaints.

Dave Boyd

Great service and hot food friendly staff

Samantha Greene

This is a store I will never ever go back to again. These young guys are so rude and disrespectful. They need to shut this place down until they can get it together. I am really mad I was hungry

Elizabeth Purchase

Enjoyed the atmosphere, in that staff was laughing ang talking. Not loud but pleasantly enjoying being there! Food was good.

Sushi Boyz

Never going to this location ever again. This is a horrible representation of the arbys brand. From the unprofessional at the ordering board and window with the young woman presenting an attitude and yelling, to the presentation of the food i ordered and paid for. This needs to be fixed.

Margo Kwiatkowski

I was clumsily not paying attention to time at all. Maybe because it was one of those days I was so hungry I felt physically sick. I was that person rolling through the drive through at 9:59 PM . Exactly one minute to closing time. Rasheem ( employee who took my order) took control of the drive through order speaker and took care of me with kindness. He prepared my food regardless of it being 1 minute to closing with a smile as well. Good service ?

steve ditti

If you want someone to speak to you in your first 5 minutes standing there, go elsewhere. If you want coherent sentences, correct pricing, or ordering... you get the idea


Drive through was a bit slow. Drive through window has seen better days back in the 1980s. The food was really good though! Worth a stop.

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